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Maxi letter: Everything about the dimensions, weight and postage

For shipping goods with a maximum weight of 1000 g, the maxi letter is one of the most popular shipping formats in Germany. This format also has the advantage that it can be shipped as a maxi letter box in the form of a shipping box if required. This may save postage compared with a small parcel. The maxi letter plus is another special format that is comparatively inexpensive. Find out more about Deutsche Post's largest letter format in this article.

Individuell bedruckte Maxibriefkartons kalkulieren

All Deutsche Post letter formats at a glance

The letter and parcel assortment of Deutsche Post and DHL is extensive and leaves little to be desired. In the following table we list all relevant parcel sizes, the appropriate dimensions and the postage to be paid. Since certain prices were adjusted at the change of year from 2022 to 2023, we have used the current 2023 price list as the basis for the table:

Deutsche Post offers different letter and parcel formats:

Name Definition Price
Standard letter Maximum weight: 20 gram
Length: 14 cm - 23.5 cm
Width: 9 cm - 12.5 cm
Height: 0.5 cm
0,85 €
Compact letter Maximum weight: 50 gram
Length: 10 cm - 23.5 cm
Width: 7 cm - 12.5 cm
Height: 1 cm
1,00 €
Large letter Maximum weight: 500 gram
Length: 10 cm - 35.5 cm
Width: 7 cm - 25 cm
Height: 2 cm
1,60 €
Maxi letter Maximum weight: 1000 gram
Length: 10 cm - 35.5 cm
Width: 7 cm - 25 cm
Height: up to 5 cm
2,75 €
Maxi letter plus Maximum weight: 2000 gram
Length: up to 60 cm
Width: 13 cm - 30 cm
Height: up to 15 cm
4,95 €
Maxi letter international Maximum weight: 2000 gram
Length: up to 60 cm
Width: 13 cm - 30 cm
Height: up to 15 cm
Zusatz: L + W + H = maximum 90 cm
up to 1000 g - 7 €
up to 2000 g - 14 €
Parcel S (DHL) Maximum weight: 2000 gram
Length: 15 cm - 35 cm
Width: 11 cm - 25 cm
Height: up to 10 cm
3,99 €
Parcel M (DHL) Maximum weight: 2000 gram
Length: 15 cm - 60 cm
Width: 11 cm - 30 cm
Height: 10 cm - 15 cm
4,79 €

Another shipping format includes book and shipment of goods in two versions:

Name Definition Price
Goods shipment - light Maximum weight: 500 gram
Length: up to 35.3 cm
Width: up to 25 cm
Height: up to 5 cm
1,95 €
Goods shipment - heavy Maximum weight: 1000 gram
Length: up to 35.3 cm
Width: up to 25 cm
Height: up to 5 cm
2,25 €


Maxi letter, maxi letter plus and maxi letter box - this is what it's all about

What is the Deutsche Post maxi letter format?

The maxi letter is known as the largest letter format of Deutsche Post. Now let's take a look at the dimensions:

Maxi letters may be between 10 and 35.3 cm long, between 7 and 25 cm wide and up to 5 cm high. We already know some of these dimensions for length and width from the large letter. Here, the maxi letter corresponds to the large letter. However, the maxi letter can weigh up to 1000 g and, at 5 cm, may be around 3 cm thicker than the large letter. The normal maxi letter is franked with 2,75 EUR.

The special version maxi letter plus is franked with 4,95 EUR. The format may have a length of up to 60 cm, a width of between 13-30 cm and a height of up to 15 cm. In addition, up to 2000 g in weight are permitted.

The maxi letter format significantly expands the possibilities for sending a wide variety of content.

Maxibrief - mögliche Größen
Maxibriefkarton aus Wellpappe oder Vollpappe

The maxi letter box - available in different sizes

The maxi letter format also exists as a maxi letter box made of e.g. cardboard (solid board) or corrugated cardboard. This shipping box again increases the variation of shipping items. A maxi letter box accepts clothing and other lightweight items. This means that with the maxi letter format, you are not just reduced to documents.

More and more professional mailers are using a maxi letter box. We will see further on that the marketing possibilities with the maxi letter box are also convincing. Maxi letter boxes can be individually printed and designed. With every shipment, the maxi letter box transports the sender's advertising message.

A major advantage of the maxi letter box is the recipient experience when unpacking. The box is opened upwards and immediately allows a view of the contents. Many particularly elegant and modern design options are possible here. For example, the contents can be wrapped in colored silk paper and convey an upscale quality via the maxi letter box. Maxi letters and maxi letter boxes are so popular not least because they can appeal to the recipient in this special way. The recipient experience is heightened.

DIN formats covered by the maxi letter

Perhaps you can get an even better idea of the size of a maxi letter if we look at the dimensions with a view to the DIN formats that fit into this packaging.

A maxi letter takes the following DIN sizes:

  • DIN A4 - 21.0 × 29,7 cm
  • DIN B5 - 17.6 × 25.0 cm
  • DIN B4 - 25.0 × 35.3 cm
  • DIN C4 - 16.2 × 22.9 cm
  • DIN C5 - 22.9 × 32.4 cm
  • DIN E5 - 20.0 × 28.0 cm
It is exciting to know that you can pack about 190 DIN 4 pages in a maxi letter/maxi letter box. The maxi letter plus opens up further perspectives for you in terms of DIN formats: Besides the already mentioned DIN sizes, you can also use it for the DIN A3 format. It measures 29.7 × 42 cm. Since the weight limit of 2000 g is also higher for the maxi letter plus, up to 400 DIN 4 pages fit in one shipment.
Infografik: Standadgrößen für den Maxibrief
Zulässiger Inhalt für Maxibriefkartons

For which goods and packages is the maxi letter suitable?

When you think of shipping by maxi letter, you usually have documents and papers in mind. However, maxi letters also accept other goods and contents. The maxi letter plays out its strengths regarding postage and possibilities especially with lightweight items such as clothing, gifts and accessories. Compared to a small parcel, you can save a lot of postage by choosing a maxi letter. It is therefore advisable to check carefully whether the maxi letter is not the cheaper option for a shipment of this type.

Can maxi letters be tracked and insured?

The normal maxi letter plus is not insured and is not tracked by Deutsche Post. But you can book with the variation maxi letter PRIO the tracking and a faster shipping with delivery on the next business day. This means maxi letters with PRIO have an ID number for tracking. The PRIO variant costs 1,10 € more - so 3,85 €.

If insurance is important to you when sending a maxi letter, you can send your maxi letter as a registered letter. The insurance costs you extra 4,30 EUR with an insured value of up to 500 EUR.

The tracking of maxi letters is another advantage over the parcel, which can not be sent in this form trackable. Routine tracking only takes place with the much more expensive and larger parcel. From this point of view, too, a maxi letter is the better choice in many cases.

DHL Sendungsverfolgung für Maxibriefkartons
Important: When tracking shipments, remember to also compare goods shipments and maxi letter shipments. Goods shipments have a longer transit time and are not tracked. Likewise, only documents accompanying goods may be inserted in goods shipments. If a shipment contains, among other things, a personal letter in addition to a book or goods, only the maxi letter format can be used.
Gebühren für Maxibrief In- und Ausland

Shipping time and possible additional costs for maxi letters abroad

The maxi letter is sent by normal mail. This means you can expect shipping times between one and three business days. To save even more time in preparation, you can frank private maxi letters online at home or commercial shipments at the company.

The maxi letter international is the letter format for sending abroad. You can only send paper documents with this format. The maxi letter international format is available for sending goods abroad.

A minimum length of 14 cm and a minimum width of 9 cm apply to the maxi letter international. No side of the item may be longer than 60 cm. The sum of length, width and height may not exceed 90 cm. The maxi letter international has a maximum weight of 1000 g or optionally 2000 g. It is franked with 7 EUR/17 EUR.

What materials can be used to make packaging for the maxi letter?

Envelopes for maxi letters are made of paper, a maxi letter box is produced from certain qualities of corrugated cardboard. Qualities of E-flute and B-flute are considered for boxes in maxi letter format. The E-flute is a micro flute with a flute height of 1.5 mm. The B-flute is a fine flute with a maximum flute height of 3 mm. Both formats are ideal for transporting weights of up to 2000 g. The much more robust EB-flute is out of the question for the maxi letter box because the material thickness of 4.5 mm would not fold well in the maxi letter format.

From our experience, typical standard formats for a maxi letter box are primarily the "hinged-lid box FEFCO 0427" and the "hinged-lid box with adhesive strip FEFCO 0885". Both boxes are easy to assemble and their design makes them particularly robust and protected against shocks and impacts. We produce both boxes according to the FEFCO standard provided for this purpose.
Maxibriefkarton Material Wellpappe
Imfografik: Versandkarton Recycling

Sustainability aspects for maxi letters

Maxi letters are a sustainable form of shipping. Depending on the material selected, the corrugated cardboard for the typical maxi letter box is made from a high percentage of recycled cardboard - depending, of course, on the cardboard liner used. With an additional very high recycling rate of almost 100%, corrugated cardboard is very sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to many other materials.

After its use, the maxi letter box used can be returned to the recycling loop. The fibers can be recycled about up to 25 times. Multiple use of the foldable cardboard boxes for shipping or storage is also not excluded in private or commercial use. Find out what else you should consider when configuring your recyclable maxi letter boxes in our magazine article "New recycling guidelines by FEFCO".

Thanks to the free integration of GoGreen, all Deutsche Post letter products are also automatically sent in a climate-neutral manner. The emissions generated during transport are offset by targeted investments in global climate protection projects.

The individualization of maxi letters through printing

Maxi letter boxes can be individually printed and designed. This is not only about a valuable design, because, for example, protective varnishes and laminates protect maxi letter boxes from scratches and damage. In terms of printing processes, offset and digital printing leave little to be desired. The fast digital printing process makes it possible to produce small to medium-sized runs in particular quickly and cost-effectively. The offset printing process is particularly well-suited to larger runs (from around 1,000 pieces) and plays a major role, especially for complex requirements. 

So if you want to ensure a maximum unboxing experience for your customers, we recommend our printed maxi letter shipping boxes. You can benefit from the following advantages:

  • MOQ: 10 pieces
  • Printing: Full size and high resolution
  • Format: Free format
  • Material: Wide range of material (E-/B-/EB-flute) 
  • Delivery time: 10-14 working days
Klappdeckelkarton aus Wellpappe

Conclusion: The maxi letter is a format for many cases

Maxi letters have their firm place in private and commercial shipping. With the many choices and additional options, there is a huge range for shipments of goods and items weighing up to 2,000 grams. Options for shipment tracking, insurance and prioritized delivery expand the areas of application for the maxi letter format. In many cases, the maxi letter is the cheaper option compared to the parcel. It is therefore worthwhile to keep the maxi letter format in mind. This applies in particular to commercial shipments of lightweight goods. The maxi letter box additionally conveys the company's respective marketing message via an individual design and ensures a spectacular unboxing experience for customers.
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