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Soap packaging

Soap packaging

Soap packaging

Soap has a permanent place in our everyday lives and it is hard to imagine life without it. Whether as liquid hand soap for the dispenser or as a solid substitute for shower gel - soap is simply unbeatable for our hygiene and well-being.

Because the product selection is now very large and varied, so is the suitable soap packaging. From folding boxes to refill bags, at packaging warehouse you will find suitable solutions for packing your soap - high-quality and individual.

Our packaging for soap:

  • wide range of different packaging products for solid and liquid soap
  • sustainable and safe materials for excellent protection and better recycling
  • free formats and individual design for all packaging products

Our clients:

Our selected products

Our soap packaging
Our soap packaging

Stand-up pouch made of mono plastic

  • From 250 pieces
  • 100% recyclable
  • Transparent & white film

Flat pouch made of mono plastic

  • From 250 pieces
  • 100% recyclable
  • Transparent & white film

Printed roll labels

  • Round, square and special shapes
  • Sustainable materials
  • 2 days express production

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  • We are happy to help you by e-mail or phone

Inlay / cardboard insert

  • Custom punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard & solid board
  • 3 days express production

Folding boxes for soap

  • High quality folding boxes
  • Many sustainable materials
  • From 3 days production

Packing soap: Finding the optimal material

Faltschachteln für Cremeverpackungen von Tiegeln und Tuben


Soap today is an extremely diverse product. In addition to the "classic" solid soaps for regular hand washing, liquid soaps for the soap dispenser are very popular. In addition, there is a growing number of shampoos and shower gels that are sold in solid form. For these reasons alone, diversity is also required when it comes to packaging for soap: At packaging warehouse you can find different packaging products made of different materials - so you have numerous options to pack your soap - safe, hygienic and stylish.


Depending on the type of soap, different packaging materials are needed to ensure the necessary protective properties. In this respect, for example, it is more demanding to package liquid soap. But even solid soaps have their own packaging requirements. However, there are adequate solutions for both cases.

PLASTIC FOR LIQUID SOAP: The fact that any packaging and packaging material has certain barrier properties is a basic prerequisite for its use. However, these barriers can work in both directions: For the flawless quality of the soap, it is essential to protect it from the penetration of liquids. Conversely, packaging for liquid products must prevent them from leaking.

That is why only plastic comes into question for liquid soaps. This has the necessary liquid barrier - and also reliably stops many other external influences that can have an undesirable effect on the soap.

PAPER AND CARDBOARD FOR SOLID SOAPS: With a solid soap, there is no fear of it leaking. Nevertheless, it is important to protect it as well as possible from external influences. Under certain circumstances, however, the soap packaging "only" plays the role of outer packaging. In this case, it is above all the visual benefits that count.

However, our packaging solutions made of paper, cardboard or carton always meet the requirements placed on them in principle when it comes to the protective function. All our boxes and cartons are made of robust materials and therefore provide sufficient security even in case of classical consequences of transportation and storage (such as damage due to impact, pressure, etc.).

Unterschiedliche Seifen und unterschiedliche Materialien


Seifenverpackung Banderole


The range of soaps extends from products for everyday use to exclusive variants. Natural ingredients are playing an increasingly important role in providing customers with an experience for all the senses when washing, showering or bathing. The soaps should feel good in the hand and on the skin, spread a pleasant odor and also stand out visually from "conventional" products.

You can convey the associations of naturalness and well-being to your customers already with the soap packaging - through the appropriate selection of the material. You can get our various folding boxes as light brown natural cardboard or grass cardboard, which have the right look. In addition, they have a rougher surface texture compared to other soap packaging solutions. As a result, these two materials also give your soap packaging a more interesting feel, which you can use to further enhance the visual impressions.

So not only your soap offers something for the senses, but also the packaging. Of course, the excellent printability remains unchanged. This gives you the opportunity to pack your soap attractively and make the very first encounter at the store shelf an experience - a real pre-taste of the pleasure that will follow later on.


What our customers say

"Our dog treats are not only irresistibly delicious, but also a treat for the eyes! Thanks to packaging warehouse's advanced digital printing technology, we can realize numerous stunning designs at a super price-performance ratio. Our stand-up pouches are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable monofilms to meet sustainability requirements and protect the environment. At the same time, it allows us to easily comply with various European legislations."

Stefan Buza
Managing Director of Argoa GmbH
"The most impressive thing about working with packaging warehouse was not only the high-quality production of our welcome packages, which exactly met our expectations. From consultation to execution - fast to respond, we felt understood at every second."

Philipp & Andre Engert
Founder & owner of Marego

The right packaging for soap from packaging warehouse

The different forms of soap and the materials that go with them result in different approaches to packaging the respective soap in the best possible way. The packaging warehouse product range offers a wide range of solutions for packaging liquid and solid soaps safely and attractively. We will introduce you to some of the possibilities.


Liquid soap is often offered in stores directly in dispensers. To conserve resources and keep the use of packaging material as low as possible, refill pouches are available. Our stand-up pouches and doypacks are also perfect for soap flakes.

Among other things, our pouch packaging impresses with a high barrier performance against oxygen, moisture, UV radiation, etc.. As they are fully printable, they offer plenty of space for product information and unique designs. They are available for different filling quantities, which allows them to be matched exactly to the capacity of the associated soap dispensers.

Standbodenbeutel für Seife
Faltschachtel für Seife


For solid soaps, shampoos or shower gels, folding boxes are a popular packaging option. There are many good reasons for this: First and foremost, the boxes are easy for customers to handle, while you have numerous options to design the folding boxes entirely according to your wishes.

Of course, this applies not only to the print, but also to the size and shape. Thanks to free formats, you can adapt the folding boxes for soap exactly to the product. At the same time, this makes our boxes a particularly cost-efficient option that can win over customers on the store shelf with a great look.


With a special variant of our folding boxes you can create equally special soap packaging. Because the hinged boxes from packaging warehouse are excellent as noble gift packaging. Especially for sets, with which you can present for example different fragrances together in one box, the hinged boxes are an elegant solution.

The hinged lid supports the unpacking experience: like a treasure chest, your customers discover the valuable contents. Since our hinged boxes can also be printed on the inside, you have further options for a unique presentation.

Klappdeckelschachtel für Seife
Kissenschachtel für Seife


High-quality soap is a beautiful gift, but it also wants to be staged accordingly. To individual bars of soap as a gift our pillow boxes offer themselves as an extraordinary packaging.

The clever design combines soap protection requirements with light weight and an eye-catching shape. With a great design and our finishes, the pillow boxes become real eye-catchers. Also for soap as giveaway or product samples the small but fine pillow boxes are a good choice.


Not only for soap packaging, but also for better presentation at the point of sale we have a solution: our counter displays. However, these special folding boxes not only fulfill marketing tasks, but also serve as a protective cover for the transport and storage of smaller packaging units.

In the stores, the sturdy outer packaging can be turned into an effective marketing tool in just a few simple steps, helping your soap to attract more attention. The display packaging can be printed over the entire surface, and the back card ensures that your products cannot be overlooked.

Of course, our counter displays can be individually implemented in various formats and with all design options.

Thekendisplay für Seife
Versandkartons für Seife


Online retailing once again places special demands on packaging: They must be stable enough to adequately protect their contents during the entire transport until delivery. At the same time, shipping boxes are just as important to the customer's impression as other packaging - so they should present your brand and your soap in the best possible way.

Our shipping boxes manage both of these tasks with ease. Robust corrugated cardboard ensures that the soap does not break on the way. The very good and full-surface printability gives you a lot of creative freedom for a convincing design. And above all, with our shipping boxes with hinged lids, you can make unboxing a real experience.


Packing soaps - your advantages with our packaging solutions

With packaging warehouse you create extraordinary packaging for soap. Our product diversity, experience in packaging printing and numerous design options make every soap packaging a unique work of art. See for yourself the many benefits we offer you and your products.

ndividuelle, maßgeschneiderte Verpackungen für deine Seife


Although the tasks involved in packing soap always remain the same, it's the individual touch that counts when it comes to execution. That's why we at packaging warehouse make sure that you find the best conditions for your packaging needs.

VERSATILE PORTFOLIO: Folding boxes are a very good choice for packing soap safely and attractively. But not all folding boxes are the same: In our assortment you will find different variants, from boxes with tuck-in flap to hinged lid boxes and pillow boxes.

This gives you a variety of options to prepare your products for different purposes, for example - in the "standard" folding box for retail, in the pillow box format as gift packaging or in the hinged lid box for exclusive sets. We even offer suitable packaging solutions for online trade and with our stand-up pouches, even liquid soaps are safely packaged.

FREE FORMATS: Individual, customized packaging for your soap - with packaging warehouse's 100 percent free formats, you can turn your ideas into reality with just a few clicks. In our configurator you will find all the necessary settings and can easily specify the size, material and details for the printing. We will then make sure that your ideas become reality.


To ensure that your ideas have their full effect on customers, we rely on the highest quality when selecting materials and printing processes. This way, we can ensure that each soap package ends up meeting your exact expectations and requirements.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: All our packaging materials create the connection between optimal protective properties and ideal designability. This applies regardless of whether you choose a shipping box made of corrugated cardboard, a folding box made of natural cardboard or a stand-up pouch made of plastic. We offer you suitable packaging solutions for different soap products.

In doing so, we attach great importance to sustainable materials. This means that our packaging is either very easy to recycle or compostable, and is made from sustainable raw materials or recycled materials. This is not only very efficient, but also an important criterion in the purchasing decision for almost all products.

HIGH QUALITY PRINTING: When printing your soap packaging, you can rely on our experience and modern digital printing technology. This ensures long-lasting printing results in brilliant colors, clear contrasts and exactly according to your ideas.

We provide that "certain something" with our various finishing techniques. Protective laminates and varnishes give the packaging surface a special look and feel. They also provide an additional protective layer for your individually printed soap packaging.

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