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Packing for pet supplies

Packing for pet supplies

Packing for pet supplies

Only the best is good enough for our pets. High-quality food and tasty snacks are therefore part of the basic equipment for every pet owner. And of course, there should be something for every taste - after all, animals also have their very own preferences.

However, as the demands on the quality and variety of pet food increase, so do the requirements for the packaging. In addition to good barrier properties, which keep the feed fresh, the visual appearance plays an increasingly important role: in a growing market with increasing supply, the own product should stand out as much as possible. The packaging for pet supplies from packaging warehouse combines protection, marketing and handling to perfection.

Our pet supplies packaging:

  • countless design possibilities for unmistakable designs
  • sustainable materials with excellent recycling capabilities
  • flexible, individually configurable packaging formats
  • fast delivery and low prices - even for small print runs
Our clients:

Our top packaging for Packing for pet supplies

Pet supplies: everything for dog, cat and mouse

Almost every second German household now has a pet. The list of the most popular animal roommates is still headed by dogs and cats. But the number of small animals, birds, ornamental fish and terrarium animals is also continuing to grow.

Around 35 million pets mean a large market for numerous products related to the well-being of these animals. This is especially true for pet food: Dry food, wet food and snacks for large and small, young and old, familiar and exotic animals are a rapidly growing sales market. Even vegan pet food is becoming more and more important.


This is not only due to the increasing number of pets, but not least to the demands of their owners. Because they pay attention to the healthy, nutritious and varied diet of their proteges. That's why organic labels are now just as common for pet food as they are for human food.

The diverse range of pet food is also increasingly designed to meet the different needs of animals. This means that young animals and seniors, for example, can be supplied in an age-appropriate manner. Manufacturers even take food intolerances into account with their products.

With such a variety of pet food products, the demands on their packaging also increase:

  • Flexible solutions enable diverse portion sizes.
  • Different materials ensure the best possible protection for various forms of feed.
  • Printable packaging and labels ensure compliance with labeling requirements and can be used for marketing purposes.


In the packaging warehouse range you will find numerous products that meet all these requirements with ease. This way, your products are optimally protected and receive an appealing, unique presentation in retail.

Tierfutter in einer Klappschachtel
Hundefutter im Standbodenbeutel


There are no major differences between food for humans and prepared food for animals - at least in terms of legislation. Because the same strict regulations apply to the production of pet food as to our food.

A number of national and European legal regulations are intended to ensure that the greatest possible safety of animal feed is ensured from production to consumption. In German legislation, the Food and Feed Code and the Feed Regulation are responsible for this. At the EU level, there are additional regulations that deal with hygiene, the use of additives, genetically modified feed and much more.



However, the requirements for pet food also apply to the packaging. The above-mentioned Foodstuffs and Feedstuffs Code or the Commodities Ordinance as well as corresponding directives and regulations from EU law therefore also apply here.

Among other things, this ensures that only harmless materials are used for pet food packaging. To meet safety requirements, we use only products manufactured according to HACCP standards for both food packaging and pet food packaging - regardless of whether they are made of paper, cardboard or plastic.

The protective function is just as independent of the choice of material. This is because we make sure that all our packaging products provide optimum barrier functions against external influences: Oxygen, water vapor, impurities, UV light, microorganisms and other environmental influences can not affect the quality and freshness of pet food.

This means that food and snacks always remain tasty and wholesome. And because our packaging is also convincing in terms of stability and protects its contents from pressure or impact, dry food in particular always stays in good shape.

Rollenetiketten für Katzenfutter
Membrandose mit Katzenfutter


Just as with food, animal feed is subject to extensive labeling requirements so that pet owners are informed at a glance about feed additives, the address of the manufacturing plant or the net mass contained.

For this purpose, the information must be clearly visible and legible either directly on the packaging or on a label. The scope of the information is related to the type of pet food. A difference is made between - in addition to feedstuffs in general:

  • Single feed made from plant or animal ingredients intended to meet the nutritional needs of an animal;
  • Compound feeds in which two or more individual feeds are combined;
  • Pet food, which is suitable only for pets.


According to EU regulations, the packaging or labels for pet food must include a (toll-free) telephone number or other contact information. This is intended to give customers the opportunity to obtain further information about the pet food product in question from the manufacturer.


Perfectly adapted: Packaging diversity for pet supplies from packaging warehouse

As great as the diversity among pets is, so is the selection of suitable feeds. These are increasingly individualized and partly adapted to specific breeds or needs. This creates a wide range of food for animals. And not to forget: It's not always just about basic nutrition. After all, dogs, cats, hamsters and all other pets should be pampered at least sometimes.


The menu for pets is quite extensive. This can be seen just by looking at the rich offer for the favorites among the pets. For dogs and cats, for example, owners can choose fundamentally between

  • Dry and wet food in various flavors and for different needs (such as special compositions for young animals or for the "seniors");
  • Snacks in a wide range, from dried meat to dental care to training snacks;


In addition, there are other specialties. For example, cat milk (as a reward and for the well-being) or products for a BARF diet (i.e. feeding with raw meat). Since animals, like people, can suffer from food intolerances, there is also a market for pet food with special feed properties. These include, for example, grain-free or gluten-free feeds, but also particularly high-protein products.

Depending on the type of feed, perfectly matched forms of packaging are necessary. This applies first and foremost to the choice of suitable material. Packaging made of plastic has proven to be particularly practical for almost any feed.

This is because they provide a reliable barrier against external influences and at the same time securely enclose food with a high liquid content or completely liquid pet food. Leakage of the contents is thereby prevented, as well as possible unpleasant odor formation.

The pets will probably be less bothered by this, but for human noses, an overly intense smell of pet food in the household does become a nuisance. With the right packaging, this problem does not arise in the first place, while the flavor is still preserved - after all, pets also enjoy with all their senses.

However, packaging made of cardboard or carton is just as conceivable. Many snacks are less susceptible to external influences because they have been preserved by drying for a long time, for example. Pet food for small animals, birds and fish can also often be stored in cardboard or paperboard packaging without losing quality.

Standbodenbeutel mit Tierfutter
Faltschachtel mit Tierfutter


Different sized animals, different occasions when the various pet food products are fed - these and other factors not only influence the choice of material for the packaging. They also determine the shape that is best suited for the particular food.

Variable and flexible formats that can be easily and uncomplicatedly adapted to larger and smaller portion sizes are therefore in demand. Stock packs for several kilograms of food are just as possible as small pouches for the occasional snack.

In any case, packaging warehouse's diverse portfolio offers you a wide range of different packaging solutions that can fully satisfy not only your needs, but also those of your customers:

  • low packaging weight with the greatest possible robustness,
  • reliable protection, even over long periods of time,
  • secure closure options that are easy to handle, and
  • a high-quality design.


We can realize all this for you thanks to our experience and expertise. Our formats give you a free hand in configuring the different packaging. Using the latest printing technology, we implement individual designs entirely according to your ideas. This is how you create unique packaging for pet food that stands out from the competition.


Our highlights: Packaging for pet food

The diverse pet food market leaves plenty of room for different packaging solutions. In the packaging warehouse assortment, you will find real "classics" that have also proven themselves in other industries, but also innovative solutions with which you can further emphasize the unique selling points of your products - always freely designable, made of sustainable materials and in the best quality.


The simplest and at the same time most versatile option for fulfilling the required labeling obligations for packaging of pet supplies on the one hand and for creating promotionally effective designs for addressing customers on the other hand are our  roll labels.

  • They are made of robust materials that can withstand various conditions. So ideal, for example, for marking frozen food sold frozen to highlight only a special area of use. Of course, the labels work just as perfectly in a less demanding environment.
  • In addition, we pay attention to the excellent designability of the materials used. We therefore guarantee the best quality for both printing and finishing - after all, the labels and packaging should leave the right impression on the customer.
  • Design the labels completely according to your ideas: The shape and size of the roll labels from packaging warehouse can be adapted to individual requirements.
Etiketten für Tierbedarf
Standbodenbeutel für Tierfutter


When it comes to versatile packaging solutions, there is no way around practical plastic pouch packaging. With our Doypacks and flat pouches, we offer you two extremely popular variants that meet all the requirements of modern and high-quality packaging for pet food.

  • The plastics we use for stand-up pouches and flat pouches combine optimal conditions for product safety and sustainable packaging design. As long as the pet food pouches are in use, the contents remain protected thanks to high moisture and oxygen barriers and optional closure options (such as zippers). After use, the pouch packaging returns to the material cycle as it is fully recyclable.
  • Whether dry food, wet food or a small snack - our stand-up pouches and flat pouches are a safe solution for a wide variety of feeds.
  • Practical for stockpiling, practical for on the go. A high degree of flexibility in dimensions makes our pouch packaging suitable for different filling quantities. The free configuration makes it possible to cut the pouches perfectly to the quantity to be packed.
  • Like all packaging from packaging warehouse, our Doypacks and flat pouches also impress with their appearance. Various options for printing and finishing ensure that you can implement creative design ideas in the highest quality.



In addition to labels and pouch packaging, our range offers you numerous other options for packaging pet supplies safely and attractively. Our selection of different folding boxes alone (various closure mechanisms, different materials and, of course, freely configurable formats) opens up a huge variety of packaging options for you. As primary or outer packaging - for which our  counter displays are also suitable, for example - all variants score with stability and excellent designability.

Our shipping boxes are specially designed for the online trade with pet food. These are robust, so that all shipping goods survive the transport undamaged. At the same time, you have all the options to customize the shipping packaging inside and out.

For dry feedstuffs sold in granulate form, for example, our  membrane cans are also a real alternative. With good handling, high product safety and an eye-catching shape, these special cardboard cans provide many arguments for use as innovative packaging for pet supplies.

If you have any questions about our portfolio or individual design requests, our team of experts will be happy to help. We will help you find the optimal packaging solution for your product.

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