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Tea packaging

Tea packaging

Tea packaging

Tea is not just an energizing alternative to coffee in the morning. Because of its aromatic diversity, tea is a good choice in every situation in life - the numerous tea varieties offer just the right thing for every taste. For full enjoyment, however, the delicate tea must be protected as well as possible. Only in this way it retains its aroma and offers the full flavor even after longer storage.

The right tea packaging not only provides the necessary protection. It conveys everything that tea stands for: the pleasant feeling of relaxation, the pleasant scents, the incomparable taste experience. With the tea packaging from packaging warehouse, this and much more is possible!

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Tea packaging
Tea packaging

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Incredibly diverse: A short excursion into the world of
of tea types and tea varieties

Vielfältige Verpackungen für Teebeutel

Tea is probably the most versatile beverage in the world. Whether as a hot or cold drink, as a pick-me-up to start the day or as a relaxation aid against stress, as a beneficial support for health or as a pure enjoyment - tea actually always fits. Countless tea varieties ensure that the right taste experience is available for every occasion.


Despite the incredibly large selection of tea varieties, the production can be traced back to a handful of different types of tea. The basic steps in the production process are always the same: withering, rolling, sieving, oxidation and drying are all required for fresh tea leaves.

The biggest differences between the types of tea are in the oxidation or fermentation. This means that moisture is once again added to the already wilted or steamed and rolled tea leaves - depending on the type of tea more or less.

  • Green tea: The popular green tea is not fermented at all, but only steamed or roasted. This also allows it to retain its fresh color.
  • White tea: Similar to green tea, white tea is not fermented and only minimally processed at all. The fine white hairs on the underside of the leaf are retained after drying.
Verschiedene Teearten
Tee in Beutel verpacken


  • Oolong tea: This variety of tea is partly fermented. Once the tea leaves are oxidized at the edge, they are heated, stopping the process.
  • Black tea: In black tea, fermentation is not stopped, but continues over a longer period of time. The drying of the tea leaves begins only after that.
  • Pu-erh tea: This particular tea specialty is obtained through a long aging process that follows the usual manufacturing processes. The tea is therefore post-fermented, which makes for a very dark color and a very strong taste.
  • Yellow tea: The production is similar to white tea. Because there is no direct processing after picking the leaves, there is a slight fermentation.

Numerous tea varieties can be assigned to each of these classic tea types. The different growing areas, the climate, the location and some other factors give each variety its very own aroma. The best known and most widespread teas are Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling - all black teas, by the way.



Anyone who knows a little about tea will miss some well-known teas in the list above. This is mainly because, strictly speaking, they are often not tea - because the ingredients such as plants, fruits, flowers, roots and the like do not come from the tea plant. Herbal and fruit teas are good examples of this: they are tea-like infusion drinks that also have a different name in other languages - for example, in English or French, where the term "infusion" is used for such products.

Another exception is matcha tea, which originates from Japan and is now very popular all over the world. For it, green tea leaves are dried and finely ground. However, the intense green powder is no longer brewed, but only stirred into the water.


What our customers say

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Philipp & Andre Engert
Founder & owner of Marego

The perfect tea enjoyment: how does a tea package protect it?

Processing by withering, rolling and fermenting makes tea last longer than the fresh leaves would without these processing steps. However, this does not change the fact that it is a sensitive foodstuff whose protection has absolute priority. The requirements for tea packaging are therefore correspondingly high.

Beutel aus Naturpapier - bedruckt


External influences can negatively affect the quality and shelf life of tea. Moisture, gases or mineral oil components in particular must therefore be kept away from the contents of the tea packaging as a matter of urgency. At the same time, the fine aroma must not escape.

Therefore, packaging for tea that ensures dry, light-protected and airtight storage - without loss of quality or premature spoilage - is optimal. In the right packaging, however, tea can be stored almost forever.


As with all food packaging, tea packaging must not itself release any components of the material into the contents. Otherwise, there is a risk of unpleasant consequences, such as a changed aroma, the acceptance of foreign odors or a generally musty taste.

For these reasons, the tea packaging of packaging warehouse are without exception from HACCP-compliant production. Behind this is a comprehensive system to be able to control and guarantee food safety in all areas and production steps. We produce our tea packaging according to the highest quality and safety standards.


Tea is not only sensitive in terms of its aroma and shelf life. Tea blends and herbal and fruit teas in particular require packaging with sufficient stability. This is because the aforementioned teas usually contain dried flowers, fruits or similar ingredients, which must be protected from mechanical influences such as excessive pressure, shocks or falls during storage, loading and transportation. All these effects can otherwise lead to damage of the extremely sensitive contents. This not only spoils the visual impression, but is also not beneficial for the aroma.


Drinking tea is all about enjoyment - and about emotions. Because tea gives serenity, gives inner peace or awakens the spirit - this is already promised by the names of the products available on the market. The taste experience and the scent also target our senses and emotions.

This emotional level can already be supported multisensually by the design of the packaging. The design conveys important statements about the quality and the effect of the respective tea. A few examples:

  • Relaxing teas go well with subtle shades and tidy compositions that calm the eye and put the customer directly in the mood for the relaxation to come.
  • Conversely, strong teas tolerate equally strong colors on their packaging. There is often a correspondence with the color of the tea, such as warm earth tones for the rooibos tea, which is reddish-brown, or black packaging for black tea.
  • As a luxury food, tea deserves an appropriately high-quality presentation. Finishes make the design an elegant eye-catcher, viewing windows offer a view of the contents of the tea packaging.


Not to forget: Tea is a natural product. Therefore, sustainable packaging materials fit very well, because they support the overall natural impression. Apart from that, sustainable, well recyclable packaging is an increasingly significant selling point.

Verschiedene Tee Sorten in einer Faltschachtel

Pack and present tea correctly - with tea packaging from packaging warehouse

Apart from the general requirements that tea places on its packaging (food-safe, aroma protection, etc.), the right choice also depends on the particular form of the tea. This is because it is usually sold in various commercial forms. The most common forms are portioned tea (in pouches, capsules, etc.) and loose, non-portioned tea. It is rather rare for tea to be offered in pressed form in the local retail trade.

In the assortment of packaging warehouse you will find a large selection of different packaging solutions with which you can not only protect tea in the best possible way, but above all present it in style. We present you some of our top sellers.


For tea in pouches, folding boxes are a popular and proven option - in other words, real classics. The boxes hold the tea bags precisely and also serve as a practical dispenser that can be resealed - so the aroma is preserved for a long time.

Regardless of the material you choose (chromo cardboard, pulp cardboard, recycled cardboard, grass cardboard or natural cardboard), we guarantee a particularly high-quality printed image thanks to our modern printing technology. So you have the best conditions for a high class design of the tea packaging.

We realize complex prints for you not only quickly, but always in the highest quality. For special highlights, we provide the folding boxes with various finishes that give the overall visual impression even more value.

Tee Faltschachtel
Klappschachtel für Tee


Another, particularly elegant form of product presentation is possible with our hinged boxes. You can showcase tea bags in surprising ways with the help of the practical hinged lid, which can be printed over the entire surface. Surprise your customers with unique designs and an extraordinary unboxing experience.

In addition to the option of high-quality printing on the inside and outside, you can also arrange our folding boxes for tea clearly with special inlays and pull out all the stops for a unique product presentation. Therefore, the hinged boxes are the perfect choice for gift boxes or sets.



A modern form of tea packaging are our stand-up pouches or doypacks. They are ideal for packaging loose tea in a contemporary, safe and practical way.

With free formats, you can configure stand-up pouches for tea for any portion size up to a capacity of 1,500 ml. The available materials (monofoil in white or transparent and natural paper in brown) all have a high oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier and are therefore ideally suited for food storage.

In addition, we offer the option of supplying the doypacks with a convenient zipper closure or standardized Euro perforation. In addition, there are various design options with which you can turn our stand-up pouches into unique tea packaging.

Doypack für Tee
Etiketten für Tee


For various tea packaging, our roll labels are an efficient solution to realize marketing and information in small format. You can add value to simple block bottom bags or tea bags with labels from packaging warehouse - with minimal effort.

Just like with our packaging, you have a number of options to design our labels according to your ideas. We guarantee you great durability, individual designs of the highest quality and HACCP-compliant production.

This means that our labels have the best conditions to help your tea packaging make a great appearance.


In addition to the "classic" presentation of tea in folding boxes or pouches, there are of course also unusual ways of bringing tea to retail. Special product presentations naturally require equally special packaging.

Especially as a gift, tea likes to be presented in a special way: Filling in small test tubes is just one of many individual alternatives. To accommodate these and similar ideas in a suitable tea packaging, we offer various options, such as gift set packaging with inlays or slipcases.

If you are still looking for a unique solution for your tea packaging, feel free to contact us. We will find together with you a way to your dream tea packaging.

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