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Cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging

They protect their contents, look chic and contribute significantly to a first-class shopping experience: Cosmetic packaging from packaging warehouse.

Whether folding boxes or stand-up pouches, natural look or high gloss, our packaging goods ensure that your cosmetic products make a perfect first impression. Because they simply combine everything it takes: High-quality materials, a flawless print image and plenty of room for creative design ideas.

  • HACCP certified
  • Sustainable packaging
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Our top packaging for Cosmetic packaging

Cream packaging

Cream packaging

  • High quality cream packaging
  • HACCP certified production
  • 100% made in Germany
Packaging for natural cosmetics

Packaging for natural cosmetics

  • Versatile packaging for natural cosmetics
  • HACCP certified production
  • 100% made in Germany
Soap packaging

Soap packaging

  • High quality soap packaging
  • HACCP certified production
  • 100% made in Germany
Perfume packaging

Perfume packaging

  • Versatile packaging for your perfume
  • High quality protection
  • 100% made in Germany

Solid, safe, stylish:
Our packaging for cosmetics 

In the cosmetics industry, the demands on product and shipping packaging are known to be particularly high. On the one hand, some ingredients react particularly sensitively to external influences. Effective packaging protection is therefore an absolute must for many cosmetics. On the other hand, cosmetics are lifestyle, beauty, and luxury items that are primarily used for beauty care, which is why the packaging should also be as aesthetically as possible. To meet these requirements, we at packaging warehouse offer you quality at all levels. 


Schutz für Kosmetikprodukte


Almost no product crosses the counter unpackaged today. There are many reasons for this. But first and foremost, packaging serves to protect the goods it contains. Particularly in the case of cosmetics, solid packaging protection is of great importance. Not least because many cosmetic products react sensitively to external influences, such as:

  • Humidity and moisture
  • UV radiation and dehydration
  • Dust and other contaminations
  • Damage due to transport and storage

Good packaging keeps critical factors such as these away from the goods. We will be happy to explain to you in a consultation which types of packaging and materials offer your products the best protection - together we will find the best solution.



Appearance and feel play a particularly important role in cosmetics packaging. An elegant color and shape language, for example, is a key factor when it comes to attracting as much attention as possible - because the more attractively the packaging is designed, the more likely it is that the product will be picked up.

If the feel of the material is also convincing, the product has already passed the first test. That's why at packaging warehouse we give you every opportunity to design your cosmetics packaging entirely according to your own wishes:

  • Wide range of materials: Each of our packaging products is available in different designs. So there are always different materials and material combinations to choose from in our configurator. So you decide for yourself what type of paper, cardboard or foil is used in production. On request, we will also be happy to produce a sample so that you can see the material for yourself. 
  • Free sizes and formats: Looking for cosmetic packaging that fits your needs to the millimeter? No problem. Simply send us the desired dimensions for length, width and height - and we will produce exactly according to your specifications. 
  • Full-surface printability: All our packaging can be printed over its entire surface, regardless of the material it is made of: with logos, motives, and information in numbers and words. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to packaging design.
  • Perfect image quality: By using the latest printing processes, we achieve a print image of the highest quality on every packaging material. That means motives in rich colors and razor-sharp definition. For smaller quantities, a high-resolution digital printing process is used as standard. In addition, we also offer conventional offset printing, which can mean a cost advantage, especially for larger order quantities.
  • Finishing: We can finish your packaging and labels on request. Varnishes and laminations give cosmetics packaging and labels a matt or glossy look - and also provide additional protection. Labels can also be foil embossed with a metallic look.
Kosmetikverpackung bunt gestalten    

Our product range

Our range includes all common types of packaging, from folding boxes and shipping boxes to stand-up and flat pouches, counter displays and Euro slot hangers - and thanks to the numerous configuration options, all packaging types are also available in different designs. No matter what your desired packaging looks like, one thing is certain: packaging-warehouse only uses materials of the highest quality and the most modern production techniques. So you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution for every product. Here are some of the most popular cosmetic packaging from our range:

Faltschachtel für Kosmetikprodukte


Folding boxes are the packaging classics par excellence, whether as outer packaging for vials, jars, tubes or other items. They are light, handy, easy to set up and also offer a particularly attractive price-performance ratio. We offer the following designs of folding boxes:

  • with tuck-in flap - especially suitable for light packaged goods
  • with tuck-in bottom - somewhat stronger than boxes with tuck-in flap 
  • with crash lock base - thanks to the glued bottom particularly strong 
  • with Euro slot hanger - perfect for goods at the point of sale


Shipping boxes made of corrugated board are more in demand than ever before thanks to the booming online trade. They offer the goods protection during shipping and also allow several items to be bundled and shipped in just one package. Depending on the type of shaft, they "pack" up to 32 kilograms. Available are our shipping boxes with: 

  • with hinged bottom 
  • with hinged-lid
Versandkartons für Kosmetikprodukte
Thekendisplay für Kosmetikprodukte


Counter displays create a practical yet appealing framework for packaging and transporting larger quantities of a product in a way that saves both space and resources. At the point of sale, counter displays then prove to be real eye-catchers - whether on counters or on shelves. When open, the hinged-lid is transformed into an additional advertising space. You can find these two variants here: 

  • with snap lock base
  • with crash lock base 


Pouches are the perfect choice for pastes, powders, liquids and capsules. They are sealed airtight after filling, creating an insurmountable barrier for oxygen, steam and flavors. According to your requirement, our doypacks, K-bottom pouches and flat pouches are available in the following designs:

  • with PE zipper - for easy opening and resealing 
  • with tear tabs
  • with suspension, slot hanger or euro slot hanger
Standbodenbeutel für Kosmetik
Eurolochaufhänger aus Graskarton


Euro slot hanger are a popular packaging choice especially for small, lightweight products. The hangers allow products to be hung quickly and easily, such as directly in the checkout area of drugstores and cosmetics stores. Ideal for POS items. 



Pillow boxes are characterized mainly by their elegant, curved shape. It makes the product clearly stand out from other articles or packaging. In addition pillow boxes are an extremely cost-effective packaging option thanks to their simple construction. Pillow boxes are particularly popular as packaging for soaps, for example.

Kissenschachtel für Seife

Rollenetiketten für Kosmetik


Perfect packaging naturally also includes high-quality labels that not only convey important product information, but can also be used as an additional design element. We offer you full freedom of choice in terms of shape, size, printing and material - find out more about our roll labels and configuration options here.



Sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role in the packaging industry. That's why you'll also find environmentally friendly packaging options in our range. One example of this is packaging made of brown natural paper or recycled material.

Speaking of recycling: Depending on the desired material, our packaging products are up to 100% recyclable.

  • paper and cardboard from sustainable forestry
  • recyclable and compostable materials 
  • environmental projects are supported with every order

At packaging warehouse, every package contains something good for the environment. Because with every order at packaging warehouse you automatically support a project that actively works to protect our oceans, the rainforests or the preservation of biodiversity in the animal and plant world.

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