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Individual packaging

Individual packaging

Individual packaging

Individual packaging is always in demand when you want to present your goods in a particularly appealing way. They attract attention, are unique and creative. You can pack everything in them, from food and cosmetics to clothing, jewelry and pharmaceutical items. Your individual packaging can be as diverse as your product. They reflect exactly what your company stands for.

To realize your individual wishes and ideas, you can fully rely on us. With us, you can not only determine the dimensions individually but also create unique and high-quality designs that are exactly matched to your product range. Try it out and configure your individual packaging at packaging warehouse today!

Our individual packaging:

  • high-class processing in best quality
  • cost-efficient realization of short runs for start-ups, brands and SMEs
  • available in fully recyclable and compostable materials
  • cost-efficient digital printing with high-quality print results
  • HACCP certified
  • Express Production
  • In your desired format
Our clients:

Unique packaging: Customized solutions

fefco 0427 als individuelle Verpackung

The world of packaging is as large as it is versatile. From baby diapers and T-shirts to chocolate and lipstick to nutritional supplements or chemical cleaners: Pretty much every good has to be packed for passing on to the customer. The packaging not only serves as protection against external influences: Packaging and its design can positively influence purchasing decisions.

Packaging is more than a shell, it is a multi-sensory experience. Consumers use their eyes and hands to decide which product they find particularly appealing. For this, not only the design, but also the feel and the message of your packaging should be right. At packaging warehouse you get a high-quality complete solution with the individual packaging that presents your goods in the best possible way.


You should always go for custom packaging if you want to stand out from the crowd. Especially in saturated markets, goods with individual packaging can strongly differentiate themselves from the competition. At packaging warehouse you can use all colors of the Euroscale to create your individual design. Finishing and embossing make your individual packaging something special.

But in addition to the design, the feel plays an equally important role. Packaging should feel high quality to create the best possible overall package. This subjectively perceived quality can be a deciding factor for your customers.  Even sustainability aspects can be made tangible. Packaging made of natural or green cardboard underlines the environmental compatibility of your product and gives it a credible appearance.

But the size of a package also allows conclusions to be drawn about its sustainability. Therefore, it should always be as large as necessary and as small as possible. This is how you signal to your customers that you are careful with the resources of our planet. Therefore, decide for an individual packaging from packaging warehouse to convince them about your company right from the start.


Inlay für Klappdeckelkarton als Schutz


Whether during transport, storage or presentation in the store, your products should be optimally protected against external influences at all times. Our individual packaging offers protection against moisture, UV radiation, dirt as well as pressure and impact. For food and other perishable goods, a barrier against oxygen is also highly important. This is the only way to guarantee that the goods arrive fresh at the consumer. At packaging warehouse you can choose from a variety of packaging with different properties that perfectly protect your contents.

You can even fully customize the size of your packaging to your individual wishes, because you not only freely determine the design, but also the format. Whether your products are particularly large or small, or have a special shape, at packaging warehouse you can have your packaging made to your specifications.

Individual packaging fits your products one hundred percent. In the configurator, you specify your individual format - we produce the packaging entirely according to your wishes. Precisely fitting packaging can be additionally supported by inlays. This way, your items are perfectly fixed in the packaging and survive even long transports abroad without damage.


The perfect solution for start-ups: individual packaging in short runs

For both small and medium-sized companies, cost efficiency is a key factor of enormous importance. Especially for companies whose product is in the initial launch or even still in the prototype phase, it is not economical to purchase packaging in larger quantities. That is why at packaging warehouse we offer our customers the possibility to produce individual packaging even in small quantities.

Even the printing can be implemented cost-effectively - thanks to the digital printing technology we use. Even if you need a small print run that needs to be individually printed (for example with a consecutive serial number), we can offer you this service at an unbeatable price - with an absolutely high-quality print image. Packaging has never been so individual and cost-effective!



At packaging warehouse, we focus on high-quality packaging. At the same time, we also want to do something good for our environment. That's why we offer you a wide range of sustainable materials. We offer recycled cardboard, natural cardboard and grass cardboard. This way, you can package your goods sustainably and in harmony with the environment. Grass cardboard is even 100 percent compostable, which is sure to please your environmentally conscious customers.

In addition, we carry fully recycled plastic in our range, which safely protects the contents from moisture, UV radiation and oxygen. Discover our custom packaging and choose the materials that fit your product and make your customers happy.



Our selection for your individual packaging

With us you will find packaging in different sizes, models and variations. So you can create exactly the packaging you need. This way you can make your packaging even more individual and meet possible special shapes of your articles..

Whether pans, children's toys or sanitary accessories, whether liquid or solid, pasty or powdery, hard or soft products: Together with you, we will find the perfect solution for every situation.

For a better overview of the possibilities of our range, we present some of our highlights here:



Our folding boxes can be used in many different ways. Their numerous closure and base systems offer you endless individual packaging options. You can choose between folding boxes with crash lock base, folding boxes with tuck-in flaps or folding boxes with snap lock base.

Maybe solutions like flat cardboard sleeves, pillow boxes or folding boxes with hinged-lid fit your product better. The different boxes are available in predefined sizes or in free formats. In addition, they are very stable despite their low weight, so you save on shipping costs. With materials such as recycled cardboard, grass cardboard or natural cardboard, you also show your environmental awareness without having to sacrifice the previously mentioned properties.

This allows you to respond optimally to the individual wishes of your customers. In addition, our folding boxes offer you the following highlights:

  • Completely free design possibilities regarding size, design and material
  • Finishes such as laminates or protective foils are available
  • Printable in all colors of the Euroscale with digital or offset printing technology
  • Protection against external influences
  • 100 percent recyclable


All boxes and cartons are available in free formats. Create your individual packaging easily and comfortably with our configurator. This gives you product protection that is exactly tailored to your goods. With individual designs, you convey your brand values in seconds and give potential customers a high-quality impression that can significantly influence their purchasing decisions. Plan your individual packaging now with packaging warehouse.

individuelle Faltschachteln

Standbodenbeutel bunt


Another very versatile packaging are our stand-up pouches and flat pouches. They protect your products from a wide variety of influences. No matter whether it's sunlight, oxygen, moisture or heat.

The high oxygen barrier makes pouch packaging particularly suitable for sensitive goods such as food or luxury foods. The pouch's high barrier strength ensures that valuable flavors stay where they belong: inside the package.

Our pouch packaging is convincing in the following points:

  • High barrier resistance prevents oxygen exchange
  • Secure protection from external influences such as heat and moisture
  • Sustainable material in the form of recycled plastic
  • Versatile design (free formats, individual designs)
  • Suitable for many different products (food, cosmetics, cleaning products and more)
  • Can be configured with Euro slot hangers or zippers


Besides our well-known pouch packaging and folding boxes, individual cardboard and membrane cans are also in high demand. With their round shape, they offer an optimal packaging option for loose tea, chocolate pieces, candies or spices. They present your goods excellently and offer a stable protection for transport and storage.

They are made from 100 percent recycled cardboard. They can also be designed in a variety of ways. Height and diameter as well as lid and base can be individually adapted to your product. Our cardboard and membrane cans will convince you with the following arguments:

  • Protect from external influences
  • Well suited for transport and storage
  • With or without aluminum membrane
  • Free choice of height and diameter as well as lid and base systems
  • Many design possibilities
Individuelle Membrandosen


Individuelle Versandkartons


Most shipping boxes, that arrive at the end customer are hardly distinguishable from the outside. Yet the shipping box can also be cleverly used to convey advertising messages. Not only your customers will see them, but also their neighbors. Customize your shipping box with high-quality designs - the possibilities are almost endless. For example, print your shipping box with:

  • Your company logo or the claim of your company,
  • a greeting message or
  • a labyrinth that makes the packaging additionally a toy for children.

In this way, you not only communicate your brand values, but also offer your customers additional added value that they will remember with pleasure for a long time to come.


Look around in our assortment and orient yourself with the many different design options. Create your very own packaging, implement attractive designs and enhance your packaging with additional options. Whether Euro slot hanger, zipper or aluminum membrane - everything is possible at packaging warehouse.

Choose high-quality, cost-effective digital printing technology and implement custom design options, such as printing a consecutive serial number, even for short runs. Do you need a solution that can not be found in our configurator? Then contact us. Our trained experts can draw on many years of experience and have already developed individual solutions for a wide range of industries. Together, we are guaranteed to find the right answer to your questions.

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