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Gründer des packaging warehouse

The Packaging Warehouse.
All your packaging from one source!


The Packaging Warehouse is an innovative e-commerce company for individual packaging solutions. With years of experience in the industries of pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics, we know what the packaging needs to wrap, present and ship your product!

Through our expertise in the key areas of packaging development, supply chain management and marketing, we offer you an extensive product portfolio and you benefit from many advantages such as:

  • easy online configuration
  • all packaging in your desired format
  • all packaging individually printed
  • very short delivery times
  • many sustainable and recyclable materials
  • all packaging directly from the manufacturer

Whether small or large print runs.
Great packaging for great products!


Whether you're an aspiring start-up or a buyer for a mid-sized company, we offer the highest quality packaging, produced to the highest industry standards!

Through our intelligent online configurator, you can quickly and easily calculate large, but also small runs without obligation and prevent long waiting times. The right production process is automatically selected for you by the stored intelligence and you always get the best possible price and the fastest delivery time.

Das packaging warehouse
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The team

Lasse Harder
Lasse Harder
Head of Marketing

Nils Harder
Nils Harder
Head of Product Management


Marija Bojinovic
Packaging consultant


Marko Kevric
Marko Kevric
Marketing Manager

Elisa Savietto
Savietto Elisa
Marketing Manager
Julia Volgger
Julia Volgger
Packaging consultant

Together we make a difference

Affe auf Baum
We are not alone in the world, and none of our resources are infinitely available. For example, humans would currently need 1.6 Earths to meet the global demand for renewable raw materials in the long term. And the trend is rising!

At the same time, our overconsumption is causing nearly 1,000,000 species of animals worldwide to be threatened with extinction, and over 10,000 tons of "excess" plastic end up in our oceans every year. Did you know that the ocean is therefore said to be the dirtiest place on earth?
Schildkröte mit Plastik im Mund

With every order, you therefore support projects that work to protect our biodiversity, our oceans and our rainforests.

In addition, we would like to be able to offer you a sustainable material alternative for each of our products. The recycling of paper, plastic, metal and glass is particularly important to us. Because only frequent reuse of the materials is actually sustainable and not incineration, illegal storage in third countries or composting after one-time use.


A look behind the scenes

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