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2022-01-13 | -

Packaging recycling: New minimum standards for recyclability

The packaging sector does not stand still. On the contrary, this is an area in which new innovations are constantly being made. For this reason, the ability to recycle packaging is also subject to regular evaluation. This is necessary because the payments to be made are based on how high the recyclability is.
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2022-01-17 | -

Sustainable shipping boxes: Making e-commerce more environmentally friendly

E-commerce is booming - and with it the demand for shipping boxes and the volumes of packaging waste generated. This harms the environment and causes frustration among some customers. However, doing without shipping packaging entirely is not an option. After all, an increased incidence of transport damage and returns is no less harmful to the environment.
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2022-01-17 | -

New recycling guidelines by FEFCO

Paper and corrugated board are sustainable, renewable and highly recyclable packaging materials. This is also pointed out by FEFCO (the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers), which points out that paper and corrugated board are the most recycled materials in Europe - with higher recycling rates than metal, glass and plastic.
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2022-01-05 | -

Part 2: Customized folding boxes - which box for my product?

In the first part of our guide, we looked at the different types of folding boxes, materials and base types. In the second part, we will now present you with some useful tips and advices on the topics of box format, material color and protective coatings.
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