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Cream packaging

Cream packaging

Cream packaging

Cosmetic creams make you look younger, fresher, more beautiful. As lifestyle and beauty products, it is hard to imagine a household without them. Packaging for creams should make the special effect of the contents recognizable at first glance through an equally special design - ideally with a target group-specific appeal. With free formats and individual designs, packaging warehouse provides you with the best conditions for exciting cream packaging that is guaranteed to attract attention.

Our packaging for cream:

  • solid packaging products that securely hold even heavier cosmetic jars
  • different materials that fit your product exactly
  • customization options for unique designs

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Cream packaging
Cream packaging

Hinged lid box FEFCO 0427

  • In your desired format
  • E-flute / B-flute / EB-flute
  • Printed over the entire surface

Folding box with tuck-in flap

  • In your desired format
  • High quality pulp cartons
  • From 3 days production

Inlay / cardboard insert

  • Custom punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard & solid board
  • 3 days express production

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Roll labels printed

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The perfect cream packaging
from packaging warehouse

Faltschachteln für Tiegel und Tuben


Packaging cosmetics is a challenging task. The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) for labeling must be adhered to, and EU law even requires a specific order for listing all ingredients.

This requires compliance with similarly strict guidelines as those that apply to food packaging: The packaging materials must protect the contents and themselves must also have no negative impact on creams and other cosmetics. As a rule, creams are therefore available in jars or tubes.

However, because these are often high-quality cosmetics, they are given special product packaging. On the one hand, this provides additional protection. On the other hand, it enhances the luxurious feeling that continues from purchase to application. With cream packaging from packaging warehouse, you have the best conditions to perfectly combine function and emotion.


Although jars and tubes offer sufficient security for creams in principle, they also need protection from time to time. During transport and storage in particular, impacts and pressure can cause damage to the containers. Scratches or similar external signs spoil the flawless impression, and in the worst case, the damage can even make the cosmetic product unusable.

Folding boxes and shipping cartons have the necessary robustness to better protect sensitive jars and tubes. This means that the containers arrive at the customer's in perfect condition - regardless of whether they have previously been transported over long distances or stacked on top of each other in the warehouse.

Different closure systems for the box bottoms and different materials (cardboard or corrugated cardboard for heavy products) allow you to optimally match the packaging to the container used. Uncomplicated handling also simplifies packaging processes. In addition, there is another enormously important advantage of folding boxes and cartons as cream packaging: you get additional space that you can use for product presentation.

Tiegel und Tuben für Cremes
Creme Verpackungen mit aufregender Optik


Not only functional aspects play a role in packaging for a high-quality cream. It has to do a real job of convincing the customer and that means - it has to make a good impression, attract attention, arouse emotions. After all, the eye also buys.

Thanks to the wide range of design options at packaging warehouse, you can also appeal to the other senses and give your cream packaging an interesting feel, for example. Shopping and enjoying with all your senses - that starts with the packaging.

EXCITING APPEARANCE: Which designs are recognized as exciting depends on various factors. Target groups differ in their tastes and aesthetic preferences. Trends influence perception.

As experts for digital packaging printing, we enable a wide variety of design approaches. We implement brightly colored patterns for you in just as high quality as designs that are reduced to the essentials. Because the appearance of the packaging is a key factor in the purchase decision, we make sure that all the materials we use contribute to an excellent print result.

EXCITING HAPTICS: Without a doubt, feelings include feeling. That's why haptics play an important role alongside appearance. If a cream package feels pleasant or interesting, your customers will associate it with positive associations. With our finishes, you can create smoother or rougher surfaces, and the individual materials also have different surface structures. In this way, you create another sensual experience that awakens emotions.


This is how diverse the cream packaging from packaging warehouse is

Creams for face, eyes or hands, for day or night, for dry, oily or combination skin: The cosmetics industry supplies a wide range of creams for very different applications and different target groups. The situation is very similar for cream packaging. After all, they are supposed to capture the customer's attitude to life and needs as accurately as possible.

That's why packaging warehouse provides a diverse product portfolio with which you can design unique cosmetics packaging. We present you two of the highlights from our offer.


Simple in the best sense, yet incredibly versatile, our folding boxes offer countless options to make them the perfect cream packaging:

  • All folding boxes are available in free formats and can be configured according to your wishes. Whether for the small hand cream tub for on the go or the larger jar for the day cream: For all containers there is a tailor-made, perfectly fitting folding box.
  • You will also find different solutions for the bottom closures: Tuck-in flaps are particularly suitable for lighter containers, while the glued crash lock base holds even heavier products without any problems.
  • Easy handling, robust materials, low weight and all options for design: As outer packaging, our folding boxes convince in every respect. So you get top quality all around at an excellent price.
Faltschachteln als Creme Verpackung in freien Formaten
Versandkarton als Creme Verpackung aus solider Wellpappe


The best option for exciting product staging, reliable protection and diverse design options: Thanks to their many excellent features, our shipping boxes are an excellent choice for creating exciting cream packaging that also provides optimum protection for jars and tubes:

  • To keep the packaged goods intact during transport and storage, our shipping boxes are made of strong corrugated cardboard. This is lightweight yet strong enough to keep sensitive containers for cosmetics safe during shipping and stacking.
  • This robustness, together with our free formats, offers you numerous possibilities for product presentation. You can turn packaging warehouse shipping boxes into great boxes with different products - for example, for special care sets or as gift packaging.
  • Our shipping boxes are available in many variants and open up different distribution channels for you: Whether as cream packaging with a practical hinged lid for retail or as shipping packaging for online retail - with our products you will always reach your customers.

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What our customers say

"Our dog treats are not only irresistibly delicious, but also a treat for the eyes! Thanks to packaging warehouse's advanced digital printing technology, we can realize numerous stunning designs at a super price-performance ratio. Our stand-up pouches are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable monofilms to meet sustainability requirements and protect the environment. At the same time, it allows us to easily comply with various European legislations."

Stefan Buza
Managing Director of Argoa GmbH
"The most impressive thing about working with packaging warehouse was not only the high-quality production of our welcome packages, which exactly met our expectations. From consultation to execution - fast to respond, we felt understood at every second."

Philipp & Andre Engert
Founder & owner of Marego

Exciting, sustainable and noble cream packaging from packaging warehouse

Product packaging is an enormously important tool for communicating with your customers: They should inform, stage and convince. They are ambassadors for the product, the brand and a certain attitude to life. Accordingly, cream packaging also has to do a lot to attract the attention of customers and stand out from the competition.

For unique cream packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your customers, you will find numerous options at packaging warehouse. High-quality packaging design with an individual touch - in just a few steps.


Basically, all the packaging materials we use have excellent properties in terms of their protective function and designability. After all, it takes a solid foundation in every respect to create exciting cream packaging.

  • At packaging warehouse, you can get cardboard and corrugated cardboard in different versions. This applies to both the material composition (our recycled cartons, for example, consist of 99 percent recycled fibers; for our grass cardboard, a grass content of 4 percent is added) as well as the grammage and the thickness. This is not least helpful in finding the right packaging for different distribution channels.
  • Our packaging materials contribute to the successful appearance of your cream packaging not only because of their excellent printability: Natural cardboard and many of our corrugated cardboards convey a pleasant feeling of naturalness due to their brown color.


Our configurator gives you a free hand in choosing the material. Regardless of whether you decide on a folding box or a shipping box as cream packaging: With just a few clicks you will find the material variant that is best suited for your purposes.

Wellpappe vermittelt durch ihre braune Farbe Natürlichkeit
Typische Farben sind Grün- und Brauntöne



A pleasant, good feeling on the skin thanks to natural ingredients: This is often the promise of cosmetic creams. In the best case, the association with nature and all the positive impressions associated with it is already conveyed via the packaging.

One way is to use typical colors - such as shades of green and brown - and organic shapes that arouse the desired mood in customers. But for many customers, this sensual-emotional appeal is no longer enough.

Instead, they want the idea of naturalness to be implemented at all levels. A central factor in this context is the respective packaging and its contribution to greater sustainability. Because the topic is incredibly important and also a real selling point, it naturally also plays a major role in our products:

  • In many cases, cream packaging from packaging warehouse is 100 percent recyclable or compostable. This means that they are not lost to the material cycles and help to conserve resources.
  • Paper, cardboard and cartonboard either come from sustainable forestry or are already largely made from recycled materials.
  • The simple configuration allows you to tailor your cream packaging. This means no unnecessary material consumption, but a precise calculation of the necessary resources.


In addition, packaging warehouse is committed to the protection of oceans, rainforests and biodiversity. With every order, we support appropriate projects together with you and give something back to our nature.


Even if a cream package already reveals a lot of information on its outside, it still keeps the most important things safe until the customers arrive at home. After the convincing first impression at the shelf or during the handover by the delivery man, the packaging design contributes significantly to an essential moment: the unboxing.

Unpacking is all about the wow effect, surprise, and emotions that connect customers with the product and the brand - preferably in the long term. That's why cream packaging has to be perfect all around. And we provide you with all the necessary resources for this:

EXCELLENT PRINT RESULTS: Our state-of-the-art digital printing guarantees you print results of the highest quality. This includes bright colors as well as clear contours. This means that a wide range of individual design ideas, from minimalist to opulent, can be implemented easily and in a cost-efficient way.

PRINT ON ALL SURFACES: Expecting more than a pretty exterior on your cream packaging? Your customers feel the same way. That's why packaging warehouse gives you the option of using the inside surfaces of folding boxes and shipping boxes for your designs, too. This way you can create a real work of art.

ESSENTIAL IN OPTICS AND HAPPICS: With our finishing techniques, we give your cream packaging the final touch and a touch of luxury. Applying laminate foils or varnishes creates even more special effects and helps to further enhance the design. The finishes also create a more exciting feel.

If you have any questions about our high-quality cream packaging, you can of course contact our expert team. We will be happy to help you find the optimal packaging solution for your product.

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