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Counter display

Counter display

Counter display

These special folding boxes are a true all-rounder: on the one hand, they serve as secure outer packaging for your products, and on the other, they are ideal for product presentation at the point of sale. There are no limits to the design of this marketing tool, because they can be printed over the entire surface.

The combination of our high quality materials, flawless printing and high level of customization makes counter displays from packaging warehouse the perfect support for your product range.

Your customized counter displays:

  • suitable as outer packaging and for product presentation
  • choice of seven high-quality and recyclable materials
  • free formats selectable
  • can be ordered already from 1 piece
  • available with snap lock or crash lock base
  • individual and full-surface printable
  • various finishing options selectable
  • 3 days Express Production
  • In your desired format
  • No minimum print run

Our material selection

  • 3 days Express Production
GC2 Folding boxboard

GC2 Folding boxboard

  • grammage 280 gsm
  • thickness 0.52 mm
  • white top side, ecru reverse side
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • Suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • recyclable
  • compostable
GC1 Folding boxboard

GC1 Folding boxboard

  • grammage 325 gsm
  • thickness 0.52 mm
  • white top side, white reverse side
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bendig stiffness, high tear strength
  • Suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • recyclable
  • compostable
  • Exclusive material

GD2 recycled paperboard

GD2 recycled paperboard

  • grammage 400 gsm
  • thickness 0.59 mm
  • white top side, white reverse side
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bending stiffness, high tear resistance
  • suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • Made from 99% recycled fiber
  • recyclable
  • compostable
Grass boxboard

Grass boxboard

  • grammage 325 gsm
  • thickness 0,52 mm
  • grass boxboard, with high recycled content
  • slight rough top side, slight rough reverse side
  • Suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • 96% recycled fibre
  • With 4% grass percentage/li>
  • recyclable
  • compostable
  • 3 days Express Production
Natural brown paperboard

Natural brown paperboard

  • grammage 400 gsm
  • thickness 0.56 mm
  • brown kraft board, unbleached
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bending stiffness, high tear resistance
  • suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • Made from 50% recycled fiber
  • recyclable
  • compostable

Sample box for folding boxes

This box contains:

    Many high quality printed folging boxes

    All 5 folding box materials

    A 5% voucher for your first order
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Counter displays from packaging warehouse:
Your advantages at a glance

High quality materials

Using cardboard with grammage from 280 g/m2 to 450 g/m2 and material thicknesses from 0.46 mm to 0.59 mm, our counter displays offer optimal protection for your products.
Flawless print image

With our modern printing technology, you can print the counter display over the entire surface according to your wishes. This way, your brand message is communicated directly to the customer in the highest quality.
With snap lock or crash lock base

You have the choice of producing your counter displays with a base that automatically folds out when set up or one that is manually clipped together.
Sustainable materials

Sustainability is not a trend for us, but a holistic approach. That's why all our materials for counter displays are recyclable and compostable, ensuring environmentally friendly production without compromising quality.

Counter displays: More than just outer packaging


Our folding boxes are the perfect instrument for efficient advertising measures at the point of sale. It doesn't matter whether they are in a bakery, a gas station, or a pharmacy.

Individually designed counter displays are ideal for presenting products such as impulse and small items in the best possible and attention-grabbing way. When closed, it becomes an outer packaging and protects your products during transport and storage.


MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: In addition to the typical application - the store or sales counter - counter displays can also be placed on shelves or stands and effectively highlight products.

VERSATILE USES: In addition to products, information brochures or flyers can also be presented, for example, to highlight current and upcoming discount promotions, new products or competitions.

INDIVIDUAL DESIGN POSSIBILITIES: The counter display can be printed over its entire surface. In this way, the back display wall, which serves as a closure during transport and storage, also becomes an advertising space. Due to its size and position, the so-called backcard is ideal for presenting additional advertising messages, the company's slogan or the company logo.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Since all our counter displays are made of recyclable and compostable materials, their production and disposal is very environmentally friendly.

SPACE SAVING STORAGE: The boxes can be folded back together very easily. This makes both storage and disposal very convenient.


POS marketing tools must do one thing in particular: grab consumers' attention and get them to make a purchase they may not have planned. To achieve this, counter displays must not only be designed in a visually appealing way,  but also strategically placed.

The checkout area is particularly suitable for this, because the situation here is different compared to the rest of the store area: Customers are usually standing in line waiting to pay for their purchase.

If you can successfully present products through an attention-grabbing display, it can boost your sales and fix the brand message in the customers' minds.

Counter displays can also be used for secondary placement of products. By displaying items in addition to their normal item location, their visibility is increased.


You can choose from seven materials for the configuration of your individual counter display. The choice of the right cardboard material affects not only the stability, but also the feel, the look and therefore also the quality of the print.

You decide which is the best material for your application. If you need help with the configuration, you can always contact our customer service Together we will find the best solution for you.

Our high quality materials for counter displays:
  • Chromo cardboard (GC2)
  • Chromo cardboard (GC1)
  • Cellulose cardboard (GZ)
  • Recycled cardboard (GD2)
  • Grass cardboard
  • Natural cardboard brown
  • Natural cardboard black



This material consists of paper whose surface is sealed by a binder. This binder application is also called line, which is why chromo board is also called lined paper. The application of a binder makes the surface more stable and smoother. This ensures improved robustness and has a positive effect on the print image. Printing on this very smooth surface impresses with a high level of detail reproduction and therefore also offers excellent quality in general. We have two different chromo cardboard variants on offer. Counter displays made of GC2 cardboard are available in a grammage of 280 g/m2 and a thickness of 0.52 mm. The front side is white and smooth, the back side is natural color and slightly roughened. The CG1 cardboard has a higher grammage of 325 g/m2 with the same material thickness and is therefore particularly tear and bend resistant. In contrast to the CG2 cardboard, both sides are white, the back is slightly roughened.


With a material thickness of 0.59 mm and a grammage of 400 g/m2 , this cardboard is also extremely stable and offers protection against bending as well as cracking. It also consists of 99 percent recycled fiber. The front side is white and smooth, the back side white and slightly roughened.


Counter displays made from this cardboard are made exclusively from pulp fibers sourced from sustainably managed forests. Front and back are smooth and bright white. Due to the high grammage of 450 g/m2 and a material thickness of 0.52 mm, our cellulose cardboard is extremely stable and durable.


This material consists of 96 percent recycled fiber and 4 percent grass. The special feature lies in its sustainability. This is because grass is a very rapidly renewable raw material compared to trees, which can also be planted almost anywhere and consumes significantly less resources such as water and energy. In addition, no chemical additives are used in the production of our grass-based cardboard. This results in significantly fewer emissions during production. The grass cardboard has a grammage of 325 g/m2 and a thickness of 0.52 mm, front and back are slightly roughened.


The unbleached cardboard in brown color has a grammage of 400 g/m2 and a thickness of 0.56 mm. It consists of 50 percent recycled fibers and has a smooth front and a slightly roughened back.


In contrast to the brown variant, this cardboard has a grammage of 350 g/m2 and a thickness of 0.46 mm. It is also unbleached and also uncoated. The deep black color also looks particularly classy for counter displays and ensures attention.
Sustainability is important to us. Therefore, all our materials used are recyclable and compostable and come from sustainable forestry.


We offer our display packaging with two different base systems: The counter displays with snap lock base are cheaper, but the assembling of the base is done by hand. This step is not necessary for the counter displays with crash lock base: The cardboard is already glued in such a way that the base automatically erects when folded and closes again when unfolded. This has several advantages: - The bases are very stable and are therefore particularly suitable for heavy products. - The closure lasts longer because the material stress is not as high as with manual folding bases. - Counter displays can be set up and filled very quickly. This is particularly useful for large quantities.


Our counter displays can be ordered exclusively in free formats. All combinations are possible within the following ranges:
  • Length: 45 to 400 mm
  • Width: 34 to 250 mm
  • Height: 35 to 300 mm


To protect the material and especially the printed image from external influences such as dirt, scratches or moisture, we recommend applying a protective coating. This also ensures an even more eye-catching print image - whether matte or glossy. The cardboard coated with protective varnish can still be easily labeled. PROTECTIVE LAMINATES: Applying a protective laminate makes your product even more resistant to external influences. However, the protective laminate makes subsequent labeling more difficult. 



Depending on your requirements, you can choose between two punching methods. While the conventional punching method is suitable for large quantities, laser punching is the better choice for smaller order quantities. The difference: With the conventional method, a die cutting tool must be created beforehand because of the free format. This is available to you free of charge for the next order in the same size. When laser cutting your counter displays, this step is omitted.

Print configurations for best printing results

In order to guarantee the best possible quality, you should pay attention to some details when creating the print file:
  • Convert your fonts into vector paths or embed them.
  • Pantone colors cannot be used in digital printing. These are automatically converted to CYMK.
  • Do not use RGB, but always CYMK color space.
  • The following formats can also not be read by our IT: .docx / .ppt / .ai / .eps / .jpg / .png / .tiff Therefore, send us your print data as PDF in PDF/X-4:2010 format.
  • Make sure that the font size is at least 6pt.
  • If images are embedded in the print document, their resolution must be at least 300dpi.
  • The line width should be at least 0.5pt.
  • Black shapes, lines, colored areas and other elements should always be created with 100% K (0C / 0M / 0Y / 100K).
  • The safety distance to the punch as well as the margin trim should be 3 mm in the print document.


Our basic data check is available to you free of charge for quality control of your prints. We check the data format, the font as well as the font size, the color space and the formatting for you. If you need a more detailed check, you can use our professional check. Here we also check the resolution, line width, safety margins, edge trim and spot colors. This ensures that your print data goes into production error-free.
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