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Gift packaging

Gift packaging

Gift packaging

Gifts keep friendship alive. A product gets a whole other value when it is presented in a gift box. Whether for customer gifts and giveaways, for vouchers or for the Christmas business - at packaging warehouse you will find suitable packaging which you can design individually according to your wishes. We help you to realize your customized gift packaging. Surprise your customers and create that special WOW moment.

Our gift packaging:

  • folding boxes, hinge-lid boxes, pillow boxes and more
  • free formats selectable via configurator
  • low prices for start-ups, small and medium enterprises
  • sustainable materials

  • Express Production
  • In your desired format
  • custom print
Our clients:

Our top packaging for Gift packaging

Christmas packaging

Christmas packaging

  • Packaging for employee gifts
  • 100% free format selectable
  • Printed all over
Packaging for promotional gifts

Packaging for promotional gifts

  • Customized promotional gift packaging
  • For employees, colleagues, etc.
  • Printed all over
Voucher packaging

Voucher packaging

  • Optimal protection
  • Multiple design options
  • Reasonable prices

Why rely on gift packaging?


Gift packaging simply offer a little more: Beyond the usual product packaging, you can use it to showcase your products even better and make them special for your customers. You can use it to offer your own goods as gifts, present giveaways in a promotionally effective way or offer your customers suitable packaging that they can fill with gifts on their own.

At packaging warehouse you can create great gift packaging for your customers that not only convince with high-quality materials and extraordinary designs, but also fit perfectly to your products. You can pick up different themes for the design and choose the shape of the packaging yourself. With our product range you have a huge choice and can put together your individual gift box step by step in the practical configurator.

Geschenkverpackung für Produkte
Verpackung für ein Unboxing-Erlebnis

Gifts are important for interpersonal relationships. Your customer expresses his affection for a person through a personal gift from your product portfolio. The packaging makes a crucial difference here: it hides the actual gift at first, which increases anticipation and excitement. Unpacking becomes an emotional experience.


You can get especially creative for the gift packaging. Cardboard boxes that can be printed all around offer limitless possibilities for an extraordinary appearance. They can be provided with a pattern, you can leave space free for an individual inscription or also show off your brand identity in a special way. The moment of unpacking is more fun with a high quality designed packaging. In this way, you provide your target group with positive experiences that they associate with your brand.



The packaging also enhances the content. For example, you can combine different products into a set and in this way cross-sell efficiently and attractively and boost your sales. With a ready-made product set in an attractive gift box, you take the work off your hands. Customers are often willing to spend more money if the overall package is right.

At the same time, certain seasonal events offer the opportunity to stage your products appropriately and create additional purchase incentives. Typical examples are gift sets for Christmas, Easter, for a wedding or a birth. Here, too, a classy gift wrapping conveys a higher value. With an attractive cover, even a simple gift voucher becomes a high-quality gift.


Another area of use for attractive gift packaging is promotional items and giveaways for customers or business partners. Here, you can also use the packaging specifically as a way of communicating and attract attention with an individual design.

With packaging warehouse's packaging solutions, you can create appealing gift boxes for the next customer gifts at Christmas or creative gift boxes for marketing at the next trade show appearance. A high-quality presentation goes down well with your target group. You can express your appreciation via printed messages or thank them for a good cooperation.

Geschenkverpackung für Marketing
Geschenkverpackung für Produkte


Not only you want to present your goods as a gift from time to time, but also your customers are often looking for suitable solutions for gifts. With pre-made gift boxes, they have a quick way to wrap their gift properly without much effort. Again, you can get creative and still include your brand in the design. In the online store or even in the stationary store, you can offer gift packaging before the purchase is completed, so that your customers have this choice as an option.

High-quality gift packaging that looks visually interesting is chosen especially often. They look imaginative and individual, so if you offer different gift boxes, your customers have a choice. The higher the quality of the gift, the higher the quality of the packaging should look. To implement this, we have, for example, laminates and varnishes that enhance the packaging of the gift. Metallic, glitter or even die-cuts and embossing make the look even more eye-catching.

Tip: To ensure that your gift packaging is often purchased, use individual shapes. These are more noticeable and convey a good feeling to your customers. Create unique gift boxes with our configurator and set the free format yourself.


Implement your gift packaging idea

Mostly exactly such gifts remain in the memory, if they come from the heart and are in addition beautifully wrapped. Convince your customers with a customized gift box that stands out with a great design and offers a special unboxing experience. As a manufacturer, you can score points with individuality and creativity when it comes to gift packaging. So you get the attention from your customers, but also from the gift recipients. So you are on everyone's lips.

You can use themes like wedding, birthday or "small thank you" to convince your customers of your gift packaging. Our folding and hinge-lid boxes can be printed all around - for example with a beautiful pattern and eye-catching colors. You can integrate a message and have your logo or a claim printed on it. We help you to realize your individual design wishes.


Gift packaging is all about the look. But besides an appealing design that will convince your customers, the material should also be well chosen. With all our cardboard materials, you get a flawless, high-quality print image - whether it's white chromo cardboard, grass cardboard, cellulose cardboard or brown natural cardboard. A printed gift box made of black natural cardboard also looks classy.

Geschenkverpackung für Flaschen

Geschenkverpackung Klappkarton



If gifts are particularly high quality, they need good protection - especially when they are shipped. It's not uncommon for something to get broken on the way. To prevent this from happening, you need stable packaging that keeps the contents safe. That's why our shipping boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard - without you having to sacrifice a high-quality look.

Using the configurator, you can order your gift packaging precisely for the desired size. With our individually configurable inlays, you also ensure that each product keeps its fixed place in the packaging and cannot fall over on the way.


At packaging warehouse, we place special emphasis on sustainable materials. We offer you natural cardboard, grass cardboard and cardboard packaging made from 100 percent recycled raw materials. That's how we give something back to the environment. And you have the advantage of reaching customers who care about sustainability. But our gift packaging doesn't look "eco" - unless you want it to. They can be printed with all colors of the Euroscale, so that they correspond visually to your ideas. They can be embossed or covered with varnish or a laminate for protection.

Gift packaging is also sustainable if it is used more than once. You can also contribute to this with an attractive design and stable, durable materials.


Individual gift packaging from packaging warehouse

packaging warehouse has made it its business to produce packaging according to your ideas. You can choose free and fixed formats, determine the material yourself and rely on an individual design. Many great options are available to you, so you can offer your customers an all-around thoughtful gift wrap. Here we present our selection for your individual gift wrapping:

Klappschachtel als Geschenkverpackung


Folding box with hinged lid  are particularly suitable for presenting gifts. The contents are only visible when the box is opened. FFor consumers or B2B customers, the gift can be effectively staged in it. At the same time the products are well protected in it and the plug-in latch. At the same time, the products are well protected inside and the insertion flap ensures a secure closure.  For a high-quality design, you can make use of finishes such as die-cutting and embossing. With our free formats, the size can be determined by yourself with individual measurements.

  • suitable for large and small gifts and gift sets
  • stable and also available as shipping packaginindividual size, format and design


To send a personal greeting message to your customers, you can rely on labels. In addition to gift packaging, you can have a label printed on which you can add greetings, names and other inscriptions. Customers are delighted with the personalized attention that is just for them. Our labels can be printed individually thanks to digital printing.

Etiketten für Geschenke
Kissenschachtel als Geschenkverpackung


To give a small gift with a big impact, pillow boxes are particularly suitable. Jewelry, vouchers, but also small perfume bottles can be placed in it. As gift packaging, the boxes look high quality, they stand out with their special shape and are available in different sizes. They can be opened on both sides, so that your customers can quickly get to their gift. Refinements give pillow boxes a particularly high-quality look.



For very special creations membrane cans  are ideal. The eye-catching gift box is available in a round look and convinces with a stable exterior. Your gifts are safely stored inside. The membrane can can be opened with a lid and bottom closure, so that the recipient can easily get to his gift. They are suitable for packing textiles such as T-shirts, and scarves, or for various food products such as high-quality spirits.

Membrandose für Geschenke
Inlay für Geschenke im Versandkarton


Our inlays do not count as stand-alone packaging themselves - however, they are the perfect addition to folding and hinge-lid boxes. You can have the outline of your product individually punched out - for a high-quality presentation and perfect hold. In addition, the cardboard inserts can also be printed individually. This makes it possible to create all-around functional gift packaging that provides a special moment when unwrapping.


Create your gift packaging at packaging warehouse

If the gift is already set, but the right gift packaging has not been found yet, you can rely on packaging warehouse. Offer your customers a great unboxing experience with a high-quality gift box.

We offer you a wide range of gift packaging that will create joy and excitement for the recipient. You want to realize your individual design ideas? We are at your side with advice and support and guide you through the creation process. Feel free to contact us for more information - we will support you in your project and answer all open questions!

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