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FEFCO 0215: Folding boxes

FEFCO 0215: Folding boxes

FEFCO 0215: Folding boxes

Folding boxes are one of the most popular packaging solutions: flexible in their application, easy to handle, robust for the best possible protection and customizable. For this purpose, our FEFCO 0215 folding boxes offer a clever base design that helps with quick set-up and can hold even medium-weight and heavy products without any problems.

Made of sturdy corrugated cardboard, our folding boxes with snap lock base according to FEFCO 0215 are ideally suited for a wide range of applications.

Your individual FEFCO 0215 folding boxes:

  • 100 percent free formats for customized packaging
  • made of high quality and sustainable corrugated cardboard in different variations
  • individual design options for printing and finishing in highest quality
  • fast production and short delivery times - even for small runs
  • E / B / EB flute
  • Resistant up to 32kg
  • 5 days Express Production
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Our selected products

FEFCO 0215 folding boxes
FEFCO 0215 folding boxes

FEFCO 0215: folding box with snap lock base

  • FEFCO 0215 folding box
  • For products from 500g
  • E flute / B flute / EB flute

FEFCO 0713: folding box with crash lock base

  • FEFCO 0713 folding box
  • For products from 500g
  • E flute / B flute / EB flute

Folding boxes unprinted

  • Many types of boxes
  • Chromo and cellulose cardboard
  • 3 days express production

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  • We are happy to help you by e-mail or phone

Folding box made of solid board

  • With crash lock base
  • For products up to 500g
  • High quality cellulose cardboard

Inlay / cardboard insert

  • Custom punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard & solid board
  • 3 days express production

More than standard: folding boxes with snap lock base according to FEFCO coding

Faltschachteln mit Steckboden in dunklem Design

International packaging

Goods, and with them their packaging, go around the world every day now. The FEFCO Code was developed to make it easier for companies internationally to agree on a common level on the most important properties, construction methods and specifications of packaging.

The coding system, originally designed for European industry associations, has long since become internationally valid. For many years, it has also included solid cardboard packaging. Quite correctly, according to the shortcuts of the two relevant associations, it is the FEFCO-ESBO code.

The standardized identification of the listed packaging means that there are no longer any misunderstandings between customers and manufacturers, even across possible language barriers: All relevant information such as cutting and creasing lines, slots, punch-outs, perforation lines, edge or tab connections, handle openings and even shaft direction are defined by symbols and associated shortcuts.

Internationale Verpackungen FEFCO 0215
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Folding boxes in the FEFCO basic types

Four-digit type codes help to clearly identify each FEFCO-ESBO standardized package (and variations of the standard shapes). Folding boxes or folding crates form a separate group in the systematics, which can be recognized by the first two digits (02).

According to the description, our folding box with snap lock base according to FEFCO 0215 is a one-piece packaging. All the necessary components from the factory edge to the lid and base flaps are cut out. The flat-folded boxes are ready for use; all you have to do is set them up. They are securely closed with the flaps - in the case of the FEFCO 0215 folding box, the lid consists of a tuck-in flap.

Beyond the fixed description and functionality, you have every freedom in the final design of your folding box. This applies to printing, finishing, dimensions and material selection.


What our customers say

"Our dog treats are not only irresistibly delicious, but also a treat for the eyes! Thanks to packaging warehouse's advanced digital printing technology, we can realize numerous stunning designs at a super price-performance ratio. Our stand-up pouches are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable monofilms to meet sustainability requirements and protect the environment. At the same time, it allows us to easily comply with various European legislations."

Stefan Buza
Managing Director of Argoa GmbH
"The most impressive thing about working with packaging warehouse was not only the high-quality production of our welcome packages, which exactly met our expectations. From consultation to execution - fast to respond, we felt understood at every second."

Philipp & Andre Engert
Founder & owner of Marego

Folding box according to FEFCO 0215: Set up & ready!


In its basic characteristics, the FEFCO type 0215 folding box does not differ from other boxes with which it shares the basic type. That means:

  • It is made from a single precut.
  • Factory edge is fixed with the help of wire stitching or adhesive strip.
  • It is delivered folded flat.


To fill it, all you have to do is set up the folding box and close the base and lid flaps. The special feature of the folding box according to FEFCO 0215 is its base construction. This is because it is a so-called snap lock base.

Faltschachteln aus Wellpappe mit Steckboden


The snap lock base consists of a total of four flaps that are connected to the side walls of the folding box. When you set up the box, these flaps are inserted into each other. This way they hold and support each other and give the bottom of the box a reliable hold.

The construction can basically only be released if the base is pressed in from below. However, this possibility is prevented by the packaged goods. Whatever you choose to put in your folding boxes with snap lock base - it will definitely help to make the bottom even more stable.

This base variant for folding boxes works completely without glue. A tight closure is guaranteed at all times by interlocking the four insertion flaps. Setting up this clever solution is really easy.



To turn the folding box delivered flat (which, by the way, saves a lot of space and is therefore optimal for storage) into a package that you can immediately fill with your products, it only takes a few steps and handles:

Step 1: The preparation

To prepare the folding box, place it in front of you and then straighten the side walls so that they form a cavity.

Step 2: The snap lock base

The easiest way to assemble the bottom is to turn the folding box "upside down" - that in other words, with the bottom side facing up. You start by folding over the largest flap (this is easily recognizable by the punched rectangle).

Then fold the smaller, opposite flaps inward. Finally, fold over the remaining tuck-in flap and press it down. This will cause all the flaps to hook together. The snap lock base is now finished.

Step 3: The lid

At this point of set up, the folding box with snap lock base is ready for you to fill. Closing the lid is then no longer a big deal. All you have to do is fold the small opposite flaps inwards and finally fold the tuck-in flap downwards. Simply insert it into the box and your folding box according to FEFCO 0215 is ready.

Aufbau Steckboden FEFCO 0215


So versatile: your individual folding box according to FEFCO 0215

FEFCO 0215 folding boxes from packaging warehouse offer you a wide range of options - in every respect. From the dimensions to the possible applications, our folding boxes with the practical snap lock base impress with their versatility and flexibility. This means they are ideally suited to become your very own packaging solution. We present you the numerous advantages of folding boxes according to FEFCO 0215.

FEFCO 0215 Faltschachteln aus Wellpappe Natur


Like all our packaging, our folding boxes are also available as freely configurable formats according to FEFCO 0215. This means that you have a lot of leeway when it comes to the dimensions so that you can adapt the finished box perfectly to the requirements of your product - saving costs and materials and so making it sustainable.

The dimensions are all variable, they are

  • for the length between 50 and 600 mm
  • for the width between 50 and 400 mm
  • for the height between 100 and 500 mm


You can simply enter your desired dimensions in the easy-to-use and clear online calculator. This way, you can create your desired folding box with snap lock base with just a few clicks.

We can also offer you different variants in the choice of materials:

  • E-flute in different versions (outside white/inside brown; outside white/inside white; outside brown/inside brown),
  • B-flute in different versions (outside white/inside brown; outside white/inside white; outside brown/inside brown),
  • EB flute in various designs (white/inside white on the outside; brown/inside brown on the outside).

With this selection of corrugated cardboard varieties, you're sure to find the right level of protection for your products.



Regardless of which type of corrugated cardboard you choose as the basis for your folding box with snap lock base: In any case, you retain all the freedom to design the packaging entirely according to your wishes.

Thanks to many years of experience, modern printing technology and high-quality materials, we create breathtaking individual designs on every folding box. Through high-resolution printing, brilliant colors and sharp contours, we create unforgettable images according to your ideas - of course also in small editions.

In addition, you have the option of enhancing the look with various finishes. By playing with matte and/or glossy surfaces, you enhance the effect of individual elements and create an interesting feel at the same time.

Apart from that, the finishes are very practical: they improve the already good resistance of the corrugated cardboard and therefore work like a protective layer.

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Folding boxes are a "classic" packaging solution that, due to their versatility and adaptability, can be considered for a wide variety of products and industries. Our corrugated cardboard folding boxes, in addition to the well-known advantages - free formats, easy handling during assembly and later opening, excellent conditions for visual design, etc. - also offer more robustness than their cardboard counterparts.

The different corrugation structures give you the possibility to adjust the degree of protection against external influences as needed. The combined EB corrugation even protects your products twice by combining a stable and resistant "outer shell" with a slightly softer inner side. Sensitive or fragile packaged goods in particular are optimally protected.

That is why our folding boxes with snap lock base according to FEFCO 0215 are, for example, the ideal choice for the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry:

  • Cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations are often given jars or cans as primary packaging for hygiene reasons.
  • However, these require adequate protection so that they are not damaged by pressure or impact during transport or storage.
  • In addition, jars, pots and cans have a comparatively high tare weight - an outer packaging must be designed for this.


The folding boxes with snap lock base from packaging warehouse offer exactly the right properties under these conditions: The corrugated cardboard provides the necessary stability to safely protect the containers for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The snap lock base gives the entire packaging sufficient load-bearing capacity to reliably hold even medium to heavy products.

In addition, with the folding boxes you always have full design freedom. With all available resources we create together with you noble and high-quality packaging, which fits perfectly to the content. The simple but convenient lid with tuck-in flap also makes it easy for your customers to get the products they want.


The many strengths of FEFCO 0215 folding boxes are, of course, also evident in other sectors. The combination of a high level of protection and a wide range of options for customization make folding boxes with snap lock base versatile packaging. The sustainably produced and fully recyclable corrugated cardboard is also a strong argument for these special folding boxes from an ecological point of view.

Our folding boxes with snap lock base according to FEFCO 0215 are therefore convincing all along the line:

  • with an internationally common structure used all over the world;
  • with strong, resistant and sustainable materials that combine the best protection and barrier properties with low weight;
  • with the greatest possible freedom in designing individual packaging thanks to free formats, brilliant printing technology and extraordinary finishes.

Discover the versatility and quality that lies within our FEFCO 0215 folding boxes!


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