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Voucher packaging

Voucher packaging

Voucher packaging

If you offer not only products but also vouchers for your customers in your company, voucher packaging is an optimal addition. It presents the voucher in an appealing way - not only at the point of sale.

At packaging warehouse you will find the right voucher packaging for your requirements. We are at your side with advice and support during implementation.

Our voucher packaging:

  • optimal protection and high-quality presentation
  • individual voucher packaging through a variety of design options
  • maximum flexibility through free and fixed formats
  • favorable prices also for small print runs
Our clients:

Our selected products

Gift packaging
Gift packaging

Pillow box

  • Glued and delivered flat
  • Perfect for gifts
  • Free in design

Printed roll labels

  • Round, square and special shapes
  • Sustainable materials
  • 2 days express production

E-flute hinged-lid box

  • Up to 7kg filling weight
  • Printed all over
  • FEFCO 0427

Do you need help?

  • Do you have questions about our packaging?
  • We are happy to help you by e-mail or phone

Shipping box with adhesive strip

  • up to 7kg filling weight (E-shaft)
  • With crash lock base
  • FEFCO 0703


Voucher packaging from packaging warehouse: Your advantages at a glance

Gutscheinkarte im ansprechenden Design
High quality presentation
Vouchers are often printed on a receipt or self-labeled, so they don't look like much. With packaging, the voucher gets a special frame and is upgraded from a simple value voucher to a great product. Not only the gifting, but also the unwrapping is more fun with it.
Marketing and branding
Packaging is always also a communication tool - and this is also the case with vouchers. They offer plenty of space to place a logo, an exciting design or various messages and information. You can brand a standard voucher with high-quality packaging to match your brand image and use it professionally for marketing.
Free formats, many design options

No matter in which form the voucher is - with us you get the right packaging. On the one hand, you can choose between different types of packaging and also set the appropriate dimensions individually. Add to that your individual printing and other options such as finishing. Maximum flexibility for a voucher packaging according to your ideas.
Cost transparency
With our product configurators you can put together your voucher packaging individually. The prices for your selected options are displayed directly. This way, you have all important information at your fingertips. In this tool you will also find details about the expected delivery times.

What our customers say

„We are really happy to have now found such a competent and fast partner as packaging warehouse. If we had questions or needed help, someone was always available for us. In our opinion, the whole process was just top notch: from the first contact to the consultation to the final product.

Dennis Baltzer & Roberto Bianco
Die Gründer von BETTER BE BOLD
"Our dog treats are not only irresistibly delicious, but also a treat for the eyes! Thanks to packaging warehouse's advanced digital printing technology, we can realize numerous stunning designs at a super price-performance ratio. Our stand-up pouches are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable monofilms to meet sustainability requirements and protect the environment. At the same time, it allows us to easily comply with various European legislations."

Stefan Buza
Managing Director of Argoa GmbH
"The most impressive thing about working with packaging warehouse was not only the high-quality production of our welcome packages, which exactly met our expectations. From consultation to execution - fast to respond, we felt understood at every second."

Philipp & Andre Engert
Founder & owner of Marego

Design a convincing packaging for your vouchers

Gift vouchers are a popular gift option not only as a last-minute solution. They have long left behind the image of the emergency gift. Rather, as free merchandise vouchers, they offer the option of leaving it up to the recipient to a certain extent to decide what will end up being the actual gift.

In B2B business, vouchers are also an important marketing tool that can be used on a variety of levels. These include vouchers as a thank you for customers or business partners as well as vouchers as a coupon for a certain service in the future. They are also suitable for promotional activities or as a goodwill offer if a customer was not completely satisfied.

With a suitable packaging, the voucher is then significantly upgraded at the end. A gift voucher packaging gives more visually than just giving the gift voucher to the recipient.

Packaging warehouse offers you a wide range of design options. For each theme you can create a packaging for your voucher according to your wishes. You have the choice between free and fixed formats, so that you can optimally set the scene. Not only the shape of the packaging is convincing, but also the print or the feel.

Hülle Ostergutschein grün weiß

Tip: If you offer vouchers in unusual shapes, you can create the right voucher packaging in our configurator. Use the free formats of packaging warehouse and define your own dimensions. Design your packaging for the voucher according to your wishes to convince your customers.

Gutschein grün mit Pflanzendesign


Gift voucher packaging is all about creativity and individuality. Many vouchers look the same - the packaging can provide that certain something in these cases. Simple merchandise vouchers can not only be customized with your logo using different motifs for the packaging, but can also be used for seasonal themes.

Voucher packaging not only serves as a visual eye-catcher - similar to wrapping paper. Rather, it is a flexible marketing tool - to present your brand, to address customers directly, to announce certain promotions and much more. You can offer colorful printed voucher packaging on various themes, such as weddings or birthdays, which pick up on the theme of the celebration. If your logo is discreetly in the background, the joy later is all the greater.

However, you can also pick up elements of your goods or services and represent them pictorially on the voucher packaging. This is how you stoke the anticipation of the recipient. Get creative, because there are endless possibilities for presentation.



It's not always about vouchers in the form of standalone cards or value coupons. In e-commerce in particular, it is common to distribute coupons as part of certain promotions. For this purpose, the associated codes are often printed directly on the packaging. We can also realize this option for you. Thanks to flexible digital printing technology, it is possible to print an entire series of voucher packaging - each with the same pattern, but with a consecutive code number. Please contact us with your individual request.


Many vouchers are simply a receipt that is tucked away in an outer packaging. Sometimes a small card is additionally labeled or printed so that the voucher is verified. But neither the receipt nor the written card are safe from external influences. Moisture, heat, UV radiation and dirt can cause the voucher to become illegible under certain circumstances. This is not a good condition for using the voucher at a later date.

With a voucher packaging you protect your vouchers from external influences. The packaging for vouchers is easy to store, does not take up much space and is also a secure outer packaging during transport. So they arrive safely at the recipient.

Bunter Gutschein mit Einhörnern

Our product selection for your voucher packaging

Klappschachtel für Gutscheine
Etiketten für Gutscheine
Flachkartonhülle für Gutscheine


Hinged- and folding boxes are very suitable for voucher packaging. The voucher can be optimally draped inside. It is also possible to print discount vouchers for new customers on the inside of the box, so that the voucher is directly visible when it is opened. To give your customers a high-quality impression, you have a free choice of materials and can use finishes such as die-cutting and embossing. Set on the free choice of format if you need an individual size.



To make your gift certificate packaging personal and customized for your customer, you can rely on labels. These are offered in addition to the packaging so that the name or a greeting can be added. Customers are happy about customizable voucher packaging, because it makes the voucher more personal.



Our Flat cardboard sleeves are probably the most compact way to present a voucher. They can be printed all around: This gives you an additional opportunity to place your own design or a personal greeting. A die-cut makes it easy to grab and remove the contents. At the same time, the case offers additional protection as a voucher packaging.

Kissenschachtel für Gutscheine
Eurolochaufhänger als Gutschein
Membrandosen für Gutscheine


For small and medium-sized vouchers, our pillow boxes are very suitable. Due to their special shape they provide the special eye-catcher. Their appearance is similar to a pillow, where the sides are unfolded. They are also sturdy and protect from external influences. Your customers can easily open the box and reuse it when needed.

Credit card sized coupons fit very well into the standardized pillow boxes. But you also have the choice to create your own formats. To make the gift even more personal, other utensils can also be placed in the pillow box in addition to the voucher.


For the presentation of vouchers at the point of sale, our Euro slot hangers are the voucher packaging of choice. The simple cards can be printed on both sides and offer plenty of space for your individual design. With either round or Euro perforation, they can be placed efficiently and advantageously on product carriers. In this way, they also provide a high-quality framework for simple and standardized vouchers or credit cards.



If you want to choose a special form of gift voucher packaging, you are right with the membrane can. It is closed with a lid and bottom closure. The voucher can be rolled up in it and is easy to reach by your customer. There are great design options for you from the interesting shape. In addition, our membrane cans score with their high stability and can be printed individually.

Materialien für Geschenkgutscheine


All in all, when it comes to voucher packaging, the design goes hand in hand with the material. The voucher packaging complements the voucher. Together they form a whole. Convince with a high-quality material that you use for your voucher packaging. While appearance plays a major role in voucher packaging, the feel is just as important. If the packaging lies well in the hand, feels high-quality and good, then your customers will be convinced. Because: Where high-quality packaging is used, the products offered can only be of high quality.

At packaging warehouse, you also have a large selection of sustainable materials. This way, you can also convince customers who are very concerned about sustainability. Examples of this are our packaging made from grass cardboard, natural cardboard and cardboard made from 100 percent recycled raw materials.

Your customers won't see that the voucher packaging is 100 percent recyclable - unless you want them to. The materials can be printed with all Euroscale colors. Depending on the material selected, the colors may be more brilliant - as in the case of white-coated chromo cardboard - or a natural look may predominate - in the case of packaging made of brown natural cardboard. Both options are recyclable and compostable. This way we protect the environment together and have no disadvantage from it. You can read more about our cardboard materials in our magazine article.



As diverse as the different application scenarios are, as extensive is our selection of suitable voucher packaging. If you have any questions about our packaging solutions for vouchers, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. This gives you the opportunity to present your gift vouchers in an appealing way and convince your customers of your company. Our experts will help you to develop a great model and will be happy to advise you.

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