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FEFCO 0713: corrugated cardboard folding cartons

FEFCO 0713: corrugated cardboard folding cartons

FEFCO 0713: corrugated cardboard folding cartons

The FEFCO code 0713 stands for product packaging that is in a class of its own. Folding cartons that combine only the best: robust corrugated cardboard walls, a firmly glued crash lock base and therefore stable as well as particularly easy handling.

Properties and qualities, thanks to which these cartons are quite rightly positioned as a bestseller in our assortment - especially as packaging for heavy, fragile as well as serially produced goods.

Your individual FEFCO 0713 folding cartons with crash lock base:

  • three corrugated cardboards in different types
  • up to 100 % recyclable packaging materials
  • high quality printed images and finishes
  • production from one piece and fast delivery

  • E / B / EB flute
  • Resistant up to 32kg
  • 5 days Express Production
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Our selected products

FEFCO 0713 folding cartons
FEFCO 0713 folding cartons

Folding box with crash lock base

  • FEFCO 0713 folding carton
  • For products from 500g
  • E flute / B flute / EB flute

Folding box made of solid board

  • With crash lock base
  • For products up to 500g
  • High quality cellulose cardboard

Do you need help?

  • Do you have questions about our packaging?
  • We are happy to help you by e-mail or phone

Inlay / cardboard insert

  • Custom punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard & solid board
  • 3 days express production

Reinforcing inlay made of corrugated cardboard

  • Additional product protection
  • For products made of glass
  • E-flute / B-flute / EB-flute

FEFCO 0713 at packaging warehouse:
Your advantages at a glance

FEFCO 0713 Faltkarton

Highest standards

At packaging warehouse, your cartons are manufactured only using high-quality materials and the latest technologies. This enables us to meet even the highest quality requirements.

Versatile packaging

Corrugated cardboard folding cartons are versatile and a popular solution in various industries. Heavy goods are packed just as safely as sensitive goods. The design is entirely up to you.

Produced in Germany

With packaging warehouse, you have a partner at your side who produces exclusively in Germany. This means you benefit from very short supply chains - and at the same time secure local jobs.

Sustainable cartons

Folding cartons made of corrugated cardboard are a particularly sustainable packaging solution from an ecological point of view. Depending on your configuration, they are up to 100% recyclable and compostable.


FEFCO-ESBO codes classify and describe corrugated and solid board packaging. In doing so, they act as an internationally valid standard that serves to overcome language barriers in the international packaging market. The codes and the respective catalog were developed and are still managed by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO), but together with the European Solid Board Organization (ESBO, formerly ASSCO). To date, the FEFCO catalog includes about 200 different packaging materials, each with a unique code. Learn more about FEFCO codes here.

Folding cartons according to FEFCO 0713: assembly & set-up

What is a FEFCO 0713 folding carton?

The essential feature of the FEFCO-0713 folding carton is the crash lock base. This consists of four glued flaps, which together form a particularly strong bottom closure.

The closing device at the lid opening, on the other hand, is similar to that of conventional folding boxes - it consists of two dust flaps and a lid flap with a tuck-in flap.

The entire carton consists of only one piece of corrugated cardboard. On the left edge piece there is a factory edge with a small protrusion, which is still glued to the opposite edge of the cardboard during production.

Aufbau FEFCO 0713 Faltkarton
FEFCO 0713 zusammenbauen


We deliver your ordered folding cartons glued and in a flat shape. The bottom flaps are arranged in such a way that they automatically move into position as soon as you turn the flat carton into a rectangular shape. So it only takes one handle to set up the FEFCO-0713 cartons. For this reason, crash lock bases are often called flash bases.

The lid opening, on the contrary, is closed in the same way as conventional folding boxes with a tuck-in flap. First you angle the two dust flaps, then fold the lid over them and finally fix it in place with the help of the tuck-in flap.

Tip: It is also possible to set up the boxes by machine - this will save you even more time when packing your goods.



Folding cartons or folding boxes made of corrugated cardboard are available not only with crash lock base, but also with tuck-in flap or snap lock base. The variant with crash lock base (FEFCO 0723) is the most robust version and is therefore suitable even for particularly heavy goods. For medium-weight goods, snap lock bases are a favorable alternative. In turn, the folding cartons with tuck-in flaps are mainly used as product packaging for lighter goods.

Sample box for shipping boxes

This box contains:

    All 3 corrugated board materials

    Many different printed boxes

    A 5% coupon for your first order
10,00 €
excl. VAT, incl. shipping

What our customers say

„We are really happy to have now found such a competent and fast partner as packaging warehouse. If we had questions or needed help, someone was always available for us. In our opinion, the whole process was just top notch: from the first contact to the consultation to the final product.

Dennis Baltzer & Roberto Bianco
Die Gründer von BETTER BE BOLD
"Our dog treats are not only irresistibly delicious, but also a treat for the eyes! Thanks to packaging warehouse's advanced digital printing technology, we can realize numerous stunning designs at a super price-performance ratio. Our stand-up pouches are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable monofilms to meet sustainability requirements and protect the environment. At the same time, it allows us to easily comply with various European legislations."

Stefan Buza
Managing Director of Argoa GmbH
"The most impressive thing about working with packaging warehouse was not only the high-quality production of our welcome packages, which exactly met our expectations. From consultation to execution - fast to respond, we felt understood at every second."

Philipp & Andre Engert
Founder & owner of Marego

What distinguishes folding cartons?

Lightning-fast set-up is just one of the many advantages offered by FEFCO-0713 folding cartons. The packaging is also impressive in terms of product protection, sustainability and design.
This is mainly due to the special properties of corrugated cardboard: it is recyclable, can be printed on all sides and provides reliable goods protection with only a low own weight.

Faltkarton in einem individuellen Design


Folding cartons are very versatile in terms of their look. Even during configuration, you can influence the final look of your packaging with your decisions. For example, you can freely determine,

  • which corrugated cardboard (in which color),
  • which dimensions and
  • which finishes (varnish or laminate)

you want. Our online configurator provides you with the corresponding selection options.

You have even more freedom when it comes to design with print and color. Our FECO-0713 folding cartons can be printed on all sides, inside and outside. If desired, it is also possible to individualize and personalize your cartons with the help of variable print data.



Simply by protecting the contents from damage, packaging makes an important contribution to environmental protection. However, corrugated cardboard packaging is an environmentally friendly solution in quite another way:

  • Corrugated cardboard is based on paper fibers and is therefore made from a renewable raw material.
  • In our range, you will also find only corrugated cardboard that is made from 99% recycled waste paper.
  • Packaging made of pure corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable or compostable after use.


Apart from that, every order you place with packaging warehouse supports a social project - for example, the reforestation of German forests or animal welfare on local farms.

Nachhaltige Faltkartons
Faltkarton als Warenschutz


No tasks are too difficult for FEFCO 0713 folding cartons. Thanks to the combination of glued bottom flaps and thick corrugated cardboard walls, they are among the most robust types of boxes - and are therefore ideal as product packaging for heavy goods:

  • Its glued base forms a solid standing surface and supports goods with high weight, such as large, filled bottles. Slipping through is not possible thanks to the bonding.
  • The corrugations inside the cardboard also give the boxes high stability and at the same time protect the goods from external influences such as moisture and UV rays.

The corrugations also reliably absorb physical impacts such as shocks (e.g. during transport) - they provide a useful buffer for fragile goods in particular.


Konfiguration & Design

At packaging warehouse, the production of your FEFCO-0713 folding cartons is completely customized. All you have to do is create a design using our online configurator and upload your artwork.
You keep a close eye on the price. Every change you make to the configuration always updates the total price display. There are no additional costs.



The type and number of glued corrugations are the main factors that determine the load-bearing capacity of your corrugated cardboard folding cartons. With us you have the choice of three different variants:

  • The E-flute has a thickness of 1.5 millimeters and belongs to the fine flutes. It carries loads of up to 7 kilograms and is available in three color variations: white/white, white/brown and brown/brown (outside/inside).
  • The B-flute is a fine flute with a thickness of 3 millimeters. The maximum portable weight is around 14 kilograms. It is also available in three color versions: white/white, white/brown and brown/brown.
  • The EB-flute combines the E-flute with the B-flute and represents a double flute with a thickness of around 4.5 millimeters. This results in a load capacity of up to 32 kilograms. The EB-flute is single-color, either all white or brown.
FEFCO 0713 aus verschiedenen Materialien
Faltkarton in verschiedenen Größen


You have a free choice when it comes to the packaging format. At packaging warehouse, we produce not only standardized sizes, but also customized ones. You can determine the length, width and height of your cartons to the millimeter - provided that the desired dimensions are within the following minimum and maximum values:

  • Length: 85 to 600 mm
  • Width: 85 to 400 mm
  • Height: 100 to 500 mm

Note: Please note that the specified maximum values can not always be combined for technical reasons. In this case, our online configurator will inform you immediately.



Depending on the size of the print run and your individual design requirements, we use either digital printing or the traditional offset process at packaging warehouse. The decision is always to your advantage.

  • For large quantities, offset printing is associated with lower costs and production times.
  • For short and medium runs, however, digital printing is the more cost- and time-efficient choice.
  • Only digital printing is suitable for printing variable data (e.g. for personalized texts and varying designs).

In terms of print quality, by the way, both processes impress with sharp contours and rich colors. The differences in the printed image are hardly noticeable for non-professionals.

Faltkarton FEFCO 0713 mit Digitaldruck
FEFCO 0713 mit Schutzlack


High-quality packaging not only protects the contents, but also attracts the interest of the target group and creates powerful buying impulses. Finishes such as varnishes and laminates are a useful addition with regard to the functions mentioned above.

On the one hand, they increase the surface's resistance to moisture, humidity, UV rays, dirt and scratches. On the other hand, they enhance the packaging in terms of its visual and haptic properties.

At packaging warehouse, you can choose from the following options for finishing your folding cartons:

  • Protective varnish: glossy or matt
    Protective laminate: glossy or matt


1. Configure your folding cartons with our online configurator - it guides you quickly and easily through the configuration process. Simply enter the required number of pieces, the packaging dimensions and all other specification data in the input fields provided. As soon as you have done this, your individual print template is ready for download.

2. Edit the print template: To edit the downloaded print template you can use a graphics program of your choice, for example Adobe Illustrator. It is only important for us that you save the finished template in the correct format (PDF/X4:2010).

3. Send us the print data: You can send us the edited template (in PDF format) in two ways. On the one hand, you can upload it to the shopping cart and send it directly with your order. On the other hand, you can submit the artwork later - we will automatically send you an e-mail with further information as soon as we receive your order.

You can find detailed instructions and other useful tips on our page about data structure for folding boxes and shipping boxes. Feel free to contact our team at any time if you have any questions or uncertainties. We will help you!

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