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Pillow box


  • adhesive tab 11 mm
  • Lasered or conventionally punched
  • Glued and delivered flat
Printed pattern?
Simply set the quantity to 1 piece.

Unprinted pattern?
Set quantity to 1 piece, set colorfulness to "unprinted" and set varnish to "no varnish".

Quantity and number of versions

Please enter your desired total quantity here. Minimum quantity per variety: 1 piece

Note: The number per type will only be queried at the end of the order when you upload data.

Example order
Quantity: 5000
Number of types: 3

- Type 1: 3000
- Type 2: 1500
- Type 3: 500
Do you need a printed mockup or a unprinted mockup?

Printed mockup:
Set total quantity to 1-10 pieces

Unprinted mockup:
Set total quantity to 1-10 pieces
Set varnish to "no varnish" and colour to "not printed"


Please select the following features:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Length: 35 - 300 mm
Width: 8 - 26 mm
Height: 70 - 400 mm
Maximal values cannot be combined.
Actual filling height: 75 mm
The given dimensions refer to the inner dimensions of the packaging! Please note this when entering your values.
The final size of your boxes may be a bit smaller than value you have entered.
Send print template
Glued Edge: 11 mm

Punching die


Please select the following features:
- Material (Group)
- Material
TOP PRICE: 280 gsm GC2 Folding boxboard, thickness 0.52 mm


280 gsm GC2 Folding boxboard, thickness 0.52 mm
325 gsm GC1 Folding boxboard, thickness 0.52 mm
400 gsm GD2 white recycled boxboard, light gray back, thickness: 0.59 mm
450 gsm GZ Solid Bleached Board, thickness: 0.52 mm
350 gsm grass cardboard, with recycled content, thickness 0.52 mm
400 gsm natural cardboard, light brown, thickness 0.56 mm
350 gsm natural black paperboard, thickness: 0.46 mm


Please select the following features:
- Printing


Please select the following features:
- Varnish or laminate

Varnish/laminate is used on the outside as standard.



Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

Working days: Mon - Fri
except german holidays
2 working days delivery

Printed pattern?
Simply set the quantity to 1 piece.

Unprinted pattern?
Set quantity to 1 piece, set colorfulness to "unprinted" and set varnish to "no varnish".


Base price net: 429,71 €
Total net: 429,71 €
VAT 19% DE: Information for companies that are entitled to deduct input tax outside Germany:

If you enter your EU VAT number during the ordering process, the VAT rate is 0%.

Otherwise the German sales tax of 19% will apply.
81,64 €
Total incl. VAT: 511,35 €
Transport included!

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Total net: 429,71 €
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  • In your desired format
  • No minimum print run

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for the punching tool again on my next order?

If you are charged "One-time tool costs" in our folding box configurator, these are normally only incurred once. Our system saves existing punches and does not calculate them a second time. However, if the wear of a punch is so high that a new cutting die has to be ordered, these costs will be recalculated with your next order

What is laser punched or conventionally punched and what is the difference?
Folding boxes are traditionally "conventionally punched" with a format-specific punching tool. For this, however, additional tool costs are incurred, which can be particularly significant in the case of small runs.

About a special laser technology, we can punch out and crease your folding box without a format-specific punching tool. This type of production is very quick and inexpensive.
Laser punch:
  • for small runs
  • no tool costs
  • 3 days express production
  • light brown creasing (except for the brown natural carton

laserstanze details
Conventional punch:
  • for medium to large runs
  • one-time tool costs
  • no express production
  • high qualitiy creasing

konventionelle Stanze Details
How do I get an original sample print or white sample for my folding box?

You can easily order an original sample print or a simple white sample via our online shop. Set our configurator as follows:

White sample:
  • Amount: 1-10 pieces
  • Colourfullness: unprinted
  • varnish: no varnish
Original sample print:
  • Amount: 1-10 pieces
  • Colourfullness: 4 colored euro scale
  • varnish: glossy or matt protective varnish

For what do I need a protective varnish and what is his function?
A protective varnish has various functions. On the one hand, it protects your print image from external influences such as scratches, liquids or dirt, and on the other hand, it ensures an even more beautiful print image with a glossy or optional matte look.
Show all questions

Our material selection

  • 3 days Express Production
GC2 Folding boxboard

GC2 Folding boxboard

  • Grammage 280 gsm
  • Thickness 0.52 mm
  • White top side, ecru reverse side
  • Smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • Suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • Material from sustainable forestry
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
GC1 Folding boxboard

GC1 Folding boxboard

  • grammage 325 gsm
  • thickness 0.52 mm
  • white top side, white reverse side
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bendig stiffness, high tear strength
  • Suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • recyclable
  • compostable
  • Exclusive material
GZ Cellulose board

GZ Cellulose board

  • Grammage 450 g/m²
  • Thickness 0,52 mm
  • Bright white front, bright white reverse
  • Smooth front, smooth back
  • High bending strength, high tear resistance
  • Application for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Material from sustainable forestry
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
GD2 recycled paperboard

GD2 recycled paperboard

  • grammage 400 gsm
  • thickness 0.59 mm
  • white top side, white reverse side
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bending stiffness, high tear resistance
  • suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • Made from 99% recycled fiber
  • recyclable
  • compostable
Grass boxboard

Grass boxboard

  • grammage 350 gsm
  • thickness 0,52 mm
  • grass boxboard, with high recycled content
  • slight rough top side, slight rough reverse side
  • Suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • 96% recycled fibre
  • With 4% grass percentage/li>
  • recyclable
  • compostable
  • 3 days Express Production
Natural brown paperboard

Natural brown paperboard

  • grammage 400 gsm
  • thickness 0.56 mm
  • brown kraft board, unbleached
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bending stiffness, high tear resistance
  • suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • Made from 50% recycled fiber
  • recyclable
  • compostable
Natural black paperboard

Natural black paperboard

  • Grammage 350 g/m²
  • Thickness 0,46 mm
  • Black natural cardboard, uncoated and unbleached
  • Smooth front side, slightly rough back side
  • High bending strength, high tear resistance
  • Use for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Material from sustainable forestry
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable

Sample box for folding boxes

This box contains:

    Many high quality printed folging boxes

    All 5 folding box materials

    A 5% voucher for your first order
10,00 €
excl. VAT, incl. shipping

Customer testimonials

29. September 2021

Thanks to *** for the fast support! Printed shipping boxes in 5 days...Awesome that really worked out.

29. September 2021

Thanks to *** for the fast support! Printed shipping boxes in 5 days...Awesome that really worked out.

29. September 2021

Thanks to *** for the fast support! Printed shipping boxes in 5 days...Awesome that really worked out.

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Pillow boxes from packaging warehouse:
Your advantages at a glance

Optimal product protection and maximal sustainability: With the pillow boxes from packaging warehouse you get a stable and environmentally friendly packaging for your goods - in an unusual design. Our pillow packaging is made of cardboard and offers your products full protection at the same time. The pillow boxes are particularly suitable for cosmetic products, giveaways or as gift packaging.
Your custom pillow boxes:
  • Formats 100% freely configurable in our online calculator
  • free choice of seven materials in various colors and thicknesses
  • full-surface and individually printable (by digital printing)
  • delivery is glued and flat
  • robust materials, 100 % recyclable, high sustainability

Lasered or punched
Depending on the size of the run, we use cutting dies or laser technology to produce the pillow boxes. Cutting dies are the cheaper solution for higher quantities - laser cutting of the contour is more cost-efficient for smaller runs. So you always get the best price for your packaging from us.

Clever design
The pillow box offers maximum protection with minimum effort and weight. Thanks to its special convex shape, the packaging is extremely stable and also sits well in the hand. Seamlessly printable all around, it also ensures plenty of attention at the point of sale. Packaging can hardly do more.

Maximum design flexibility
With our pillow boxes you have the choice between different cardboard materials in different colors. Digitally printable in four-color printing, all options are open to you. Optionally, a protective varnish or a protective laminate provide an even higher quality print image and additional protection for your goods.

Recyclable & sustainable
Looking for sustainable packaging? All cardboard materials for our pillow boxes come from sustainable forestry and are recyclable as well as compostable. Most also have a very high recycled fiber content - up to 99%.

Pillow boxes: Shapely product packaging


Pillow boxes are a very special form of folding boxes. They do not come in the form of a square, but are similar to a round, curved pillow. Since the folding and stabilizing functions exclusively with the side flaps, the boxes are also called Fixbox. After folding in the side flaps, they acquire their convex shape, which is particularly stable and pressure-resistant. More than one piece of cardboard is not necessary for the production. The symmetrical design makes the pillow boxes easy to fill from both sides.


A COMPACT SHAPE: Our pillow boxes are shipped flat. It is only when the side flaps are unfolded that the packaging takes on its characteristic pillow-like shape. This is how the practical packaging is also called Pillowbox or Fixbox.

VERSATILE: Customizable in size, you can use the pillow boxes for products such as soaps and other cosmetics, for textiles, giveaways and many other loose products.

SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS: Our pillow boxes are made of sustainable cardboard material from sustainable forestry. With brown natural cardboard or innovative grass cardboard, you can also visibly give your packaging a sustainable look.
CUSTOMIZED FLEXIBILITY: Due to the flexible dimensions, you can cut the pillow packaging individually to your product - accurate fit and exactly as large as necessary. Moreover, we print your desired design seamlessly and over the entire surface of your desired packaging - on the outside and, if desired, also on the inside. A wide range of materials and color options round out the design options for you.
EASY HANDLING: With the flaps on both sides of the symmetrically designed pillow boxes, you can also open, fill and close them from both sides. To open the box, simply fold in the lens-shaped tabs on the sides - they do not need to be inserted.


Pillow boxes are surprisingly versatile packaging that nevertheless stand out from folding boxes in the usual square design when it comes to presenting goods. They are used in a wide variety of industries and score points wherever simple outer packaging made of cardboard is sufficient. Examples are:
  • Cosmetic products
    e.g. solid pieces of soap, bath pearls
  • Jewelry
    e.g. watches or necklaces, bracelets and glasses
  • Textiles
    e.g. scarves, shawls or socks
  • Sweets
    e.g. Candies or chocolates
  • Product samples
    e.g. perfume samples or sample items
  • Gifts and Give Aways
    e.g. for loose advertising material or vouchers

Design & Configuration

With the pillow boxes, a simple design meets a wide range of design options. The simple folding mechanism ensures good handling - even for the customer. At the same time, the curved pillow box adds variety to the shelf at the point of sale and is therefore always a special eye-catcher.
With its flat design, the pillow box is also an extremely space-saving packaging solution. Discover here how you can customize your pillow packaging with our design options!


Even when choosing the material, you can influence the later appearance of your desired pillow box. Lighter cardboard with 0.46 mm or 0.52 mm thickness for a more filigree result - or 0.56 mm as well as 0.59 mm thickness for even more stable packaging and a tight grip. The following materials are available for selection at packaging warehouse:
  • GC2 chromo cardboard (280 g/m2)
  • GC1 chromo cardboard (325 g/m2)
  • GD2 Recycled cardboard with light gray back (400 g/m2)
  • GZ Cellulose cardboard, bright white (450 g/m2)
  • Natural cardboard, brown (400 g/m2)
  • Natural cardboard, black (350 g/m2)
  • Grass cardboard, with recycled content (350 g/m2)



The printing colors for your individual design look particularly brilliant on a white surface. With our portfolio of chromo and cellulose cartons, you also have the choice of having the inside of the pillow box white or natural-colored.


With these two options you create a packaging that directly catches the eye. While the brown natural cardboard emphasizes a sustainability aspect in a special way, our deep black natural cardboard looks particularly noble and extraordinary. An additional white underprint gives your imprint an expressive depth.


Through our different material thicknesses as well as the different surface structures, you can also specifically influence the feel of your pillow box. A pillow box made of thinner chromo cardboard feels lighter and more delicate than a counterpart made of strong recycled cardboard. Some cardboard materials are smooth on the outside from the ground up, while others are a bit rougher.


With our grass cardboard we can offer a very special material for sustainable pillow boxes. The grass cardboard consists of a mixture of recycled fibers and grass fibers. This creates a natural look with a finely visible fiber content. The material is therefore a good choice for all products where the packaging should already communicate the sustainable character in a promotionally effective way.
All cardboard materials that are available for our pillow boxes are recyclable and compostable and come from sustainable forestry. As an all-round provider for individually printed packaging solutions, we also offer you all packaging directly from one source - from the manufacturer to the customer.


At packaging warehouse you can get the pillow boxes in the format of your choice. This allows you to optimally adapt your packaging to your product. We can realize your pillow boxes in the following size range:

Free formats:
  • Length: 35 to 300 mm
  • Width: 8 to 26 mm
  • Height: 70 to 400 mm
Tip: For design reasons, among others, not all maximum values for the dimensions can be combined with each other. In the configurator, however, you can always see where the limits actually are for your individual request.

Important: The size specifications in our online calculator always refer to the clear outer dimensions of the box. Due to the convex shape of the unfolded pillow packaging, the available space decreases towards the flat outer edges. The two inner curved side flaps have to be considered for the filling height as well.


With our high-quality digital printing, you can ensure that your pillow boxes are expressively designed - in line with your CI and your products. The advantage: The pillow box can be designed all around in four-color printing according to the Euroscale - both on the outside and on the inside. This gives you enough space to place all the necessary information on your Fixbox. With the 4/0-color option according to Euroscale + white, your desired design will also look its best on colored cardboard.

Thanks to the full-surface printability, you can seamlessly cover the pillow box with a unique design. Alternatively, the front and back or even the foldable side flaps can be designed differently to emphasize the special box shape even more.


Our finishing options give the print on the surface even more depth - for example, with a glossy protective coating or laminate. With the respective matte variants, on the other hand, you can achieve a slightly velvety surface. The feel is particularly pleasing with our Softtouch protective laminate.


To avoid unplanned surprises, you can order from us a white sample or a printed copy of your desired box with your desired design. To do this, enter 1 piece in the calculator for the order quantity. For a first overview of the options and our product portfolio in the area of folding boxes, you can also order a sample box with a selection of printed folding boxes. All selectable materials are included. Our professional data check offers you even more security. This is especially recommended if you want to use special colors or are unsure about the resolution or margin spacing. In addition, we have clearly summarized the basic information for creating your print file.

Order pillow boxes from packaging warehouse

At packaging warehouse, we produce your ordered pillow boxes in express production within 3 business days. Just the simple construction make the pillow box a simple but effective packaging that can be produced quickly.

With the large selection of materials, the attractive options for finishing and the free choice of sizes, you therefore have maximum freedom and flexibility when designing your dream packaging. Choose your individual configuration in our online tool: This gives you full cost control and a transparent overview of all important details - from the low price to the fast delivery date. If you still have questions, you can contact us easily. Our service team will be happy to advise you.
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