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Sustainable packaging
Our top sellers
Sustainable packaging

Stand-up pouch

  • From 250 pieces
  • Recyclable mono materials
  • 10 days express production

Hinged lid box FEFCO 0427

  • In your desired format
  • E-flute / B-flute / EB-flute
  • Printed over the entire surface

Hinged lid box, with adhesive strip

  • In your desired format
  • With double adhesive strip
  • Secure shipping and return

Do you need help?

  • Do you have questions about our packaging?
  • We are happy to help you by e-mail or phone

Hinged lid boxes for sending letters

  • For sending letters
  • High quality cardboard
  • Fully printed

Printed roll labels

  • Round, square and special shapes
  • Sustainable materials
  • 2 days express production

Folding boxes made of corrugated cardboard

  • For products from 500g
  • E-flute / B-flute / EB-flute
  • Full surface printed

Folding box with tuck-in flap

  • In your desired format
  • High quality pulp cartons
  • From 3 days production

Folding boxes unprinted

  • Many types of boxes
  • Chromo and cellulose cardboard
  • 3 days express production

Inlay / cardboard insert

  • Custom punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard & solid board
  • 3 days express production

Unprinted cartons

  • In your desired format
  • E-flute / B-flute / EB-flute
  • 5 days express production

Our sample boxes

  • All products to touch
  • Great variety of materials
  • + 5 % voucher

Stand-up pouch made of mono plastic

  • From 250 pieces
  • 100% recyclable
  • Transparent & white film

Flat pouch made of mono plastic

  • From 250 pieces
  • 100% recyclable
  • Transparent & white film

Sustainable folding boxes

  • Solid board made from recycled paper
  • Natural cardboard & recycled cardboard
  • 100% recyclable (also printed)

Do you need help?

  • Do you have questions about our packaging?
  • We are happy to help you by e-mail or phone

Sustainable product packaging

  • Suitable for food
  • With aroma and water vapor barrier
  • Recyclable via waste paper

Sustainable shipping boxes made of corrugated cardboard

  • Corrugated cardboard made of 99% recycled paper
  • E-flute / B-flute / EB-flute
  • 100% recyclable (also printed)

Inlay / cardboard insert

  • Custom punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard & solid board
  • 3 days express production

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"We are candle lovers through and through! And when it comes to packaging our fun candles in style, we rely completely on packaging warehouse. With their huge selection of printed shipping boxes, folding boxes and roll labels, they always make our products look top notch! But not just that, the best part is the super friendly and personal service we get from Mrs. Volgger. Even when we're pressed for time, they always find a solution for us."

Michael Murphy
Founder & owner of Candle Guy


"Our dog treats are not only irresistibly delicious, but also a treat for the eyes! Thanks to packaging warehouse's advanced digital printing technology, we can realize numerous stunning designs at a super price-performance ratio. Our stand-up pouches are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable monofilms to meet sustainability requirements and protect the environment. At the same time, it allows us to easily comply with various European legislations."

Stefan Buza
Managing Director of Argoa GmbH

Together we make a difference

Currently, humans would need 1.6 earths in order to be able to meet the global demand for renewable resources in the long term. At the same time, almost 1,000,000 species worldwide are threatened with extinction and up to 10,000 tons of plastic waste still end up in our oceans every year.

Since these numbers are constantly deteriorating, we have decided to want to contribute to the solution. With each of your orders, we support important social projects for our climate, our recycling cycles and for animals in need.

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Corrugated cardboard: History, manufacture, structure and types of corrugation

Corrugated cardboard or corrugated carton is a cellulose product that was initially used mainly in the packaging industry. Today, the versatile material is also conquering other areas such as decoration, filing systems and much more.
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2024-05-13 | lasse harder

Maxi letter: Everything about the dimensions, weight and postage

For shipping goods with a maximum weight of 1000 g, the maxi letter is one of the most popular shipping formats in Germany. This format is also...
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2023-06-28 | lasse harder

Declaration of conformity - what is it and what must be included?

Declarations of conformity confirm in writing certain product properties that have been established for a product following a conformity assessment. In EU law, a declaration of conformity is understood to be a written and legally binding declaration of compliance with current EU law. Only products on the...
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Labels, shipping boxes, folding boxes - and more

With packaging warehouse you have numerous packaging solutions of the highest quality at your disposal - always automatically at the best price, always exactly according to your ideas. In our online store you will find everything you need for high-quality packaging. Discover the product variety of packaging warehouse and design packaging and labels exactly to your individual requirements.

Roll labels

In many industries roll labels or adhesive roll labels play an important role, especially in the marking of goods. Wherever products may come into contact with moisture, fats, oils or lubricants, they are a practical and reliable means of conveying a wide variety of information.
With us you will find a wide range of different types of roll labels, which you can design completely freely in terms of material, shape and design. This way you can create labels with different properties that represent your brand on packaging, bottles, bags or other containers and provide important information for your customers.
  • Great variety: You can choose between printed and unprinted roll labels and can either use round or square variants for the shape - or design a free shape yourself.
  • High-quality materials: paper or foil? Depending on the area of application, you will find the right material for your labels.
  • Sensational results: With digital and flexo printing, we implement your label designs in the highest print quality. And with exclusive finishes, we turn them into unique roll labels with a classy design.

Folding boxes

In direct contact with customers, your products must attract attention - the first impression counts. With our custom folding boxes, you have every opportunity to make this first impression unforgettable. A huge selection of different variations ensures that a suitable folding box can be found for every product. Or you can simply configure your own custom folding box online: From the dimensions to the material and the type of base to the individual design, you have a free hand. From chocolate boxes to book packaging, our folding boxes are suitable for countless products and industries.
  • Large variety of types: Different designs for a wide range of products – Standard folding boxes, hanging boxes, folding boxes with hinged lid, pillow boxes, counter displays and flat cardboard sleeves offer the perfect packaging solution for every occasion.
  • Custom-fit bottom types: Adapt your folding boxes to the weight of your products - with tuck-in flap, snap lock base or crash lock base.
  • Unique design: To stand out from the competition at the point of sale, our online calculator gives you countless options for putting together folding boxes with a unique look and feel.

Shipping boxes

Shipping boxes take on two enormously important tasks: On the one hand, they provide sufficient protection when your products are transported to your customers. On the other hand, they should make a high-quality impression when unboxed.
Our corrugated cardboard shipping boxes are a robust solution that can be designed according to your wishes. This way, your products are safely packed on the road and you can use our many options to turn a "simple" shipping box into a real packaging highlight.
  • Stable packaging: Corrugated board can withstand a lot of stress: Shocks, blows, falls and pressure do not bother it, so that your products are always optimally protected.
  • Versatile: You can use our shipping boxes for various tasks. As Shipping boxes they are the ideal choice for the e-commerce sector, as product packaging  they protect sensitive products.
  • Individual design: Regardless of the area of application, you always have the option of printing and finishing our shipping boxes individually and customizing them to fit your needs.

Stand up pouch & flat pouch

With our stand-up pouches and flat pouches, we offer you a flexible packaging solution with many advantages. Powders, pastes, liquids and products whose aroma is to be preserved for a long time are optimally stored in our pouch packaging. The high barrier properties of the pouch materials ensure the best protection against external influences such as oxygen or water vapor. At the same time, a wide variety of products are safely enclosed.
Pouch packaging is a space- and material-saving packaging solution for a wide range of applications. And, of course, you again have numerous design options for individual stand-up pouches and flat bags.
  • Right types: Doypack, K-bottom pouch or Flat pouch? You have the choice of which pouch packaging is best for your product.
  • True all-rounders: You can use our bags for a wide range of products, as they are equally suitable for food and non-food items.
  • Plenty of space: Full-surface designs in top quality and with plenty of scope for individual design ideas (for example, with viewing windows) - everything is possible with our pouch packaging.
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