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Coffee packaging

Coffee packaging

Coffee packaging

It's not only a fantastic wake-up drink, it also tastes good with cake and rounds off any dessert: Coffee is probably the most popular hot drink in the world and can convince even in all variations and preparation methods.

However, the full enjoyment of coffee with all its flavorful diversity is only guaranteed if the packaging preserves the aroma of the beans or powder. Packaging warehouse's packaging solutions offer a wide range of options to not only protect your coffee in the best possible way, but also to present it in an appealing way - the ideal total package for unique coffee packaging.

Our packaging for coffee:

  • versatile packaging products for your coffee - from stand-up pouches to membrane cans
  • all packaging is produced according to HACCP standards
  • individual design from format to finishing
  • highest quality with fast delivery times

Our clients:

Our selected products

Our coffee packaging
Our coffee packaging

Stand-up pouches for coffee

  • From 250 pieces
  • Recyclable mono materials
  • 10 days express production

Membrane cans

  • Suitable for food
  • With aroma and water vapor barrier
  • Recyclable via waste paper

Printed roll labels

  • Round, square and special shapes
  • Sustainable materials
  • 2 days express production

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The little coffee knowledge:
Types, processing, preparation and more

Kaffee gekocht

Coffee is a very diverse plant. Around 500 genera with more than 6,000 species can be found under the botanical name "Coffea". As a rule, however, only two types of coffee end up in our cups: Arabica and Robusta. Nevertheless, these provide plenty of variety - especially since there are a wide variety of preparation methods to suit every taste. We have compiled the most important facts about coffee.


To grow properly, the coffee plant needs certain conditions: Temperatures must not be too high and not too low, climatic conditions must be stable, with sufficient rainfall. Altitudes from 600 meters are preferred. Ideally, sufficient shade is provided - the plants do not like too much sun.

Coffee plants and the most important coffee-growing regions are therefore found in the so-called "coffee belt", which runs around the equator. It is therefore no coincidence that Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia are the most important coffee-growing countries.

Today, coffee is cultivated on around 11 million hectares of land. In 2020, these have produced a total of 171.9 million bags of coffee beans, each of which holds 60 kilograms.

This quantity is basically divided between just two types of coffee. Robusta and Arabica play an almost exclusive role in global trade - they account for almost 100 percent of the total.

Kaffee Qualitätskontrolle
Kaffe Röstung


Various factors are decisive for the taste of coffee. For example, there are already clear differences between the two most important types of coffee:

  • Robusta beans contain more caffeine and less oil, and the coffees made from them have a particularly strong taste.
  • With Arabica beans, the reverse is true - less caffeine, more oil. At the same time, they deliver a much wider spectrum of aromas. Arabica coffees come in many nuances, from sweet to sour to fruity.


The preparation

In addition to the selection of the bean, however, the processing is also crucial. This begins with the way in which the green coffee is extracted from the harvested fruit. The most common methods for removing the pulp and parchment from the bean are dry and wet processing.

This can already steer the flavor in a certain direction: Dry-processed beans are usually sweeter, while wet processing contributes to a more complex flavor.

The roasting

An essential part of further processing and a central flavor factor is the roasting of the coffee beans. A difference is made between several degrees of roasting, through which the aroma of the bean becomes finer or stronger. Depending on the roasting, the beans are then suitable for different preparations (for example, light for filter coffee or dark for espresso).

Blends and preparation methods

Other ways to refine the nuances of the aromas are, on the one hand, mixtures of different coffees - the so-called "blends". On the other hand, the way the coffee is prepared in the end plays an equally important role. The selection here ranges from simple filter coffee to elaborate espresso - variety is guaranteed in any case.


The optimal coffee packaging

There is basically no simple answer to the question of the optimum coffee packaging: the huge variety of coffee types and the wide range of presentation forms place very different demands on the packaging. Whole bean or powder? Capsule or pad? For the choice of packaging, this makes a significant difference. Nevertheless, some characteristics for coffee packaging always remain the same.

Standbodenbeutel für Kaffee


The aroma of a coffee is developed in many detailed steps. To ensure that this carefully acquired flavor is not lost, special protection is necessary.

Usually, the coffee - as a whole bean or grinded - is packed airtight after roasting. This protects it from oxygen, moisture, foreign smells, heat and light. This can be achieved in various ways, for example with aroma protection packaging made of plastic foil or vacuum packaging.


When selecting the material for coffee packaging, the decisive factor is whether it comes into direct contact with the coffee or only serves as outer packaging. Strict specifications apply to so-called food contact materials, because the packaging must not affect the coffee.

Therefore, opt for the HACCP-certified packaging from packaging warehouse. This ensures food safety: Quality, aroma, freshness and shelf life are preserved without impairments.

However, you have a little more leeway with already packed coffee products. Aluminum coffee capsules, for example, already offer sufficient protection for the powder they contain. In this case, the outer packaging serves to protect the capsules and present the product in an appealing way.



Coffee is and remains a high-quality luxury food that delights the senses. Therefore, in addition to the pragmatic aspects (aroma protection, food safety, hygiene, etc.), the focus is on product presentation. Coffee packaging should give a visual foretaste of the quality of the contents at first glance.

So with all our packaging materials, we don't just look for the best possible barrier and protective properties. They can also all be designed in a variety of ways to create unique coffee packaging.

You have all the options. As experts in packaging printing, we always deliver brilliant print results in excellent quality, regardless of the packaging solution. This gives you the best conditions to address your target group with individual design ideas and effective branding. With various finishes, you can set additional accents and round off the overall picture.

This way, your customers' enjoyment begins even before they open the coffee packaging. And you have strong arguments to set yourself apart from the competition at the point of sale.

Membrandose für Kaffee

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What our customers say

"Our dog treats are not only irresistibly delicious, but also a treat for the eyes! Thanks to packaging warehouse's advanced digital printing technology, we can realize numerous stunning designs at a super price-performance ratio. Our stand-up pouches are made from environmentally friendly, recyclable monofilms to meet sustainability requirements and protect the environment. At the same time, it allows us to easily comply with various European legislations."

Stefan Buza
Managing Director of Argoa GmbH
"The most impressive thing about working with packaging warehouse was not only the high-quality production of our welcome packages, which exactly met our expectations. From consultation to execution - fast to respond, we felt understood at every second."

Philipp & Andre Engert
Founder & owner of Marego

Coffee packaging from packaging warehouse - a selection of our products

The different forms of coffee require a targeted selection of the right packaging. At packaging warehouse you will find the right packaging solution for every coffee product, all of which you can design individually according to your ideas. Whole coffee beans, coffee powder, coffee pads or coffee capsules - they all receive both reliable protection and an attractive cover for sale with our coffee packaging.


They are the best way to communicate to target groups with great effect at little cost. Labels Labels have been tried and tested as information carriers and advertising space for ages. Apart from that, they are extremely practical to handle and can be applied to various substrates without any problems. It doesn't matter whether you choose plastic pouches, boxes made of natural cardboard or any other product from our diverse range.

Our labels are available with a razor-sharp print image in a wide range of formats. Finishing for special highlights is also possible. In this way, you can easily and effectively upgrade block-bottom pouches, doypacks or simple bags.

Etiketten für Kaffee
Standbodenbeutel für Kaffee


Our doypacks are a flexible option in every respect for packaging grinded coffee or whole beans. As free formats, you can configure the stand-up pouches in any size. The plastics used guarantee the best barrier properties against moisture, oxygen and UV radiation as well as reliable aroma protection. Our HACCP-certified products are also ideal for food contact.

But flexibility also means a wide range of design options that turn your Doypacks into coffee packaging of a special kind. On request, we can offer additional extras - from zip closure to Euro perforation. Feel free to ask us!



An exciting alternative for coffee capsules are our boxes with hinged lid. With the appropriate inlays, they are not only a safe and practical outer packaging for the capsules. They also open up a wide range of possibilities for an unusual product presentation.

The hinged lid and the fully printable inside of the boxes are the best conditions to make opening the packaging a special experience every time, from the first to the last capsule. For this reason, our hinged boxes are perfect as gift packaging or as a high-quality box for particularly exquisite coffee products.

Klappschachtel für Kaffee
Membrandose für Kaffee


Our membrane cans have excellent barrier properties and are also suitable for food packaging due to the protective film layer applied inside.

Their round shape makes them perfect for packaging coffee pads. Different diameters and variable heights help you to cut the tins exactly to the size of your pads..

This not only provides you with a practical and efficient packaging solution, but also gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition with shape and design. The membrane cans from packaging warehouse offer you many advantages as elegant and unusual coffee packaging in every respect - we are happy to help you achieve the best possible result.




The presented selection of different coffee packaging from our range already gives you a small insight into what is possible at packaging warehouse. Free formats, individual designs and a wide range of different products are the best base to design a coffee packaging according to your ideas.

The competent consultants at packaging warehouse will be happy to help you put together your very own exclusive coffee packaging - to suit your product, your brand and your customers. We are looking forward to meet you!

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