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Hinged boxes

Hinged boxes

Hinged boxes

Our custom hinged boxes are perfect for shipping your products safely and cost-effectively. You can choose between individually configurable hinged boxes or cost-effective boxes in fixed formats. The individually configurable boxes can be customized in format, material and design. However, if you prefer a quick and inexpensive solution, we have pre-made hinged-lid boxes such as large letter boxes, maxi letter boxes and DHL parcels. Our packaging is made of high quality materials and provides excellent protection during transportation. Discover now our wide range of hinged boxes according to the standard of FEFCO 0427!
  • Also for maxi-letter, large letter and DHL parcels
  • High quality corrugated cardboard materials
  • Individual samples from edition 1
  • 5 days Express Production
  • Sustainable packaging
  • 100% Druckfläche

Sample box for shipping boxes

This box contains:

    All 3 corrugated board materials

    Many different printed boxes

    A 5% coupon for your first order
10,00 €
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Find the perfect hinged box for your needs: Maxi letter boxes, large letter boxes and parcel sizes

With a hinged box, you choose a secure and versatile shipping box format. In addition, we offer the classic DHL shipping formats with our fixed formats. Our hinged boxes are freely printable, so you have many design options. The unboxing experience is special with a hinged box. Learn more about the many possibilities with hinged boxes in this article.

What characterizes hinged boxes?

Hinged boxes take a special position among the many possible shipping boxes. The key feature of a hinged box is as following: The goods to be shipped are inserted into the carton from above and the carton is closed with a hinged lid. Flaps on the side of the hinged lid ensure that it fits into the carton.

The recipient of the shipment opens the box with the hinged lid and immediately has a view of the contents. This can be presented in a very appealing form. The unboxing experience is great.

An aesthetically pleasing hinged box can be printed with custom designs and logos. That's why hinged boxes make excellent brand ambassadors. In some households, they may have a second life as storage.

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What makes hinged boxes a particularly attractive packaging solution?

With hinged boxes you can pack valuable, useful and beautiful items in a time-saving, effective, environmentally friendly and cost-saving way. You give your customers a special experience when unpacking. With suitable inlays, you ensure that the goods contained are presented in a particularly attractive manner and are protected from flying around in the carton.

Variations of hinged boxes with adhesive strips already provided ensure the convincing aesthetic appearance of the entire shipping package. Ugly plastic adhesive tapes are now a thing of the past.

With the fixed formats of the hinged boxes offered, you always have an overview of what you have to expect in terms of shipping costs via DHL. Here you can immediately select the right hinged box format depending on the goods to be shipped and your requirements for the type of shipment (for example, insured or uninsured).

You can further customize your hinged boxes with printing and possible finishing. Always an exciting and excellent way to extend your marketing to shipping. Your e-commerce is now waiting for hinged boxes.

Hinged boxes and sustainability

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in shipping and therefore in the entire online business. The topic is becoming a competitive factor because your customers increasingly expect you to deal with it. With our high-quality hinged boxes, you choose sustainability right from the start. The corrugated cardboard used is already made from mainly recycled cardboard, depending on the choice of material. Likewise, each hinged box is 100% recyclable.

More and more often, particularly attractively designed hinged boxes are not immediately put in the waste paper. One can also use the high-quality cardboard boxes for storing objects at home.

That's why it's particularly worthwhile investing in hinged boxes for your own e-commerce. After all, a custom-printed hinged box carries your own advertising message into the world with multiple uses, and not just during the shipping process.

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Our range of hinged boxes

We always think about the costs of our customers when it comes to packaging. That's why you can choose between fixed and freely configurable formats for hinged boxes. The fixed formats are adapted to specific shipping formats of DHL. Here you can choose particularly inexpensive formats for the postage, depending on the goods to be shipped. The boxes in fixed formats are also comparatively inexpensive in themselves.

All our hinged boxes are made of high quality corrugated materials. The custom-made FEFCO 0427 hinged-lid box gives you the choice between different types of corrugated board and cardboard. Here, no wishes remain unfulfilled when it comes to particularly high-quality product and shipping packaging.

Fixed formats for hinged boxes

Are you already familiar with DHL's postage prices? Then you might know that depending on the weight and your other shipping requirements, there are some particularly cost-effective fixed formats that come into question. You can choose between large letter, maxi letter, package or parcel.

We have oriented our fixed formats on the DHL parcels so that there is always a suitable and cost-effective hinged box available.

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Hinged box large letter

Measuring 340 × 240 × 15 mm, this format is suitable for small flat items. Printable from all sides, here you have a nice format to support your marketing programs. The material: E-flute white/white. You can send a shipping weight of 500 g already with a postage of 1,60 EUR.

Hinged box maxi-letter

This shipping format is represented in our company in two boxes: 280 × 200 × 40 mm and 340 × 240 × 45 mm. These packages are also made of corrugated cardboard E-flute white/white. They can be printed. You send maxi-letters within Germany with a shipping weight of 1000 g for 2,75 EUR. Under the special conditions for book and merchandise shipments you can save even more postage.

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S und M Päckchen DHL

Hinged box DHL parcel S and M

For these DHL formats, we have two different sizes each for S and M available:

DHL parcel S 250 × 150 × 90 mm 340 × 240 × 90 mm
DHL parcel M 340 × 210 × 140 mm 450 × 320 × 100 mm.

In the weight class up to 2 kg, postage in Germany is between 3.99 EUR and 4.79 EUR. For the materials in the S-Class and M-Class, you are again dealing with the E-flute white/white for the smaller package in the S-Class. The other formats with B-flute white/white. These hinged boxes are also fully printable.

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The hinged-lid box FEFCO 0427 made to measure

FEFCO code 0427 stands for a hinged box that can be designed in a wide range of sizes. Our fixed formats also follow this standard. Expand your options for using this appealing packaging to include individual formats. Here we produce made-to-measure, so you can specify the format choice.
The load capacity is possible up to 32 kg. E/B/EB flutes are used. You can also choose between the cardboard colors white/white, white/brown and brown/brown. In addition to matte and glossy coatings, protective laminates are available in glossy, matte or soft-touch. The sustainable packaging is up to 100% recyclable. You can choose a full-surface print.

Do you prefer a fixed format or a freely selected format for hinged boxes?

When making this decision, it all depends on your needs:

With the fixed formats you have less choice, but you decide for an inexpensive packaging with 100% full-surface printability. Not all of our competitors offer you this printing option. You can also get excited about unprinted and particularly inexpensive hinged boxes. With the free formats you can individualize and refine hinged boxes in many ways.

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Hinged boxes in e-commerce: the perfect choice for shipping

Thanks to the fixed and free formats, hinged boxes are suitable for shipping, transport and storage of a wide variety of goods. If you are active in e-commerce with your offer, you can hardly avoid a hinged box when shipping cosmetics, tea, food supplements, clothing, books and many other goods. Especially for the small and fine things hinged boxes are ideal for shipping. Through the fixed formats you can also adjust your shipping costs to your individual ideas and needs. Hinged boxes are simple and inconspicuous to store until they are needed because they take up very little space until they are used. They are unfolded and set up in no time. You always have the right box at hand when it comes to shipping.

More advantages around our hinged boxes

We also serve orders with small quantities, you can order from one piece. You can also order a sample box in advance to get an overview of the different corrugated materials. Our 5-day express production makes even urgent packaging dreams come true. Varnish or laminate provide special protection as finishing with the hinged boxes in free format. Printing enhances individuality. Hinged boxes are true all-rounders in packaging and marketing. Convince yourself.

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