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Paper can
Paper can with aluminium membrane



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Total net: 316,58 €
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Total net: 316,58 €
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Our material selection

Paper can

Paper can

  • ca. 1 mm strong recycled board
  • 100 % recycable 
  • Brown ouside, brown inside
  • Not suitable for food
  • With impression floor and impression lid made of synthetic material
  • Suitable for food
Paper can with aluminum membrane

Paper can with aluminum membrane

Customer testimonials

14. May 2021

Super service, uncomplicated and professional cooperation! We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the fast processing & will continue to rely on you in the future.

2. July 2021

Large product selection and a very simple online store. Optimal for me as a beginner. Thank you very much.

13. July 2021

Is a truly unique partner with super service and excellent product quality. Many thanks to *** for your tireless efforts!

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