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Cardboard cans

Cardboard cans

Cardboard cans

Cardboard cans are guaranteed not to offend any customers: Their elegant design language alone ensures a well-rounded appearance at the point of sale. The versatile cans prove their class both with their charming design and with their protective performance when the road gets tough during transport and storage. At packaging warehouse we produce your cardboard cans according to your requirements and wishes. Create your cans conveniently and easily in our online configurator - with numerous options and direct price display.

Your individual cardboard cans:
  • available with four diameters and variable heights
  • made from 100% recyclable materials
  • full-surface printing and finishing for top designs
  • customizable and personalizable cans
  • suitable for non-food and packaged food products

Cardboard cans from packaging warehouse:
Your advantages at a glance


Best quality

Even the packaging of your product should express high quality? Our cans are manufactured exclusively with the most modern techniques and using high-quality materials.
Many possible applications

Are you looking for a versatile alternative to folding boxes? Cardboard cans are resealable, chic and robust - and therefore also an excellent packaging solution for numerous goods from very different industries.

Made in Germany

Do you appreciate German quality and short supply chains? With packaging warehouse you choose a local partner that produces exclusively in Germany.

You are concerned about sustainability in packaging? Our cardboard cans are wrapped from recycled cardboard and are in turn 100% recyclable themselves after use.

Cardboard can packaging: A round thing


Cardboard cans are cans that are not made of metal or plastic, for example, but instead are wound from several layers of cardboard. In this way, the material, which is only millimeters thick, becomes a sturdy container that provides a secure shell for even heavy and delicate goods.

Important: Unlike membrane cans cardboard cans do not have a membrane made of aluminum. They are therefore not food-safe and are only suitable as food packaging to a limited extent - and only if the contents are additionally packaged. An example of this would be separately packaged chocolates.


The construction of the paper cans is simple. They consist of a supporting wall and an inner layer. In the case of our paper cans, we use recycled cardboard with a thickness of 1 mm for both of these layers. The double wrapping provides special crush and impact resistance.

Pluggable lid discs made of monoplastic are inserted at the two circular openings of the can. To ensure that the bottom disc provides a secure hold even for heavy can contents, it is fixed with a permanently adhesive glue ring. This also increases the can's resistance to crushing.


Cardboard cans combine exclusive design with reliable protection of goods. This results in a type of packaging that offers an optimal solution for numerous industries and goods. Here are some examples:
  • Glass bottles for spirits and liqueurs
  • Flacons for high quality perfumes
  • Jars and tubes for cosmetics
  • Printed products such as rollable posters
  • Textiles such as T-shirts and scarves
  • Food and beverages in smaller, individually packaged portions, such as sweets

What distinguishes cardboard cans?

Can packaging is a true all-rounder - not only in terms of its form, but also in terms of its functions: On the one hand, the cardboard walls reliably protect the contained goods from dirt, damage and other influencing factors that reduce the value of the goods.
On the other hand, they offer enough space to accommodate all essential product information, creative designs and advertising messages together. Beyond these basic functions, paper cans are a packaging solution that is as practical to handle as it is environmentally friendly.


The design language of the cans alone draws attention to itself - and to the packaged goods. Thanks to their eye-catching round shape, cardboard cans stand out from other types of packaging, especially folding boxes in the classic cuboid shape. Since the cans can be printed all around, they serve as a 360-degree canvas with a very interesting spatial dimension. The only thing missing is a creative motif and the appropriate finishing - and the eye-catcher is complete. The result is always noble and extraordinary. It doesn't matter whether you go for youthful esprit with contrasting patterns and colors or simply emphasize the exclusive character of your product with a simple, elegant design.


With a cardboard can you choose a very sustainable packaging solution. The recycled cardboard used consists of 100% waste paper and can be recycled again after use. This cycle continues until the paper fibers are too worn for the desired quality.

The plastic lids also do not change anything about the good climate balance. Consumers can conveniently and easily remove them from the cardboard roll and so dispose them separately. Since they are made of pure monoplastic, they are also fully recyclable.

By the way: With every order at packaging warehouse you always support a social project that promotes environmental and climate protection.


Packaging is not just the shell for a product, it also takes on the role of a brand ambassador. Especially when it comes to impressing customers and business partners - be it with a test package, a promotional gift or a limited product edition.

Cardboard cans are an ideal solution for occasions like this: They ensure that the gifts, samples and exclusive special editions remain safely intact during transport and storage and also offer plenty of additional advertising space.

With the help of our digital printing, the cans can even be personalized - ideal for surprises such as personal thank-you notes or collector's editions with varying colors, patterns and motifs.


Cardboard cans score high on efficiency in many respects. On the one hand, they are extremely robust despite their low weight. This is an advantage that not only comes into play in the field of logistics, but is also appreciated by consumers. The can packaging can also be placed in an eye-catching way at the point of sale and stacked if required.

On the other hand, thanks to the tuck-in lids and bases, the cans are particularly quick and easy to fill - both by hand and by machine; small as well as large quantities.

With the help of our online configurator, you can also tailor the cardboard cans to your products very cost-effectively. The less material you use, the lower your manufacturing costs. With packaging warehouse, you pay for exactly the amount of packaging you actually get.

Configuration & Design


The way to your individually designed paper cans is via our practical online configurator. It guides you step by step through the order process and to your finished packaging. There you enter all the necessary information about the order quantity and the desired specifications, which are then automatically transmitted to us.

During configuration, you always keep a close eye on the price. This is updated immediately with every change - including tax information. There are no hidden costs with us. If you have special requests for which you can not find any options in the configurator, our team will be happy to advise you  in a personal conversation.


Our cardboard cans are made of 100% recyclable recycled cardboard with a thickness of 1 millimeter. The material has a brown surface (inside and outside). However, it can also be coated with a white offset paper - this is a prerequisite for printing on the can. On the white background, your desired print for the cardboard can comes into its own in the best possible way.

You can choose between black or white for the plastic lids, but the underlying material is always a monoplastic.


With a protective coating, you can improve your cardboard cans in two ways: You improve their protective properties against external influences such as moisture and scratching. At the same time, you can give them the finishing touch with a glossy or matte coating that enhances the print image and design of the cans.


Our cans are available in different sizes. There are four different diameters to choose from:
  • Ø 56 mm
  • Ø 73 mm
  • Ø 90 mm
  • Ø 99 mm
You can freely determine the height. Simply enter the desired dimension (in millimeters) in the configurator. Please note that the minimum height is 50 mm and the possible maximum values vary depending on the diameter:
  • for Ø 56 mm: 150 mm
  • for Ø 90 mm: 280 mm
  • for Ø 73 mm: 160 mm
  • for Ø 99 mm: 280 mm


If you choose a white offset paper surface in our online configurator, your cardboard cans can be printed all around. The only exception are the plastic closures. We use digital printing as standard here, which is the more cost-effective option, especially for smaller runs, and enables particularly fast production.

However, printing using the classic offset process is also possible on request. The print image produced is absolutely high-quality with both printing techniques.

Regarding the possible color spectrum of digital printing, there are few limits. All colors of the Euroscale are available to you.

1. Configure your cardboard cans using our online configurator. You define the number of pieces, the dimensions and all other necessary specifications.

2. Edit the template: After completing the configuration, download our print template and design it according to your individual ideas and with a graphics program of your choice (e.g. Adobe Illustrator).

3. Send us the print data: You have the option to upload the print data together with your order via the shopping cart. Alternatively, you can submit the print data at a later time. You will receive more information automatically by e-mail after each completed order.

Follow the link for more useful information about editing your template and print data. Should you encounter any uncertainties or problems, our team will be happy to support you personally.


You can be completely on the safe side if you order a sample of your cardboard can in advance. This way you can check your individual design on the sample and make changes if necessary.
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