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Food packaging

Food packaging

Food packaging

Customized food packaging for your product? With the packaging warehouse, that's no longer a problem. From product packaging to shipping packaging; with us you get individual packaging solutions with your individual design and without high minimum runs. Whether it's for honey, tea, cereal or whey protein, we have the right food packaging on offer. And best of all, almost all of our packaging is made from sustainable materials and with every order you support sustainable projects for our climate and endangered species.

Our product packaging for food:
  • Individual product and shipping packaging
  • For direct and indirect food contact
  • Manufactured by HACCP certified companies
  • Fully and individually printed
  • No high minimum quantities
  • Fast delivery times
  • Sustainable packaging
  • In your desired format
  • Suitable for food
Our clients:

Our top packaging for Food packaging

Chocolate packaging

Chocolate packaging

  • Packaging for chocolate
  • High protective function
  • Unique & customized printed
Tea packaging

Tea packaging

  • Packaging for tea
  • High protective function
  • Unique & customized printed
Coffee packaging

Coffee packaging

  • Packaging for coffee
  • High protective function
  • Unique & customized printed
Bottle and beverage packaging

Bottle and beverage packaging

  • Packaging for bottles & beverages
  • High protective function
  • Unique & customized printed

Safe, versatile & individual: food packaging from packaging warehouse 

Menschen beim Lebensmittel einkaufen

For food to be truly enjoyable, it generally needs to be well protected - against a wide range of influences that negatively affect freshness, shelf life and quality. That is why special packaging is essential to ensure reliable protection of the food from filling through transport and storage to the customer's plate.



However, the protective function is by no means the only task that food packaging fulfills:

  • They convey important information about ingredients, nutritional values and much more.
  • They are brand ambassadors and have a significant influence on purchasing decisions. They contribute significantly to a more sustainable use of resources and food.
  • At the same time, food packaging must comply with a large number of rules and regulations to ensure that the countless food products are protected in the best possible way - from cereal to juice.

At packaging warehouse you will find a wide range of food packaging that not only provides the necessary protection, but also convinces with individual design options.

Verpackung für Lebesmittel

Safe: food packaging for optimum protection

Flachbeutel aus Naturpapier für Schokolade

The primary and most important task of food packaging is to protect a wide variety of foods after they have been processed until they are consumed. Because the requirements vary greatly depending on the food, customized packaging solutions are needed.


Food is only a pleasure if it reaches customers fresh and in top quality. However, this only works if external influences are kept away from the food, which otherwise reduce the desired quality. The protective effect of food packaging must therefore take a whole range of these influences into account:

  • Oxygen
  • Water vapor
  • Contamination
  • Microorganisms
  • UV light etc.


They all contribute to the fact that food expires faster and loses its freshness earlier. When it comes to food packaging materials, manufacturers pay attention to the necessary barrier properties - so that quality, flavors and freshness stay inside and environmental influences stay outside.



After filling and packaging, food may still take a long way before it reaches consumers. Transport and storage are also risk factors here because, for example, mechanical impacts - such as pressure generated when stacking packaging, cartons and boxes - can lead to damaged food packaging.

Impacts, temperature fluctuations and moisture also pose potential threats to the integrity of packaging and its contents.

In addition to the barrier properties, it is therefore important that the packaging is sufficiently robust. Apart from that, special shipping packaging helps product packaging survive transportation and storage undamaged. Corrugated cardboard performs excellently in this area. It combines high stability with low weight - the perfect combination for use in logistics.

Sicherheit für Lebensmittel
Doypack für Tee


"Food contact materials" - i.e. packaging, labels, etc. - must meet strict specifications in order to be allowed to be used at all. European and national regulations and guidelines govern, among other things, which packaging materials are permitted and which properties they must have for contact with food.

Decisive for example are

  • Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 on "materials and articles intended to come into contact with food"
  • Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 on plastic food contact materials or
  • the German Food and Feed Law,  as well as
  • the Consumer Goods Ordinance - to name just a few of the important directives.


Since December 7, 2021, the Consumer Goods Ordinance has contained an addition: in the form of a positive list, substances are listed there that are suitable for use in printing inks for food packaging. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), which also issues recommendations for packaging made of paper, cardboard, paperboard or plastic, was responsible for the assessment.


These always reflect the current scientific and technical state of the art - and are therefore a central orientation aid in areas where legally clear specifications are still lacking.


  • food contact materials and articles, such as food packaging, must not release any ingredients or constituents in quantities that are dangerous to health into the food;
  • contact with the food packaging must not cause any unacceptable change in the food and must not affect its aroma or taste;
  • good manufacturing practice must be observed in the production of food packaging in order to meet the above-mentioned requirements.


For these reasons, we work only with companies that are HACCP-certified (HACCP = "Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points"). This way we can not only guarantee the excellent quality and best barrier properties of our food packaging, but it also ensures that your food will reach your customers exactly as it is intended.

Standbodenbeutel für Müsli

Standbodenbeutel für eine Suppe


Safety when buying food does not just mean being able to rely on the quality and enjoyability of the packaged goods. There is, in fact, a uniform Europe-wide obligation for labeling. This makes food packaging an important source of information.

The following information must be found on every package in accordance with the EU's Food Information Regulation (LMIV):

  • Name of the food
  • List of ingredients
  • contained allergens (with highlighting)
  • Nutritional labeling
  • best before or use by date
  • Net quantity
  • Company address


For some foods, additional information is mandatory, such as storage, origin, alcohol content and some more. Warnings and instructions for use may also be required.

Another requirement: the readability of the mandatory information. The LMIV makes precise specifications for this; the font must be at least 1.2 millimeters in size. With modern and precise printing processes, however, it is easily possible to place the comprehensive markings legibly even on smaller food packaging and labels.


Versatile: The right food packaging for every occasion

One of the biggest challenges for food packaging can be summed up in one word: Diversity. This applies both to the incredible choice of foods and to very different lifestyles. To meet all the different demands and requirements, food packaging must be equally diverse and versatile. With the free formats of packaging warehouse you can do this easily and uncomplicated.


Grocery shopping needs vary from household to household, for a variety of reasons: Singles need less than families, some prefer convenience products due to lack of time for cooking, some like to stockpile.

Ideally, all of these people will find the foods they want on supermarket shelves in package and portion sizes that fit their lifestyles - smaller portions for singles, larger portions for households with more people. Among other things, this helps to reduce food losses. Grocery shopping is more adaptable to the available storage space at home and is not as heavy to carry overall.

In practice, different sizes for food packaging do not pose a problem: At packaging warehouse, you have freely configurable formats at your disposal, which we deliver quickly even in small runs. Ideal conditions for winning new target groups for your products.

Faltschachteln Blanko
Unterschiedliche Faltschachtel-Materialien


Our food packaging is made from a variety of materials, and for good reason. Only in this way can they meet the diverse requirements that food and applications place on packaging. Here is a small selection of our material program:

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD. Is particularly strong and at the same time very light. This makes it ideal for stacking and transporting goods. For our shipping boxes we use different types of corrugations that can withstand a transport weight up to 32 kilograms.

CARDBOARD. Its grammage (weight) is between paper and carton. Because the same raw materials are used for production, however, the properties are largely the same. Cardboard can be formed into a wide variety of shapes without tearing, breaking or losing its important protective function. It is also optimal for printing and finishing. Our chromo or natural cardboards are used, for example, for our folding boxes, folding boxes with hinged lid or counter displays.

By the way, the membrane cans for food from packaging warehouse are also made of cardboard. This is wound several times to give the cans sufficient stability. A thin aluminum membrane for the inside ensures the necessary oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier.

PLASTIC. Many foods are best protected in flexible packaging. Monofilm made of plastic (for example PE / EVOH / PE) is therefore the basis for our flat pouches and stand-up pouches  (or Doypacks). They offer excellent barrier properties to a wide variety of different foods - from solids to powders or even liquids. They are also lightweight and easy to recycle.

Alternatively, you can reach for pouch packaging made of natural paper and PE/EVOH. These combine a natural look with strong protection for pastes, powders or liquids.

Thanks to the large selection of materials, you are guaranteed to find the optimal solution for your food packaging at packaging warehouse.


Individual: design food packaging for different products

Food packaging should not only protect, but also present. The best way to do this is with a combination of material, packaging shape and visual design that is perfectly matched to the product and brand. After all, food packaging must stand out amongst the wide selection and attract customers directly.

A diverse range of products, free formats and individual design options help you to create customized packaging for your products. We'll show you a few examples where our custom food packaging makes a real difference.


How can chocolate be packaged so that it promises incomparable pleasure right on the shelf in the candy section? A folding box made of cardboard provides a stylish cover, which you can customize according to your ideas with exclusive designs.

Finishes of the highest quality give your customers an impression of the quality of the content at first glance. You also create a more pleasant feel compared to plastic packaging. This creates an experience for all the senses, from chocolate packaging to enjoyment.

Pralinenverpackung Faltschachtel mit Sichtfenster


Similar to chocolate, pralines are not simply a food - they are a luxury food that deserves appropriate packaging. The folding boxes and hinged boxes from packaging warehouse offer you an excellent basis to create a noble box of pralines out of them.

With the ability to print on both the outside and inside of the boxes of pralines, you get plenty of surface area for creative designs. After all, it's about more than just packaging the pralines: they need to be properly staged.



Preparing and drinking tea is always a sensual experience that provides a great sense of well-being - through the scent, the taste and the soothing warmth. This effect must be captured in the design of the tea packaging.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art printing technology and the option for various finishes, impressive results are achieved. And it doesn't matter whether you choose a folding or hinged box for your tea packaging (optimal for tea bags) or whether you go for a pouch packaging (for loose tea).




Not all coffee is the same and there are also differences in coffee packaging - at least when it comes to the type of packaging. With our stand-up pouches and membrane cans for food, we have at least two variants in our range that combine the best protective properties with a wide range of design options.

For all the differences between pouches and cans: in both cases, there is a stylish presentation for the coffee and the aroma is preserved for a long time thanks to suitable sealing techniques.



As a rule, beverages are " packed " in bottles or cans, individually designed roll labels then take on the task of presenting the product and brand in a worthy manner. At packaging warehouse you will not only find everything you need for a successful label design.

We offer various alternatives for stable and high-quality bottle packaging with our folding boxes, hinged boxes and cardboard cans. Especially for exquisite and expensive beverages - wine, champagne, spirits, etc. - you have numerous design options that show the quality of the contents at first glance.


Verpackung für Babynahrung


Food packaging for baby food must meet special requirements, especially with regard to hygiene. This applies both to the harmlessness of the materials and to the protective functions: The best barrier properties and secure closure options are therefore a must, but by no means everything.

The design and handling should also take into account the needs of children. A good example of how all these demands can be perfectly combined are the so-called "squeeze bags" for baby and infant food. With stand-up pouches and flat pouches, packaging warehouse offers you numerous configuration and design options to make your baby food packaging not only functional, but also pretty to look at.

Sustainable: Better for food, better for the environment

The claim of modern food packaging should be to combine the protection of food with the protection of the environment. Sustainable packaging solutions are an important topic, and this is no exception in the food industry. On the contrary, it is increasingly important to consumers that not only their food is produced sustainably, but also the associated packaging.

That's why we make sure all our packaging products are made of environmentally friendly materials that conserve natural resources. For this reason, we use recycled cardboard or paper and cardboard, for example, whose raw materials come from sustainable forestry. After use, all of our packaging can be recycled again - depending on the product, even up to 100 percent!

All materials nevertheless have the properties required for food packaging - i.e. optimum protection for food and the environment.

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