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Folding box with tuck-in flap

Folding box with tuck-in flap

Folding box with tuck-in flap

The folding box with tuck-in flap is the most popular folding box and our absolute top seller due to its simple design and particularly good price-performance ratio. This type of box is especially suitable for light contents such as cosmetics, dietary supplements and food. This type of box is also available as a folding box with a snap lock base and as a  folding box with a crash lock base.

Your customized folding box:

  • No minimum print runs - can be ordered online from just 1 piece
  • Your folding box can be printed all over and individually
  • All our folding box materials are recyclable
  • Order individual white & printed samples easily online
  • 3 days Express Production
  • In your desired format
  • No minimum print run

Our material selection

  • 3 days Express Production
GC2 Folding boxboard

GC2 Folding boxboard

  • Grammage 280 gsm
  • Thickness 0.52 mm
  • White top side, ecru reverse side
  • Smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • Suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • Material from sustainable forestry
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
GC1 Folding boxboard

GC1 Folding boxboard

  • grammage 325 gsm
  • thickness 0.52 mm
  • white top side, white reverse side
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bendig stiffness, high tear strength
  • Suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • recyclable
  • compostable
  • Exclusive material
GZ Cellulose board

GZ Cellulose board

  • Grammage 450 g/m²
  • Thickness 0,52 mm
  • Bright white front, bright white reverse
  • Smooth front, smooth back
  • High bending strength, high tear resistance
  • Application for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Material from sustainable forestry
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
GD2 recycled paperboard

GD2 recycled paperboard

  • grammage 400 gsm
  • thickness 0.59 mm
  • white top side, white reverse side
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bending stiffness, high tear resistance
  • suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • Made from 99% recycled fiber
  • recyclable
  • compostable
Grass boxboard

Grass boxboard

  • grammage 350 gsm
  • thickness 0,52 mm
  • grass boxboard, with high recycled content
  • slight rough top side, slight rough reverse side
  • Suitable for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • 96% recycled fibre
  • With 4% grass percentage/li>
  • recyclable
  • compostable
  • 3 days Express Production
Natural brown paperboard

Natural brown paperboard

  • grammage 400 gsm
  • thickness 0.56 mm
  • brown kraft board, unbleached
  • smooth top side, slightly rough reverse side
  • high bending stiffness, high tear resistance
  • suited for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics etc.
  • material from sustainable forestry
  • Made from 50% recycled fiber
  • recyclable
  • compostable
Natural black paperboard

Natural black paperboard

  • Grammage 350 g/m²
  • Thickness 0,46 mm
  • Black natural cardboard, uncoated and unbleached
  • Smooth front side, slightly rough back side
  • High bending strength, high tear resistance
  • Use for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Material from sustainable forestry
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable

Sample box for folding boxes

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    All 5 folding box materials

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     Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps from packaging warehouse: Your advantages at a glance

Individually configurable

Our folding boxes with tuck-in flaps are available in four different designs. This allows us to cover all the different demands and requirements for your desired packaging. We have the right solution for each of our customers.
High quality print

We use offset and digital printing technologies and can therefore implement all customer requirements in the best quality. No matter whether it is small or large quantities or an individually designed series.
Sustainable production

Sustainability is a central element for us that determines our professional and private actions. Therefore, we use only recyclable and compostable materials from sustainable forestry.
High quality materials

We only carry high-quality and stable materials that effectively protect your products from external influences. In addition, they also meet high visual standards and therefore offer a multifunctional overall package that we are proud of.
If you need help with your project or have questions about our products, please contact our customer service at any time. The service staff of packaging warehouse is looking forward to your call and will be happy to help you with words and deeds.

Folding boxes with tuck-in flaps: Our top seller


Folding boxes are available from packaging warehouse in various designs: In addition to the models with snap lock and crash lock base, we also offer, for example, folding boxes made of corrugated cardboard, folding box with Euro slot hanger or pillow boxes. Our folding boxes with tuck-in flaps combine two important factors: the easy handling and the unbeatable price-performance ratio. This is also the reason why they are our best selling product.

Faltschachtel mit Einstecklasche


EASY TO USE:  The tuck-in flaps make it possible to open and close without great dexterity. Therefore, this type of packaging is very popular not only in the cosmetics and food industries.

VERSATILE DESIGNS: We have the right variant for every application. We carry folding boxes with offset or opposing flaps, each of which is also available in mirrored versions. In this way, we ensure that we can meet every application and customer requirement.

BEST QUALITY: We place the highest demands on the material we use. Only in this way can we also meet the requirements of our customers and ensure the best quality. The material for our folding boxes with tuck-in flaps is available in different grammages and thicknesses as well as colors and different haptics.

HIGH-QUALITY PRINT IMAGE: Whether you choose digital or offset printing technology, we always guarantee the best quality for our print products.  Thanks to digital printing, we can even produce individually printable series for you cost-effectively.


Which of our four different versions you choose for your products is a question of design and usability. Since requirements vary from product to product, we offer these four different designs for our customers:
Faltschachtel mit versetzten Laschen


The flaps are arranged so that the lid opens to the back and the base to the front. This arrangement has the advantage that the pressure of both hands when opening does not accidentally open the base and therefore provides a little more stability. Offset flaps are particularly suitable for products whose packaging is to be opened on a particular side. They are therefore useful for medicines, for example, as access is made difficult on one side by the package insert.


Here the lid opens to the front and the base to the back. Packages with this flap arrangement are not quite as easy to open as the non-mirrored version. Offset flaps generally offer slightly greater stability and are therefore particularly suitable for items that could break if they fall out, such as glass vials or flacons.

The front-opening lid extends the front of the packaging and can be used as a supplementary advertising or information surface. Examples of this would be the placement of the company logo, a slogan or even important notes about the product. They are then directly visible when opened.


Here, the lid and base open to the back. This variant is very easy to open and quick to assemble and fold up again. It is therefore particularly recommended when larger product quantities are to be packed by hand in a short time.

The model is also useful for items whose removal requires both openings of the packaging. For example, when the content fills the box or it is packed again in a box. So it can be easily pushed out and the customer does not have to shake the product out of the packaging.


The flaps are also opposite but the lid and base open to the front. This product type has the same usability characteristics as the non-mirrored one: products can be easily removed and also slid out of the packaging if required. Just like the mirrored variant of the offset flaps, the lid and base can be used here as an extension of the front in terms of design. This results in a maximum usable advertising space for this model.
Faltschachtel mit gegenüberliegenden Laschen
Faltschachtel Materialien


Sustainability and quality are not mutually exclusive. We prove this with our selection of high-quality materials that are not only robust, but also recyclable and compostable.

Our high quality materials for folding boxes with tuck-in flaps:
  • Chromo cardboard (GC2)
  • Chromo cardboard (GC1)
  • Cellulose cardboard
  • Recycled cardboard
  • Grass cardboard
  • Natural cardboard brown
  • Natural cardboard black
We source all of our materials from sustainably managed forests and are proud that all of our folding box products are recyclable and compostable.


When paper is sealed by means of a binder application, it is referred to as coated paper or chromo cardboard. Due to the binder application (the so-called coating), the paper becomes more stable and also smoother. This in turn has a positive effect on the print image.

Because a smooth surface ensures even better detail reproduction. We offer two different types of chromo cardboard. Both have a thickness of 0.52 mm and differ as following:
  • The GC2 cardboard has a grammage of 280 g/m2 , a smooth and white front side and a natural colored and slightly roughened back side.
  • The GC1 cardboard has a higher grammage of 325 g/m2 and is therefore particularly tear and bend resistant. The front side is white and smooth, the back side white and slightly roughened.
GC2 Chromokarton



This material is made of 99 percent recycled fiber and yet, with a thickness of 0.59 mm and a grammage of 400 g/m2, it is extremely stable and resistant to external influences. The front side is smooth and the back side is slightly roughened. Both sides are white.


The fibers for our pulp cardboard come exclusively from sustainable forestry. With a grammage of 450 g/m2 and a thickness of 0.52 mm, these boxes are very stable. Both the front and back sides are bright white and smooth.



For this cardboard, we use 96 percent recycled fiber and 4 percent grass. The growing of this raw material requires fewer resources such as water and energy. This results in a lower Co2 impact during production. In addition, grass grows back much faster than a tree, which makes the production of grass cartons particularly sustainable.

Our grass cardboard has a grammage of 325g/m2 and a thickness of 0.52 mm. This makes them very resistant to tearing and bending and protects the contents from external influences. Both front and back sides are slightly roughened.


Our unbleached natural cardboard in light brown has a grammage of 400 g/m2 with a thickness of 0.56 mm. It consists of 50 percent recycled fibers and has a smooth front and a slightly roughened back.
Naturkarton hellbraun
Naturkarton schwarz


This material is unbleached, just like the brown variant. In addition, our black natural cardboard is uncoated. This results in the slightly lower grammage of 350 g/m2 and a thickness of 0.46 mm. Both front and back are slightly roughened.

Our printing methods for folding boxes with tuck-in flaps: Offset and digital printing

We have the highest quality standards for the printing of our folding boxes. To be able to guarantee the best possible print image, we only work with two different printing processes, offset and digital printing.

In offset printing, a printing plate is first produced from your print file. This guarantees the best possible print result. On the other hand, this technology does not offer as much flexibility as digital printing, because changes to the physical printing plates are very time-consuming.
Digital printing, on the other hand, does not require a physical printing plate, as the print data is provided and read out digitally. This has the advantage that changes can also be made to the print image at short notice. Even within a series, individual adjustments are possible and can be implemented cost-effectively.

The digital printing technique is therefore also particularly suitable if a consecutive number is to be printed on your folding boxes with tuck-in flaps. This technique is also ideal for customer gifts, each of which is to be printed with a different name.


What you should consider before printing

In order for us to deliver a print result that is not only convincing in terms of quality, but also corresponds exactly to your expectations, it is important to pay attention to a few details when creating the print file:

  • Select only PDF (PDF/X-4:2010) as the format.

  • Especially avoid the following formats: .docx / .ppt / .png / .jpg / .eps / .ai / .tiff.

  •  Embed all fonts or convert them to vector paths.

  • Set the font size to at least 6 pt.

  • Images should be embedded with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

  • Select at least 0.5 pt as the line width size.

  • Always use the CYMK color space instead of the RGB color space. Pantone colors are also automatically converted to CYMK colors, so the result may differ from your expectations.

  • All black elements (lines, areas, shapes) should also always be created with 100 K (0C / 0M / 0Y / 100K).

  • Set 3 mm as the minimum distance for the edge trim and the safety distance to the punch.

Print data check: Our services in comparison

A basic data check is included in every order you place with packaging warehouse. Here, our trained specialists check the following criteria before the file is sent for printing:

  • Is the data format correct?

  • Do the font and font size meet the required standards?

  • Is the file formatted correctly?

  • Is the color space selected correctly?

If you want to check exactly whether the print file you deliver is completely correct, we recommend our professional data check. You can simply add this in the configurator under the additional options. In the professional data check, the following criteria are also checked:

  • Are safety distances and edge trim correctly selected?

  • Is the file resolution correctly selected and sufficient for a high-quality print result?

  • Are the selected spot colors displayed without errors?

  • Does the line thickness meet the minimum requirements?

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