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B-flute cartons

B-flute cartons

B-flute cartons

For packaging of medium-heavy goods, cartons made of B-flute are the best choice. In contrast to E-flute, it has a greater flute height and as a result an increased load capacity. When loaded evenly, cartons made of B-flute can safely transport a maximum weight of 14 kilograms. Although the surface of the material is not as smooth as that of E-flute, it can still be printed on easily. They are therefore ideally suited as shipping and product packaging.

Your boxes from B-flute:
  • Single wall cardboard made of high quality corrugated cardboard
  • Printable over the entire surface
  • Load capacity up to 14 kilograms with even weight distribution
  • 5 days Express Production
  • In your desired format
  • custom print
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Our selected products

B corrugated shipping cartons
B corrugated shipping cartons

Hinged lid box made of B-flute

  • Up to 14 kg filling weight
  • Printed all over
  • FEFCO 0427

Folding box made of B-flute

  • Up to 14 kg filling weight
  • Printed all over
  • FEFCO 0713, 0215 & 0211

Shipping box with adhesive strip

  • Up to 14 kg filling weight (B-flute)
  • With crash lock base
  • FEFCO 0703

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Inlay made of B-flute

  • Individual punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard or solid cardboard
  • Printed all over
B-Welle Grafik


In the field of corrugated cardboard, there are various categories that differ in terms of their design or structure.  There are mini, ultra-fine, fine, medium, coarse and imperial flutes. Within these categories, the respective types of cardboard are marked with a letter. The B-flute, for example, belongs to the fine flute category and is located in the middle spectrum of the various types of corrugated cardboard.

The basic structure of corrugated cardboard is always the same: it consists of a corrugated sheet glued to two smooth cardboard webs. The resulting peaks and valleys of the corrugation create small cavities within this construct, which act like a kind of air cushion and so increase the stability of the corrugated cardboard.

The difference between these types of corrugated cardboard lies in the height of these flutes and their distance from each other. This is called the height of the corrugations and their spacing. The larger the flutes and their distance from each other, the greater the load-bearing capacity, but the more uneven their surface.


As a fine flute, the B-flute has a greater flute height and flute separation than, for example, the E-flute. If you compare these two types of flutes with each other, you will see that the B flute has a somewhat more uneven surface due to its nature, but it has a higher load-bearing capacity.

Although the B-flute has a high load-bearing capacity and therefore high stability, it is still flexible and can be bent, for example. This is particularly practical when it is used to wrap smaller items within a larger package. So it ensures additional stability during storage or shipping, although it is used only as a kind of filler.

Wellenvergleich E-B-EB-Welle


For all products that require packaging with a load capacity of over 14 kg, there is the option of combining both flutes. For this purpose, the more robust B-flute is bonded as the inner surface to that of the  E-flute as the outer surface via an intermediate sheet to form a double wall cardboard. Sie bilden so eine untrennbare Einheit. The load-bearing capacity is increased by this design up to 32 kg. The resulting product is called EB-flute.

This double flute cardboard combines the main properties of the respective flutes: On the one hand, the cardboard has a very high load-bearing capacity, and on the other hand, it can be printed excellently. Due to the very small corrugation valleys of the E-flute, the print image is reproduced undistorted and colors are faithful to the original.


Due to its nature, the B-flute is particularly suitable as product packaging for light and less sensitive goods. Compared to the E-flute, which has a flute height of 1.0 to 1.9 mm, a flute separation of 2.6 to 3.5 mm and a load capacity of up to 7 kg, the B-flute, with a flute height of 2.2 to 3.1 mm and a flute separation of 4.8 to 6.5 mm, is almost twice as thick as the E-flute and has a load capacity of up to 14 kg.

However, it can be printed well due to its still quite smooth surface. Even if the E-shaft achieves the better results here in terms of print image representation, the B-shaft can therefore score with a higher load capacity and be a sensible compromise solution to the somewhat more expensive combination of E- and B-shaft - provided that the product to be transported is not too heavy.

Wellen Beschaffenheit

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