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E-flute cartons

E-flute cartons

E-flute cartons

Are you looking for a cardboard box that is stable and robust and can also be printed over the entire surface? Then we at packaging warehouse have the perfect solution!Our E-flute cartons have a maximum load capacity of 7 kilograms and are easy to print on thanks to their smooth surface. This gives you a carton in which your goods are not only safe, but can also be presented attractively

Your cartons from E-flute:
  • No minimum print run
  • 5 days production time
  • Load capacity up to 7 kilograms with even weight distribution
  • 5 days Express Production
  • In your desired format
  • custom print
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Our selected products

E-corrugated shipping cartons
E-corrugated shipping cartons

Hinged lid box made of E-flute

  • Up to 7kg filling weight
  • Printed all over
  • FEFCO 0427

Folding box made of E-flute

  • Up to 7kg filling weight
  • Printed all over
  • FEFCO 0713, 0215 & 0211

Shipping box with adhesive strip

  • Up to 7kg filling weight (E-flute)
  • With crash lock base
  • FEFCO 0703

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Inlay made of E-flute

  • Individual punching
  • Made of corrugated cardboard or solid cardboard
  • Printed all over
E-Welle Grafik


The E-flute is also called a microwave. The designation here refers to the height of the respective flute tracks and their distance from each other. In the field of corrugated board, there are several other categories, such as the mini, fine, medium, coarse or imperial flute.

The respective types of corrugations have different characteristics and also special properties. In the case of a coarse flute, the individual flutes have a height of 4 to 5 mm and a spacing of 7.9 to 10 mm. This results in high stability, but an uneven surface due to the air cushions.

The flute height of the fine flute is only 1 to 1.9 mm and the spacing is 2.6 to 3.5 mm. This means that the air cushions are not as large as with the coarse flute. The stability is therefore lower, but the structure is more even than with the B flute.



The great advantage of the E-flute is the smooth surface of the material. This is because the closer the waves are to each other and the smaller the wave height, the smoother the outer surface supported by the waves. This texture becomes particularly relevant when it comes to printing. Small peaks and valleys in the material cause a deformation of the print image. This is not the case with the E-flute.

The material is therefore perfectly suited for printing. Especially for your product packaging, it is important that the brand name, logo and all other CI elements as well as the product information and application instructions can be displayed perfectly. The colors should also have the desired intensity and luminosity, which is also ensured by the smooth surface. But what if you need product packaging that not only needs to be printed, but also has to withstand a higher packing weight?


In this case, you reach for a combination solution that combines, for example, a well printable E-flute (with a load capacity of up to 7 kg) with a stable B-flute with a high load capacity (up to 14 kg). In this case, we generally speak of double-fluted board and, in this specific case, of EB flute.

In this way, the special properties of the two corrugations are combined in a sensible way: The B-flute with its large flute height and pitch provides sufficient stability and protection as an inner layer. With its large cavities, it also acts as a buffer for the contents. The contents are very well protected against external influences such as shocks, pressure or falls.

EB-Welle Aufbau


EB Welle Gewicht

The E-flute is used as the outer layer for double wall corrugated cardboard. Thus, the stable inner half of the corrugated board is combined with a smooth outer layer. Both layers are glued together with an intermediate layer of smooth cardboard, creating an inseparable unit. This gives the double-flute cardboard a high load-bearing capacity of up to 32 kg, but it can still be printed with high quality.

One of many examples is product packaging for bottle containers or other products with higher weight. The double flute corrugated cardboard ensures that the bottles can be transported and stored safely. On the other hand, the cartons can be printed with high quality so that you can use them to create positive buying incentives. A solution that supports both marketing and logistics.


The combination of three flutes is used rather rarely. It is usually used for very heavy goods, which are also exposed to higher impacts during transport.

For example, they serve as a cheap substitute for wooden boxes and as packaging for heavy goods shipped overseas. Especially on the sea route, packages are exposed to special conditions, such as high humidity, salty air or fluctuations due to strong waves.

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