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Do you need outer cartons with properties that are convincing in every industry and tailored exactly to your products? At packaging warehouse you will find a wide range of customizable packaging solutions.

Packaging for all industries - your advantages:

  • 100 percent individual formats
  • No minimum print run
  • Express production


With our intelligent configurator, you can customize your industry-specific packaging - in top quality and at top prices! 

  • HACCP certified
  • Express Production
  • Sustainable packaging



The right packaging solution for every application

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Are you looking for the ideal packaging for the specific use in your company? At packaging warehouse, you'll find top-quality packaging products that can be highly customized for all industries. We offer you cartons, boxes and pouches in many different designs and have the right solution for every application in our portfolio.

The spectrum ranges from cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging to food and textile packaging to packaging for pet supplies and e-commerce products. Whether product and transport packaging, shipping boxes, gift packaging or sustainable cardboard - in our store you can expect packaging solutions that meet your needs and are industry-specific.

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Are you interested in exquisite food packaging? Then our pouch packaging is one of many good solutions. The materials we use meet all the requirements for aroma barrier, oxygen barrier and water vapor barrier - regardless of the particular design. This guarantees comprehensive protection and freshness of your packaged treats.

Every single packaging can be individually adapted to the requirements and your wishes. To do this, simply and conveniently use our configurator and design your unique packaging solution.

Our products convince with their features

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If you want packaging that is specific to your industry, you should focus first and foremost on quality and industry-specific features.

That's exactly what our packaging for all industries offers you. As you know it from your packaging warehouse, they are designed to meet the highest requirements and demands. We combine quality with creativity, individuality and flexibility.

This starts with the high protection factor and the simple filling with products of various kinds. In addition, we allow you the greatest possible flexibility through a free choice of format. Packaging Warehouse also gives you a completely free hand in many areas of design. For you, this means: You can design your visually unique packaging that sets real standards in your industry.

Individual design with our intelligent configurator

With the help of our intelligent configurator, you can not only customize the design, but also adjust the functionality to your needs. This allows you to configure your individual packaging solution with different features. For our boxes made of solid and corrugated board, these are:

  • crash lock or snap lock base
  • Tuck-in flaps
  • Euro perforation / punching
  • Inlays

Maybe you want to increase the advertising effect and include purchase-animating features as an additional booster for your business. This is also possible at any time with our packaging for all industries. For the implementation, we provide you with a wide range of tools and finishing techniques at your disposal. You benefit from various unique selling points. If you wish, we can also print your packaging warehouse packaging over the entire surface - in optimum print quality, of course.

Fast production is guaranteed at all times

Depending on the packaging, we produce your products as part of our express production in some cases within a period of only 2 days.

Environmental friendliness, energy efficiency and sustainability: our vision of modern packaging

Sustainability in all aspects has been an integral part of our corporate philosophy since the foundation of our company. In doing so, we have made it our own mission to make our own contribution to an environmentally conscious society as a driving force of sustainability. Last but not least, we use the innovative capacity of packaging warehouse not only to promote environmental awareness, but also to put it into practice. This happens, for example, in the form of technical developments as well as in special procedures and courses of action.

This is precisely an important part of our corporate philosophy. You can see this immediately, for example, in the selection of our materials for the various packaging solutions. You will find in our store preferably materials that are fully recyclable and sometimes even consist of recycled materials. This way you always make a statement for environmental friendliness and sustainability with our packaging.

Our goals: ecologically efficient production and sustainable products

At packaging warehouse, environmentally compatible production and sustainable products go hand in hand. We have clearly listed the particularly relevant procedures regarding to sustainability for you below:

  • efficient use of resources, capacities and energy
  • consistent avoidance of harmful emissions
  • waste prevention in all areas and every process phase
  • continuous creation of material cycles and recycling opportunities
  • targeted switch to renewable energies
  • at best, exclusive use of sustainably produced materials or resources
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Would you like to learn more about our environmentally friendly packaging for all industries from sustainable production? Or do you have a question about individual design? Then don't hesitate and contact us right away!

Let the versatility of our packaging inspire you

As a matter of principle, we focus on the essentials. For us, that means quality, individuality and flexibility. Combined with sustainable materials, energy-efficient production processes and creative ideas, this is how our production facilities produce all-round perfect packaging for all industries. Our packaging ensures the integrity of your products and always provides an appropriate presentation for the occasion. At packaging warehouse you will always find exactly the right packaging for all industries.

Whether you want to ship food, e-commerce and IT products, textiles, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, household appliances or specific components - with our packaging solutions you are optimally equipped for every application. The best thing about it: You have almost unlimited options to customize the packaging of your choice according to your needs and the respective requirements. It's easy and only takes a few mouse clicks in our intelligent configurator. This is how you create unique packaging for all industries.

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The following examples represent the diversity of our packaging solutions:

  • folding boxes, stand-up pouches or counter displays for snacks and sweets
  • pouch packaging for cleaning, washing and detergent products
  • folding boxes in various sizes for medical and pharmaceutical articles
  • folding boxes with tuck-in flaps for nutritional supplements, food or even beauty products
  • folding boxes as product, transport and shipping packaging for household appliances and other products weighing up to 30 kg
  • pillow and hinged boxes for an elegant packaging of noble products
  • packaging with crash lock or snap lock base for quick assembly and filling

Packaging for all industries: discover our variety of materials

More choice is not possible: Depending on your chosen packaging solution, you have a wide range of different materials at your disposal. The respective composition of the material determines the strength, stability, resistance and load-bearing capacity. You can also choose between different variants regarding to the surface. Materials with a particularly smooth surface (such as kraft paper) are ideal for printing with a brilliant image.

Besides corrugated cardboard cartons (E-, B- or EB-flute) packaging warehouse also offers chromo cardboard, recycled cardboard or cellulose cardboard. If you like it particularly close to nature, we have exactly the right material solutions for you in our portfolio with grass cardboard and natural cardboard. Many of the materials we offer are based on a combination of different fabrics.

A typical example of this are our stand-up pouches. In this case, the material is a mix of paper, polyethylene (PE) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), with a ratio of PE to recyclable cardboard of around 11:89.


If you want to know about the environmental impact of cardboard boxes, we recommend our magazine article „Cardboard packaging and its carbon footprint“. You can also learn more about how sustainable folding boxes are in terms of their recyclability in our article „Recycle better with folding cartons“.

An adequate alternative for every solution

At packaging warehouse, you will find exactly the right packaging for every industry.

In addition, you can use our Inlays or labels to enhance your packaging or provide it with a special label. With us, (almost) nothing is impossible!

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You are not sure which packaging meets the industry-specific requirements you need? Then call us immediately or click directly on the contact button. We will be happy to help you choose the right packaging and present you with the best solution for your needs!

Frequently asked questions about packaging for all industries

How much weight can the packaging solutions made of corrugated cardboard bear?

That depends on your choice of material. For example, if you choose our E-flute, you can safely pack products weighing up to 7 kg. The B-flute brings even more stability, strength and load capacity. In this case, you can fill our packaging solutions with products weighing up to 14 kg. If your goods weigh up to 32 kg, our corrugated cardboard packaging with EB-flute is the perfect solution.

What is the benefit of coating my packaging with a protective varnish?

Coating with a protective varnish gives you or your packaging a double advantage: On the one hand, a coating of this type improves the overall appearance of your packaging. This optimizes the print image and gives the outer surfaces a matte or glossy finish. On the other hand, you increase the protective function by applying a protective coating.This means that your print image is even better protected against external influences such as dirt, scratches or moisture.

Are all types of corrugations suitable for any packaging size?

Yes, at least in theory. But depending on the constellation, there may be problems regarding handling and confectioning. The EB-flute, for example, is only suitable for medium-sized to large cartons or packaging. For smaller packaging sizes, you should rather use the E-flute or B-flute. We will be happy to advise you on which material is best suited for which packaging size.

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