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Flat pouches made of paper

Flat pouches made of paper

Flat pouches made of paper

Are you looking for a visual alternative to other pouch packaging for dry and pasty foods as well as for non-food items with a low weight? Our flat pouches made of natural paper not only meet exactly these criteria, but also convince with an overall thickness of about 110 μm as reliable and secure packaging.

Of course, our integrated configurator with its smart functions is also available to you for individualizing our pouches made of paper. In this way, you can create unique paper flat pouches that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Three good reasons for our flat pouches made of paper:

  • Fixed and free selectable formats
  • High degree of individualization
  • Low minimum order quantity of 250 pieces

  • 10 days Express Production
  • In your desired format
  • Suitable for food

Our material selection

Natural paper brown + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

Natural paper brown + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

  • 110 µm thick natural paper + PE/EVOH
  • Brown outside in natural paper look
  • High oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance between 12 and 24 months
  • Certified for food (pastes, powders, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, Euro hole and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend filler-specific tests
Natural paper white + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

Natural paper white + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

  • 110 µm thick natural paper + PE/EVOH
  • White outside in natural paper look
  • High oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance between 12 and 24 months
  • Certified for food (pastes, powders, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, Euro hole and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend filler-specific tests
  • NEW

  • NEW

Natural paper white + PE (100 % recyclable)

Natural paper white + PE (100 % recyclable)

  • 110 µm thick natural paper + 4 µm PE
  • White outside in natural paper look
  • Medium oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Certified for food (pastes, powders, liquids)
  • Optional with Euro slot and tear-off tabs (no zipper)
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
  • This material is currently only available for our flat pouches

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How and where can flat pouches made of paper be ideally used?

Flachbeutel aus Papier

Our paper pouches in the classic colors white and brown are the optimal packaging solution for many products. Across all industries, your flat pouches made of paper are ideal for safely packing flat products with a maximum shelf life of 12 months. This applies not only to small parts and similar non-food items, but also to food with a wide variety of consistencies.

Because your paper pouches from packaging-warehouse can be filled with dry foods and those in paste and powder form. You can also customize the look and functionality of the flat pouches according to your needs and intentions. This gives you the opportunity to target your flat pouches made of paper to the respective occasion.


You can also use your high quality flat pouches made of natural paper as packaging for employee and welcome gifts. In this case, practical and useful items for daily office use are suitable for packaging.

Paper packaging of this type is also very popular as an elegant packaging solution for customer Christmas gifts. In addition, your flat pouches made of paper from packaging warehouse can be ideally used as packaging for giveaways and product samples in the marketing sector.

Bedruckte Flachbeutel aus Papier

These features make our paper flat pouches strong packaging solutions

Flachbeutel für alle Branchen

With the flat pouches made of natural paper from our extensive portfolio, you can be sure of several advantages at the same time - and in many different areas. For a better overview we summarize the most important aspects for you:


The natural paper is reinforced with PE and is characterized by comparatively high strength and resistance to external influences. Thereby you offer a good protection to your packaged goods.


With eye-catching printing, specific finishes and special features (zipper, tear-off flaps, etc.), you provide sales-promoting features with high advertising effect.


With the help of our smart configurator, you can fully customize your flat pouches made of paper with just a few clicks. This way you can make your packaging unique and authentic.


You can add visual and functional value to your flat pouches with finishes. These can include the integration of optional equipment components, printing with individual designs or specific coatings for a glossy effect.


Regardless of the design, our natural paper always impresses with its top quality. Particularly noteworthy are the look, the feel and the strength and resistance.


If you decide to use our flat pouches made of natural paper, you are also setting an example for environmental friendliness and sustainability. The material is fully recyclable. In addition, we only use natural paper that comes from sustainable production.

Flachbeutel für Lebensmittel

These features and services from packaging warehouse bring you extra benefits

Produktion von Flachbeuteln
Since the foundation of packaging warehouse, we have always stood for user-friendly and customer-oriented performance. For our customers, our intelligent configurator in particular is of outstanding value.

With its help, you can specifically configure any packaging from our product range according to your ideas and wishes. This gives you the opportunity to form occasion, product and packaging into a symbiotic composition.

You also achieve a particularly high user value through the free choice of format and our extraordinarily flexible production. While other manufacturers only offer price advantages for very large order volumes, we offer you cost-efficient production (including individual printing) even for short runs. After production, we move on quickly. So you will always receive your order within 24 hours after the end of production.


We are always available for helpful information and expert advice. Just click HERE, to contact us.

Flat pouches made of paper: these labels are at your disposal

No matter for which application you need the flat pouches made of paper available from us: we offer you a wide range of articles with several product variants and many different designs. The most important decision you have to make is the choice of the format.

Are fixed or standardized formats sufficient for you or do you need flat pouches with specific dimensions for your packaging goods? With us you get exactly the format that represents the optimal solution for your project. If you are particularly interested in our flat pouches made of natural paper in standard format, you can use the smart configurator to choose the right format for your project from a variety of options. A total of five format options with different dimensions are available here.

These are the standard formats for your flat pouches made of paper:

Format Dimensions
Format 1 80 x 120 mm
Format 2 120 x 150 mm
Format 3 150 x 170 mm
Format 4 190 x 270 mm
Format 5 290 x 340 mm


The packaging is very versatile thanks to its bag shape and material properties. It does not always have to be foodstuff that finds its place in the flat pouch made of natural paper. In every industry there are companies that use our flat pouches made of natural paper and added PE for the packaging of

  • flat small items,
  • light accessories,
  • office supplies of various kinds,
  • publications and media, and
  • electronic parts (USB sticks, etc.).
Flachbeutel aus Naturpapier
Flachbeutel mit Inhalt im freien Format


Would you rather create a flat paper pouch that is tailored exactly to the contents? The exact dimensions of your packaging goods provide the contents with a secure hold and prevent slipping. In addition, you increase the visual and aesthetic impression with a precisely fitting format.

If you fill your pouches with protein powder or vitamin capsules, for example, the quantity and packaging should always be coordinated. Small quantities in too large packaging or the reverse case are often criticized by users and can have a negative impact on the product image. If the dimensions of the pouches and the contents form a visual unit, this highlights the value of the products.

We at packaging warehouse provide you with a wide range of values for your personal choice of format. Within these limits, you can precisely define the length and width of your packaging. In this case, lengths from 80 to 500 mm and widths from 120 to 380 mm are possible.

Choosing the right material: these are your options

There are two basic materials available to you, which serve as the basis for your individualizations. These are a white uncoated paper plus PE content and a brown uncoated paper to which PE has also been added. The paper surface is basically untreated.

Paper quality is basically defined purely by the raw materials and additives used. The uncoated paper is produced from pulp, which in turn is obtained from wood. The paper fibers are supplemented with fillers and binders. These additives improve or reduce the quality of the paper.

The higher the pulp content of the paper, the more stable it is. This can be clearly seen from the better running and printing properties. As a rule, special paper machines that run at low speed are used for the production of very high-quality paper or uncoated paper. This gives the pulp fibers enough time to become sufficiently entangled. In the end result, this procedure gives the paper greater stability and strength.

Flachbeutel aus weißem Naturpapier
Flachbeutel aus Naturpapier recycelbar


With a thickness of around 110 μm, the uncoated papers we use are among the highest quality and particularly strong variants. If you opt for our brown uncoated paper, you will receive a paper grade with extremely good barrier properties regarding the penetration of oxygen or carbon dioxide. In addition, you and your products benefit from an excellent aroma barrier. That's why our flat pouches made of brown natural paper are predestined for filling with food or aromatic non-food products.

Our pouch solutions made of white uncoated paper also offer good strength and durability. However, the barrier properties are not quite as pronounced as with brown paper. On the other hand, this variant is 100 percent recyclable and therefore extremely environmentally friendly. You can fill your flat pouches made of white uncoated paper with all dry and pasty foods as well as with a wide variety of non-food items.

Special features add value to your packaging

What exactly do you want to use your flat paper pouches for? If, for example, the contents of the packaging are to be removed successively by the end customer, the integration of a zipper is a good idea. This guarantees reliable opening and resealing of the pouch.

You can easily equip your pouches with such a zipper via our configurator. This gives you functional and visual advantages. If desired, we can equip your packaging with a hole suspension or with a tear-off flap. Components of this kind refine your flat paper pouches in a stylish and elegant way.

Flachbeutel für Qualitätsmanagement


You would like to order, but you don't know which design is best suited to your specific packaging material? We will be happy to help you!

Frequently asked questions about paper flat pouches

From what quantities can I order flat pouches?

Regardless of whether you choose a fixed or free format, the minimum order quantity for standard pouches made of natural paper is 250 pieces.

Can I fill the paper pouches with liquids as well?

No, paper is not suitable as a base material. But you can find a wide range of doypacks made of other materials in our store that are ideal for filling with liquids.

Are there possibilities to shorten the production times of the pouches?

Yes, that is possible. Within our express production we produce your complete order within 10 days. In normal cases, the production usually takes 14 days.

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