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Data structue for folding boxes & shipping boxes

This is where your folding box is cut out before it is glued.
The creases are the folded edges of your folding box.
Place the background elements 2mm beyond the punch.
Set up 2mm bleed in print data document.
Saftey margin
Create texts and images with a safety distance of 1.5mm to the die cutter and creasing.
Adhesive area
Always leave these areas blank. They are used for gluing your folding box.
Final format frame
Size of your print data document.

How it works

Schritt 1: Druckvorlage runterladen
Step 1: Configure desired folding box or shipping carton and download print template.
Schritt 2: Druckvorlage in Grafikprogramm öffnenStep 2: Open the print template in a suitable graphics program.
Schritt 3: Druckvorlage gestaltenStep 3: Design print template and save as PDF/X4:2010.
Schritt 4: Druck PDF hochladenStep 4: Upload print PDF in shopping cart or after order.

The requirements in detail

Datencheck optionen

  Basis data check Profi data check    
  0,00€ 20,00€    
Proof by mail        
Data format (PDF)    
Font / fontsize    
Color space (CMYK)    
Special colors    
Resolution (min. 300 dpi)    
Line width (min. 0,5 pt)    
Safety margins    
Edge trim / bleed    
Additional check depending on product    
Winding direction (roll labels)    
Opaque white (HPI-White)          
  • No data check: If our data experts find an error in the data format, in the format, in the font / font size, or in the color space used, you will be asked to provide adjusted print data. If we do not find an error here, the data is automatically approved without an additional proof by e-mail.
  • Expert data check: If our data experts find an error in your print data, we will make minor adjustments. Larger changes we adjust for you on request (10€/10 minutes). For each order you will automatically receive a proof by mail, in which you can finally approve your data.
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