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Stand up pouches with viewing window

Stand up pouches with viewing window

Stand up pouches with viewing window

Pouches with viewing windows are the perfect way to showcase your products in an eye-catching way at the POS. With them, you let your goods speak for themselves and show consumers at first sight exactly what they can expect inside the packaging.

Stand-up pouches with a viewing window - you don't want to miss this:

  • available in fixed and free formats
  • minimum order quantity: 250 pieces
  • short production time of only 10 days

Get your pouches with viewing window today and use our smart configurator to customize your pouch.

  • Matte and glossy surface
  • In your desired format
  • Suitable for food

Our material selection

Mono film transparent (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

Mono film transparent (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

  • 95 - 125 mµ strong sheet
  • 100 % recycable synthetic material
  • Transparent film
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance between 12 and 24 months
  • Certified for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Composite film transparent (PET/EVOH/PE)

Composite film transparent (PET/EVOH/PE)

  • 87 - 112 mµ strong sheet
  • Transparent film
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance between 12 and 24 months
  • Certified for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, Euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests

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That's why there's no way bypassing our stand-up pouches with viewing window

Hundenahrung im Doypack mit Sichtfenster

The selection of stand-up pouches is large. The preformed and very light packaging is available in many different formats, designs and materials. Often the pouches are equipped with notches for tearing off or with a zip closure.

If you want to present your products in an eye-catching and wide-reaching way, pouch packaging is always a very good solution. If you also want to present your products in a transparent and attractive way, we have the perfect solution for you with our stand-up pouch with viewing window.


You benefit from numerous application possibilities. Basically, you can use our Doypacks with viewing window as packaging for food, pet food and non-food products in dry, pasty and liquid form.

The food industry in particular has become unimaginable without packaging solutions of this kind. But the pharmaceutical industry is also increasingly using the pouches as packaging for capsules and similar products.

In addition, our packaging solutions in pouch form and with a 100 percent transparent viewing window are used particularly frequently for the stylish packaging of beauty and hygiene articles and wellness products.

In marketing, this form of packaging is often used for product presentations, sales events or promotional activities. Alternatively, instead of doypacks, you can also equip flat pouches with viewing windows and use them accordingly.

Beutelverpackung mit Sichtfenster für Lebensmittel
Individuelles Sichtfenster


As a requirement for the integration of a viewing window in our stand-up pouches, it is mandatory that the material is transparent. In our online shop, we offer you two materials that are ideal for viewing windows: our PET/EVOH/PE film composite in transparent and our PE/EVOH/PE monofilm in transparent. Currently, the latter variant is only available with a glossy surface, while you can choose between a smooth and a matte surface for the composite material.

What's the benefit of a stand-up pouch with a viewing window?

The viewing window is generally of great importance. On the one hand, an integrated window looks elegant and stylish. This clearly enhances the value of the entire packaging and, at the same time, your own product inside the packaging. Accordingly, a transparent viewing window always acts as a visual enhancement and so improves the overall appearance.

On the other hand, you enable consumers to take a look at your product. In this way, you can convince potential customers of the quality of your goods. Studies have shown that the visual impression can be a decisive incentive to buy.

With our stand-up pouches with viewing window, you can achieve exactly this effect. Basically, you benefit on many different levels.

Doypack mit Sichtfenster für Cookies
Sichtfenster Transparenter Doypack

These are the most important aspects:

  • excellent protective function due to the strength of the material and the high barrier properties
  • Optimized design due to cleanly integrated, completely transparent viewing windows
  • various additional options such as refinements possible
  • full surface printable
  • choice of different material types
  • sustainability and environmental friendliness regarding production and raw materials

Quality, individuality, flexibility: What you can expect from packaging warehouse

At packaging warehouse you will find the perfect partners for stylish and protective stand-up pouches with viewing window and many other individual packaging solutions. With our pouch variants with integrated viewing window, you can make a variety of products protected and in a stylish ambience a real sales hit. Whether your products are food, cosmetics or CBD capsules, you will always find the perfect solution for your individual packaging project with us.

The best thing about it: You are not bound to our specifications, but can put together your individual desired packaging with the help of our intelligent configurator. Compared to our direct competitors, we offer you advantages with unique selling points in many areas. Your business benefits from this in many ways.

Your exclusive advantages at a glance:

  packaging warehouse Other suppliers
Production time 10 working days 4-12 weeks
Materials Many sustainable materials (mono film / natural papers /...) Limited material selection
Dimensions 100% free format Few fixed formats
Print Full-surface printing with optional viewing window Imprint via an additional label
Quality State-of-the-art printing technology Standard printing method
Viewing window 100% transparent Matte and milky


Convince yourself of the advantages that you can expect at packaging warehouse. Browse our store without obligation or contact us directly.

In combination with the numerous design options, this gives you the flexibility you need to create a packaging solution that is precisely tailored to your project. With other industry representatives, you usually have to make do with the classic standard formats.

We support and promote sustainability and environmental friendliness with full conviction. You can see this in the materials we offer. Our monofoil, for example, is completely recyclable. It is also available in transparent, so you can also have your pouch packaging with viewing window produced from our sustainable monofoil. With these stand-up pouches, you can package and present your goods not only attractively, but also sustainably.

Our name stands for innovation, development and progress. Our stand-up pouches with viewing windows reflect precisely these core competencies. This means that all integrated viewing windows with a glossy surface are always 100% transparent. This guarantees a completely clear view of your packed contents at all times and on all occasions.

We print with exclusively state-of-the-art printing technology and convince with brilliant print images and sharp contours. We stand for the best printing results. Other producers of packaging solutions can not do so in this way.

Design your unique stand-up pouches with viewing window

What are the filling quantities of the stand-up pouches?

Have we convinced you of the advantages? Then you can get started right away and customize your stand-up pouch with viewing window.

At packaging warehouse you will find everything you need to personalize your stand-up pouches. Regarding the size or the filling quantity, you can choose from different sized versions in the following standard formats:

  • 250 ml Filling quantity
  • 500 ml Filling quantity
  • 750 ml Filling quantity
  • 1000 ml Filling quantity
  • 1500 ml Filling quantity
Backwaren Doypack mit Sichtfenster

So here you do not have to calculate sizes, just rely on the standard commercial dimensions. You need another size? Then create your stand-up pouches individually with our free formats. Here you have a very wide range of values at your disposal to precisely define the dimensions of your viewing window packaging.

Lengths of up to 500 mm and widths of up to 380 mm are possible. On this base, you can then create your unique packaging solution with the help of our intelligent configurator. In addition to dimensions, material and features, you can also completely customize the viewing window in terms of size and shape.

Druckvorlage Beispiel HPI-White anlegen


When configuring stand-up pouches with transparent viewing window, there are some special features to consider. The most important basic requirement for creating pouch packaging with viewing windows is the material. If you want to have a pouch with a viewing window, the first step is to choose a transparent material.

After you have chosen a stand-up pouch made of transparent material, there is another special feature regarding the color selection. Here it is necessary to select the variant 4/0-color + white.

Now you need a suitable design template. You can get this by clicking on the button "Download print template".

Once you have created your desired design in a graphics program of your choice, you must apply the solid color "HPI-White" to the entire design. This step is very important because it's the only way to configure your pouch packaging so that your viewing window is truly transparent and all other areas can be configured in the colors you want. You can find very detailed instructions on how to do this in our print data guide.

Basically, where the viewing window is to be in the pouch, you must not deposit any white - otherwise this part will not be transparent. This type of design gives you full control over your viewing window and you can design not only the size, but also the shape completely freely.

The focus is exclusively on transparent material

To equip a stand-up pouch with a viewing window, you always need a purely transparent material as a base, as already mentioned. You can choose between these two variants:


This approximately 110 μm thick film is made from polyethylene and ethylene vinyl alcohol. These are 100 percent recyclable plastics. The films are completely transparent and have a high oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier.

This monofilm is suitable for stand-up pouches with a viewing window, which are filled with products with a maximum shelf life of 12 months. It can also be food in powder form, pasty consistency or liquid form.


At 112 μm, this transparent variant is slightly stronger and firmer than the monofilm. It also offers a high aroma, moisture and oxygen barrier. You can fill your pouches with this special film composite with non-food products as well as with food (powders, pastes and liquids). However, the shelf life of the packaged goods should be limited to 12 months.

Doypack mit Sichtfenster

Excellent product protection and targeted customer-oriented presentation

Doypacks mit Sichtfenster

In combination with a high barrier, free design options according to your individual wishes and very easy handling, viewing windows offer you a variety of advantages. Visually, the value of your products is shown to its full advantage.

But you can optimize the look and functionality even further. Your stand-up pouch with viewing window, for example, can be customized with additional options such as zippers, Euro hole perforations or tear-off flaps.

Reducing costs with the targeted configuration of Doypacks

Packaging is not only a protection factor, but also a cost factor. Therefore, it is important for every company to configure their packaging solutions according to a certain guiding principle: As much packaging as necessary and as little as possible. The top priority of a packaging is product protection. If a stand-up pouch fails to ensure that a product reaches the customer undamaged and fresh, it is unsuitable as a packaging solution. But cost factors also play a significant role here.

If we look at production costs, the main focus here is on cost efficiency. In order to produce packaging as cost-effectively as possible, it is not only necessary to use a suitable material. The size of the packaging must be precisely matched to the product. According to the guiding principle "as little packaging as possible", it is of great importance to produce the packaging in the right size. This not only saves costs in production, but also in storage and transport.

The dimensionally accurate production of stand-up pouches also has another important advantage: the environment is less polluted and the reduced production of plastic also saves resources in energy and waste management. So if you match the size of your Doypacks ideally to your product, you will achieve several advantages that can have a positive impact on your company's success.

The history of the stand-up pouch

The Doypack is a french invention. The entrepreneurs and brothers Léon and Louis Doyen were looking for a new packaging solution for olives in the 1960s. This packaging had to be elastic, resealable and, above all, it had to preserve the flavors of the product inside the package. By using composite film, they managed to create a package exactly as they imagined: The Doypack was born. The pouch packaging was named after the last name of its inventors. The patent expired in the 1980s.

At that time, however, stand-up pouches did not yet have the status within the industry that they have now. The trademark rights were secured by a German soft drink supplier, whose production helped make stand-up pouches very popular. Today's product world would be unimaginable without Doypacks.


A stand-up pouch with a viewing window gives you clear advantages in product presentation. We are happy to help you make the right choice. Just talk to us.

Frequently asked questions about stand-up pouches with imprint

Question 1: How big is the viewing window of my pouch?

Answer: Since you determine the shape of the viewing window by not placing white where you want it, you are completely free to decide how large your viewing window should be.

Question 2: How do I get a viewing window for my pouch?

Answer: As mentioned above, the first step is to select a transparent material and apply an "opaque white" to the design for your stand-up pouch with viewing window. All areas that are not backed with white will then become your viewing window. If you have questions about the configuration of viewing windows, just contact our support. There you will get fast support.

Question 3: Can I configure my stand-up pouches with viewing window from paper as well?

Answer: No, because the most important thing is to choose a transparent material. But besides our paper, you can choose many different materials - from monofilm to composite film.

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