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Flat pouch


  • Optics glossy or matte
  • Für Lebensmittel geeignet

Quantity and number of versions

Please enter your desired total quantity here. t400: 250 t405
Please enter the desired total amount. Min. order quantity: 10 per type.
Please also state the number of types.

Note: The number per type will only be queried at the end of the order when you upload data.

Example order
Quantity: 5000
Number of types: 3

- Type 1: 3000
- Type 2: 1500
- Type 3: 500


Please select the following features:
- Length
- Height
Length: 80 - 500 mm
Height: 120 - 380 mm
Maximal values cannot be combined.
Actual filling height: 170 mm
The given dimensions refer to the outer dimensions of the packaging! Please note this when entering your values.
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Closing zipper

No closing zipper
Basic closing PE zipper

Tear tab and suspension

No tear notch
without hole sunspension, with tear notch
with hole suspension, without tear notch
with euro hole suspension, without tear notch
with hole suspension, with tear notch
with euro hole suspension, with tear notch

Punching die


Please select the following features:
- Material (Group)
- Material
Colour: outside white / inside white
Details: Excellent barrier properties against oxygen, carbon dioxide and aromas.
Total thickness: approx. 112 µ - ideal for larger bags from 750 ml
Suitable for: all dry, liquid and pasty foods and non-foods
Note: The information on the material / barrier property are guidelines. They are not a substitute for tests specific to the product.


Composite material white (PET/EVOH/PE)
Composite material transparent (PET/EVOH/PE)
Composite material metallic silver (PETmed/PE)
nature paper white + PE (100 % recyclable)
Naturpapier braun + PE (Papier/PE)
Mono foil white (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recyclable)
mono foil transparent (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recyclable)


Color: 4-color Euroscale + white is only available for transparent film and metalized film.


Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

Working days: Mon - Fri
except german holidays
2 working days delivery


Base price net: 309,76 €
Total net: 309,76 €
VAT 19% DE: Information for companies that are entitled to deduct input tax outside Germany:

If you enter your EU VAT number during the ordering process, the VAT rate is 0%.

Otherwise the German sales tax of 19% will apply.
58,85 €
Total incl. VAT: 368,61 €
Transport included!

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Frequently asked questions

What foods can I put in the pouches?
All our pouches materials meet the high requirements for the following barriers:
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Water vapor barrier
  • Aroma barrier

Therefore, you can fill the following foods into your desired pouch:
  • Pastes
  • powders
  • Liquids
  • Capsules
Each product is unique and often subject to special legal requirements. Depending on the product, we recommend lab tests specific to the filling material. If you need declarations of conformity or other documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.
How do I close / seal my bags?

If you want to fill and seal your bags yourself, we recommend a hand sealer designed for this purpose. With this device, you can seal your bags securely and protect them from oxygen and moisture. Your customers can then easily open the bag using the integrated "tear tabs".

You can easily find such a device under the name "hand sealer" or "heat sealer" on the Internet.

If you want to seal a medium or large quantity (2000-100,000) of bags, we recommend a semi-automatic sealing machine for stand-up pouches and flat bags. In the video next to it, we introduce you to our sealing machine, which you can easily order from us. Just send us an email via our contact form.Wenn du deine Beutel selbst befüllen und verschließen möchtest, empfehlen wir dir ein dafür vorgesehenes Handsiegelgerät. Mit diesem Gerät kannst du deine Beutel sicher verschweißen und vor Sauerstoff und Feuchtigkeit schützen. Deine Kunden können den Beutel danach ganz einfach über die integrierten "Aufreißlaschen" öffnen.

If you order your bag with an integrated zipper, you can close it quickly and easily. Please note, however, that the zipper alone does not protect against oxygen or moisture. 
How do I get a pouch pattern?
An original proof of your pouch is unfortunately not possible due to the very high effort. However, if you would like to see and touch our high-quality bag materials, we recommend our corresponding sample box.
What is the actual fill level for my bag?
Depending on which additional components (zippers, tear tabs, and hangers) you choose, the actual fill height of your bag will differ from the height in the calculator. Please consider the following dimensions when configuring your bag packaging:
  • Distance top edge to zipper:
40 mm
  • Distance top edge to tear flap:
21 mm
  • Distance top edge to Euro hole / hole suspension:
16 mm
What do I have to consider when creating my print data?
To create the print data for your pouch packaging, you need to follow some instructions. Please note the following information:

to the print data instruction
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Our material selection

Mono film white (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

Mono film white (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

  • ca. 110mµ strong sheet
  • 100 % recycable synthetic material
  • White outside, white inside
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Mono film transparent (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

Mono film transparent (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

  • ca. 110mµ strong sheet
  • 100 % recycable synthetic material
  • Transparent
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests

  • 100% recyclable

  • Top selling
Composite film white (PET/EVOH/PE)

Composite film white (PET/EVOH/PE)

  • ca. 112mµ strong sheet
  • White outside, white inside
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Composite film, transparent(PET, EVOH, PE)

Composite film, transparent(PET, EVOH, PE)

  • ca. 112mµ strong sheet
  • Transparent
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Composite film silver metallic (PET/PE)

Composite film silver metallic (PET/PE)

  • ca. 100mµ strong sheet
  • Metallic outside, metallic inside
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests

Sample box for doypacks

This box contains:

    Many high quality printed doypacks and flat bags

    All 5 pouch materials (as pouchs)

    A 5% coupon for your first order
8,00 €
excl. VAT, incl. shipping

Customer testimonials

16. April 2021

We were convinced by the large product selection and I must say the quality as well as the delivery time was perfect. Our folding boxes even arrived a day earlier than expected. We will order again.

21. July 2021

Very good quality and the bags were delivered quickly.

4. August 2021

First order executed without any problems, very good impression. Price and deadline in order. Communication is good.

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Flat pouches from packaging warehouse: Your advantages at a glance

HACCP quality
You are looking for compromise-free quality? Our pouches are HACCP compliant and manufactured to the highest standards. This makes them ideal packaging for sensitive goods such as food and cosmetics.
Stylish goods protection

High demands on function and design? We only use high-quality materials and the latest technologies. In this way, we ensure reliable goods protection in a stylish shell.
Produced in Germany
Your motto is local before global? With us as your partner, you support the local economy and keep supply chains short. Because we produce exclusively in Germany.
Recyclable & sustainable
Sustainability is important to you? With our configurator, you can adapt your flat pouches to the filling material with millimeter accuracy. Depending on the material, the pouches are also up to 100% recyclable.
Pack your products safely and stylishly with our flat pouches. The sealed plastic pouches form a reliable barrier against moisture, air and loss of aroma - and with their elegant design also attract all the attention your products deserve.

Format and design are entirely up to you. Because we at packaging warehouse produce entirely according to your requirements. We ensure quality through and through with high-quality materials, modern production technologies and a flawless print image.

Your individual flat pouches:
  • available in five fixed formats or in free format
  • free choice of seven materials in various colors
  • full-surface and individual printable (by digital printing)
  • suitable for perishable and sensitive goods
  • optional features such as zipper, window or Euro slot hanger

Flat pouches: slim multi-talents


Flat pouches are pouch packaging without a bottom. Unlike Doypacks (stand-up pouches), they are therefore not stand-up. Instead, they are designed for laying or hanging presentation, for example via Euro slot hangers at the point of sale. Flat pouches are usually made of polypropylene and polyethylene. The tear-resistant bag walls are sealed or welded on three sides - with the exception of the opening. After filling, this can be sealed by hand sealer or heat sealer.


A STRONG BARRIER: As plastic packaging, flat pouches are characterized by an outstanding barrier function. And this works in both directions - inside and outside. So everything stays exactly where it belongs: water vapor, oxygen or aroma.

UNIVERSAL APPLICATION: Whether the packaged goods are food or non-food is just as irrelevant as the shape of the contents: Fine-grained powders and liquids are just as securely packed in them as capsules, granules and solid objects.

FOOD SAFE MATERIALS: The materials used are food-safe and meet all the requirements of the HACCP guidelines for food packaging. This makes our flat pouches suitable even for sensitive, perishable goods.

DESIGN FREEDOM: Flat pouches offer a wide range of configuration and design options. While features such as tear-off flaps and zippers ensure convenient handling, the full-surface print and transparent viewing windows are convincing on an aesthetic level.

TARE WEIGHT AND MATERIALS: Since the pouches are made of very thin, but tear-resistant foils, their own weight and material requirements are very low compared to other types of packaging. In some cases,  the plastic packaging is even the more sustainable option.


Flat pouches are used in numerous industries today. Thanks to the excellent barrier function, the tight seal and the HACCP-compliant materials, almost any type of product can be safely packaged in our flat pouches. Examples are:
  • Food and luxury food
    e.g. tea, spices, chewing gum and sweets
  • Pet food
    e.g. dry and wet cat or dog food
  • Cosmetics
    e.g. face masks, soaps and product samples
  • Nutritional supplements
    e.g. protein powders and vitamin capsules
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products
    e.g. mouth-nose protection, CBD capsules
  • Industrial products
    e.g. screws and spare parts

Design & Configuration

Good packaging offers more than just product protection. Today, design and simplicity of use are just as important in convincing target groups of the benefits of a product. The appearance of the packaging, for example, is decisive for whether a product is noticed and considered in the store in the first place.
Similarly, functional design plays a significant role. In addition to the presentation options on the sales floor, the consumer habits of the customers must also be taken into account. But even with just a few features such as perforated hangers, tear-off flaps and zippers, your flat pouches are ideally equipped for any situation.

HOLE SUSPENSION: A hole or Euro slot hanging system allows you to hang and present flat pouches wherever appropriate hooks are available - such as in the checkout area or on sales displays.

TEAR-OFF TAB: With the help of a tear-off flap, our pouches can be opened easily and conveniently by the customer - even on the go and without scissors. The tab is positioned at the top of the pouch, just below the hole suspension.

ZIPPER: Zippers are placed even slightly lower than the tear-off flaps. In this way, all three features can be optimally combined if desired. The zipper can be used to reseal the flat pouches - ideal for contents that are to be taken along or not used up immediately.


The choice of material is one of the most important decisions you make when configuring your flat pouches. This is because you influence their protective properties, appearance, feel and recyclability. The best choice depends entirely on your goals. There are seven materials to choose from at packaging warehouse:
  • Foil laminate white (PET/EVOH/PE)
  • Foil composite transparent (PET/EVOH/PE)
  • Foil laminate silver-metallic (PET/PE)
  • Natural paper white + PE
  • Natural paper brown + PE
  • Mono foil white
  • Mono foil transparent


Composite materials combine different materials with each other - and therefore also their specific characteristics. Foil composites form a particularly strong barrier against external influences such as oxygen and moisture, but also against loss of aroma.


Are you looking for sustainable packaging? Then monofoils or a composite of paper and PE are a good choice. Both alternatives are 100 percent recyclable. Our pouches with a paper surface are not only sustainable, but also provide the right look and feel. And you don't have to compromise on design, because the print colors look even brighter on a white or transparent surface.


Transparent materials offer the opportunity to equip your pouches with viewing windows. The desired area is simply cut out during printing. This allows your product to be inspected even when packaged - and so becomes part of the design itself. This means even more design options for you.


With our foil composites, you have the choice between a matte or glossy surface. Our monofoils, on the contrary, are glossy as standard. And with a paper-foil composite, the surface always consists of untreated paper.
All our materials used are high quality, food safe and HACCP compliant. However, each product is unique and may be subject to special requirements. Therefore, depending on the area of application of the flat pouches, we recommend filler-specific laboratory tests.


At packaging warehouse we manufacture flat pouches in various sizes and formats. Simply choose between one of our fixed standard formats or a free desired format:
Fixed formats:
  • 80 x 120 mm
  • 120 x 150 mm
  • 150 x 170 mm
  • 190 x 270 mm
  • 290 x 340 mm

Free formats:
  • Length: 80 bis 500 mm
  • Height: 120 bis 380 mm

Tip: The fixed formats are all oriented in portrait format. However, pouches in landscape format are still possible. Simply select the "free format" option in the configurator and enter the desired dimensions.


Important: Note that the actual filling height differs from the pouch height. How much? That depends on whether you have selected additional features such as a zipper, a tear-off flap or a hole suspension.

The following distances must be observed:
  • between top edge and zipper: 40 mm
  • between top edge and tear-off flap: 21 mm
  • between top edge and hole suspension: 16 mm


As far as packaging design is concerned, there are almost no limits to your creativity when it comes to designing flat pouches. Because regardless of the material and the desired features, our pouches can be printed over the entire surface - with all Euroscale colors. For transparent pouches, we can also add white to the four-color print on request - for an even more brilliant print image.

Whether color, pattern or text, with the help of modern digital printing we achieve a printed image on both plastic and paper surfaces that impresses with rich colors and razor-sharp contours.

Even varying imprints can be realized. In this way, you can print your pouches with changing motives within just one print run and even personalize the packaging, for example with the names of your customers.

Since digital printing (unlike offset printing) does not require the manufacture of printing plates or similar aids, there are no additional tooling costs or delays.




Of course, you can also order completely unprinted flat pouches from us. Simply select the "unprinted" option in the configurator. Such pouches can be flexibly and individually designed with matching roll labels, for example.
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