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Stand-up pouches printed

Stand-up pouches printed

Stand-up pouches printed

Printed pouch packaging is perfect for food and non-food items. They not only offer you reliable protection against moisture, dust, dirt or oxygen, but also impress with their diverse design options.

The advantages of your stand-up pouches with imprint:

  • Filling volume up to 1,500 ml
  • From an order quantity of 250 pieces
  • Available in 10 - 14 working days

With our intelligent configurator, you can put together your printed pouch packaging quickly and easily.

  • HACCP certified
  • 10 days Express Production
  • Sustainable packaging

Our material selection

Mono film white (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

Mono film white (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

  • ca. 95 mµ strong sheet
  • 100 % recycable synthetic material
  • White outside, white inside
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Mono film transparent (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

Mono film transparent (PE / EVOH / PE - 100 % recycable)

  • ca. 95 mµ strong sheet
  • 100 % recycable synthetic material
  • Transparent
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Natural paper brown + PE (paper/PE)

Natural paper brown + PE (paper/PE)

  • About 110 µm thick natural paper + PE/EVOH
  • Brown outside in natural paper look
  • High oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier
  • For products with shelf life between 6 to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food products (pastes, powders, liquids)
  • Optionally with zipper, Euro hole and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend filler-specific tests
  • 100% recyclable

  • Top selling
Composite film white (PET/EVOH/PE)

Composite film white (PET/EVOH/PE)

  • ca. 112mµ strong sheet
  • White outside, white inside
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Composite film, transparent(PET, EVOH, PE)

Composite film, transparent(PET, EVOH, PE)

  • ca. 112mµ strong sheet
  • Transparent
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests
Composite film silver metallic (PET/PE)

Composite film silver metallic (PET/PE)

  • ca. 100mµ strong sheet
  • Metallic outside, metallic inside
  • High oxygen-, wetness- and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance up to 12 months
  • Also suitable for food (pastes, powder, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, euro slot and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend product-specific tests

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What can you expect from a stand-up pouch with imprint?

Bedruckte Standbodenbeutel

Our stand-up pouches with imprint convince with four multi-value properties:

  • quality,
  • flexibility,
  • individuality and
  • creativity.

Only top-quality materials are used for the production of the Doypacks in our portfolio. The range here extends from natural or kraft paper to monofoils and a special film composite.

With our stand-up pouches, you can reliably protect your products from moisture, oxygen, dirt and other external influences. Your stand-up pouch with print from packaging warehouse also has a very high barrier strength. This allows you to seal food in an aroma-proof manner.

Standbodenbeutel 100% recycelbar
Standbodenbeutel für Lebensmittel


The requirement for filling a pouch packaging with food is based on a special process technology. In this case, we work with two material webs. The imprint is always applied to the inside of the film composite. The outer web is transparent, with the printing taking place on the reverse side. If the two webs are then appropriately bonded (in technical jargon: laminated), this specifically encloses the printer ink.

In this way, contamination of the pouch contents as well as migration through the material can be prevented from the outset. Added value: the imprint is optimally protected and does not suffer any loss of quality due to external influences.

In addition, stand-up pouches with imprints are very easy to handle. Particularly user-friendly features are, for example, optionally integrable zippers, hangers and tear-off tabs. With these features, your goods can also be optimally presented at any POS.

Examples of the field of application of our Doypacks with imprint:

  • Primary packaging for food such as soups, muesli or cereal products
  • Product packaging for fitness products such as vitamin capsules, protein powder or nutritional supplements
  • Pharmaceutical packaging for capsules, creams, ointments or CBD flowers
  • In gardening and landscaping for protective packaging of seeds and similar products
  • Cosmetic packaging for lotions, body care products and similar items
  • Pet food packaging for treats and dry food
  • Cross-industry for non-food items such as screws, construction kits or individual parts weighing up to 7 kg
Standbodenbeutel für alle Branchen

These special features stand for real added value

Produktion von packaging warehouse

In general, stand-up pouches have two distinctive advantages over other packaging: low weight and low material consumption during production. But the pouches from packaging warehouse have even more advantages in store for you.

We always guarantee top quality and offer you comprehensive options for individual design - in combination with flexible services and top prices. With us as your competent partner for packaging solutions, you can rely on fundamentally high-quality products with a unique style.

In addition, you benefit from a particularly user-friendly and fast processing. While other manufacturers are still planning production, we already deliver your stand-up pouches with imprint. This gives you a clear competitive advantage, as your products are available to your customers much faster.


  • Choose fixed or free formats from 100 up to 2,000 ml.
  • Regardless of format and material, all pouches have high barriers and are suitable for food packaging.
  • All pouches can be fully printed (including the bottom) with individual designs.
  • You can optionally configure many features. For example, it is possible to integrate special equipment components such as zipper, normal round perforation, Euro hole or tear-off tabs.

As the fastest producer in the industry, we need between 10 to a maximum of 14 business days to produce your printed stand-up pouches. This gives you a time advantage over your competition in the business.

Standbodenbeutel für Whey-Protein

Performance in a class of its own with packaging warehouse

Vorteile von packaging warehouse

In direct comparison with our competitors, you benefit from many advantages at packaging warehouse. In this way, you push your business in several respects and benefit from many advantages:

  • We are faster than other producers of stand-up pouches with imprint. With our express production we need 10 days for the complete realization of your order. With other suppliers it takes between 4 and 12 weeks.
  • With us, you not only have a very large selection of high-quality materials. You can also specify the formats of your stand-up pouches individually. This gives you exactly the flexibility you need for packaging solutions that are tailored to your needs and to the point. This is not possible with the competition in this form. There you have to make do with the standard formats.
  • We support and promote sustainability and environmental friendliness from the bottom of our hearts and with full conviction. You can see this in the materials we use, such as our 100% recyclable monofoil.
  • With packaging warehouse you have a quality lead. This is already clear from our attention to detail. For example, we offer pouches with viewing windows that allow a completely clear view. With competitor products, on the other hand, the viewing window is often milky and not really transparent. We also use only the latest printing technology for a razor-sharp print image. Therefore we guarantee the best printing results.


You have questions about our products or the handling processes? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We will help you competently and provide the best individual solutions.

In which sizes do you get our stand-up pouches with imprint?

Filling volume Dimensions
250 ml 110 x 70 x 185 mm
500 ml 140 x 80 x 210 mm
750 ml 160 x 90 x 250 mm
1.000 ml 190 x 100 x 265 mm
1.500 ml 210 x 110 x 295 mm

Our standard formats:

Are you interested in our pouches in fixed formats? Then you have a total of five product variations at your disposal. In this case, these are your format options:

You can use your stand-up pouches with imprint and fixed formats as a packaging solution in many industries. The pouches are used particularly frequently in the food sector. For example, the largest stand-up pouches with a maximum filling capacity of 1,500 ml can hold up to 1,400 g of peanuts, 800 g of protein powder or 700 g of coffee beans.

Interesting for pharmaceutical products: Up to 1,100 individual capsules can be packed in the 1,500 ml pouch. We can offer you these variants very favorable, because we produce your order together with other orders in collective printing. This means that several orders from different customers are combined.

The only requirement for this is that the products ordered are made of the same material and in the same quantity. This allows us to fill out the material sheets completely without leaving large gaps. This makes production fast and, above all, cost-efficient - for each of our customers.


If you need a special format, simply configure your stand-up pouches in the free format. The production is just as fast and brings you flexibility at the highest level. Within these values you can define your own dimensions and match the size exactly to the package contents:

  • Length: between 80 and 500 mm
  • Width: between 65 and 95 mm
  • Height: between 160 mm and 380 mm
Standardformate der Standbodenbeutel

The right material for every application

Standbodenbeutel in metallic silber

We only use high-quality materials for the production of your Doypacks with individual imprint. For example, if you need a particularly stable packaging for your products, which is also perfectly suitable for liquids, we recommend our pouches made of foil composite.

All white or even transparent, this is a composite of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) and PE (polyethylene). If you opt for the silver metallic color, the material consists only of PET and PE. With a thickness of around 112 μm and excellent barrier properties, the material is ideal for pouch sizes from 750 ml.

Alternatively, with our monofoil (transparent or white), we offer you a strong and stabilizing material with a thickness of about 110 μm. Monofoils are ideally suited for stand-up pouches up to 1,500 ml.

You need stand-up pouches with a particularly natural look? Then our material combination of brown uncoated paper and PE is just right for you. The thickness of around 110 μm and the excellent barrier properties make this variant a particularly attractive solution for products where naturalness is the focus.

Standbodenbeutel 100% recycelbar

This is how you additionally increase functionality, attention and reach

Standbodenbeutel mit Sichtfenster

As with our other packaging solutions, you have additional options for your stand-up pouches with imprint. You can upgrade your printed pouches with (Euro) perforation, a tear-off flap or a zipper.

The perforation allows your goods to be presented hanging on hangers. To ensure that this works without problems throughout Europe, it is advisable to have a Euro perforation punched in the pouches.

With a tear-off flap, you enable your customers to open the pouch packaging in a controlled manner without any tools. This has great advantages in terms of handling and convenience, because it can be very nerve-wracking if a plastic package can not be opened without problems.

Another plus point you can achieve with your customers is a zipper. This not only makes it easy to open the pouch, but also to reseal it. This means that even opened products in liquid, paste or powder form can be transported without any problems - even after they have already been opened.

Viewing windows: the masters of transparent marketing

For as long as branding has existed, companies have been trying to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. Strategically developed guidelines define the tonality, shape or color scheme of the corporate identity. These requirements are used in marketing for all communication purposes and implemented by the design department. But there's a much simpler, more cost-effective and more effective way to market your products: Let them speak for themselves - with transparent viewing windows.

This not only saves you the cost of complex designs, but also gives your customers a clear view of the package contents. This allows them to see the quality of the product before they buy it - without having to open the packaging.

In order to take full advantage of this effect, a truly transparent window is of the highest importance. At packaging warehouse, you have exactly this option at your disposal. Because all our competitors can only produce milky viewing windows.

Not only in terms of appearance, because milky viewing windows can cause mixed feelings: On the one hand, the company shows its goods, but on the other hand, the view is so obscured that you can not fully convince yourself of the quality of the contained products.

A completely transparent window shows that the company is absolutely convinced of its products and has nothing to hide. This convinces customers in several ways: it strengthens trust in the brand and reduces the risk of making a bad purchase decision. Therefore, our pouches with viewing windows are an absolute marketing boost that you shouldn't miss out on. However, before you order them, you should read the following section.

Doypack mit Sichtfenster

What to consider when configuring pouches with viewing windows

Doypack aus Transparentem Material

The secret of our viewing windows lies in the material. The basic requirement for an absolutely transparent viewing window is the selection of a transparent material for your pouch packaging. Our PET/EVOH/PE film composite and our mono film are available for this purpose. Both materials are available in transparent versions and form the basis for your stand-up pouch with viewing window.

The next important step is the design, because here all areas must be backed with an opaque white - except where the viewing window will be later. This way you decide not only the position, but also the size and shape of the transparent part of your Doypack. You can find more information about this in our instructions for the data structure for pouch packaging.


Frequently asked questions about stand-up pouches with imprint

How do I determine the perfect pouch size?

The best solution is always to get competent advice from our customer service. Or you can order a sample from us to have a look at. To give you a first overview, we have listed below some examples of what fits into our stand-up pouches with imprint.

  Filling volume
250 ml
Filling volume
500 ml
Filling volume
750 ml
Filling volume
1.000 ml
Filling volume
1.500 ml
Pasta (penne): 90 g 190 g 400 g 650 g 1.200 g
Peanuts: 150 g 320 g 550 g 900 g 1.400 g
Whey protein: 120 g 250 g 400 g 700 g 800 g
Cornflakes: 30 g 60 g 100 g 150 g 270 g
Coffee beans: 80 g 180 g 350 g 550 g 700 g
Capsules: approx. 100 pieces approx. 250 pieces approx. 400 pieces approx. 700 pieces approx. 1.100 pieces
Water: 180 ml 500 ml 800 ml 1.100 ml 1.600 ml

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