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Lasse Harder

Lasse Harder is good with print - he has known the smell of printer's ink on labels and packaging since he was a child. As Managing Director and Head of Marketing at Packaging Warehouse, he now puts all his passion into creative and unique packaging solutions. With his experience in the print and packaging sector, he sends impulses that give Packaging Warehouse's products the right stance.

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2023-05-26 | -

Corrugated cardboard: History, manufacture, structure and types of corrugation

Corrugated cardboard or corrugated carton is a cellulose product that was initially used mainly in the packaging industry. Today, the versatile material is also conquering other areas such as decoration, filing systems and much more.
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2023-04-12 | -

Maxi letter: Everything about the dimensions, weight and postage

For shipping goods with a maximum weight of 1000 g, the maxi letter is one of the most popular shipping formats in Germany. This format is also...
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2023-05-26 | -

The Triman logo - what it means and how it works!

Green dot, crossed-out trash can - well-known recycling symbols, but not the only ones: For German entrepreneurs who regularly ship goods to France, the Triman logo plays a major role. This is new to you? Here comes your Triman guide...
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