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2022-07-11 | -

The ABC to our cardboard materials: What's behind the shortcuts?

Each of the shortcuts for our cardboard materials is made up of at least two letters, which in themselves represent an abbreviation. The first letter is always a single or double letter that indicates whether and how the material surface has been coated, for example "G" for "coated" ("gestrichen" in German).
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2022-06-23 | -

Customized folding boxes: How to determine the right dimensions for your product and shipping packaging

Outer dimensions are important when it comes to storage, transport and the ability to stack your packaging - for example, when you deliver large quantities of your product stacked on pallets or send packages with a shipping service. If the packaging is too large, you waste valuable space - and that increases costs.
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2022-06-23 | -

Recycling Code - What do the shortcuts mean?

Recycling codes can be found on many packages today. Their purpose is primarily to inform retailers and consumers about the packaging material used and its proper use and recycling. First and foremost, the shortcuts tell consumers how to dispose of a material in order to correctly return it to the recycling loop so that it can actually be recycled.
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