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Kraft paper stand-up pouches

Kraft paper stand-up pouches

Kraft paper stand-up pouches

Kraft paper pouches are the optimal packaging solution for offering products with an appealingly natural look. In the packaging warehouse you can configure paper pouch packaging in fixed and free formats.

These are the advantages of kraft paper stand-up pouches:

  • Stand-up pouches in the desired format
  • Order already from 250 pieces
  • Delivery time maximum 10-14 days after completion


Order your kraft paper pouches today at packaging warehouse and customize them with the help of our smart configurator.

  • HACCP certified
  • 10 days Express Production
  • From 250 pieces

Our material selection

Natural paper brown + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

Natural paper brown + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

  • 110 µm thick natural paper + PE/EVOH
  • Brown outside in natural paper look
  • High oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance between 12 and 24 months
  • Certified for food (pastes, powders, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, Euro hole and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend filler-specific tests
Natural paper white + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

Natural paper white + PE (paper/PE/EVOH)

  • 110 µm thick natural paper + PE/EVOH
  • White outside in natural paper look
  • High oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier
  • For products with a resistance between 12 and 24 months
  • Certified for food (pastes, powders, liquids)
  • Optional with zipper, Euro hole and tear-off tabs
  • Depending on the application, we recommend filler-specific tests
  • NEW

  • NEW

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The history of kraft paper

As the name suggests, this is particularly resistant paper. The secret of its strength lies in the fibers that are used. Kraft paper can be produced from various types of wood. Long-fiber softwood pulp is preferred for the production of kraft paper - but alternative raw materials such as hay can also be used for production. The extraction of fibers from softwoods is done with the so-called sulfate process. In this process, wood chips are heated in boilers at high pressure. With the addition of sodium sulfate, lye and sulfide, the pulp is separated in a process lasting several hours.

Since long fibers are needed to produce this strong paper, blending with waste paper is suboptimal. This is because waste paper consists of a high proportion of damaged or very short fibers. This would cause paper to lose strength. Kraft paper is usually produced with a grammage of up to 120 g/m². Paper with a higher grammage then belongs to the so-called kraft liners, which are used in corrugated cardboard production.

How to make the best use of kraft paper stand-up pouches

Standbodenbeutel aus Kraftpapier

With a stand-up pouch made of kraft paper - also known as a Doypack - you are choosing a real all-rounder. It is very versatile, can be filled with many different products and ensures perfect product presentation. In addition, our kraft paper has a high tear strength due to the composite film composition.

As a rule, stand-up pouches made of kraft paper are equipped with a pressure closure (zipper) and a tear notch. They can also be welded or sealed. This provides a first-opening guarantee for the end consumer.

In addition, pouches generally have a lower own weight compared to other packaging solutions and consume far less material in production. They are therefore a cost-efficient solution and can also be stored in a very space-saving manner.


Proven packaging solutions for food, pet food and pharmaceutical products

Stand-up pouches made of kraft paper can be optimally used as primary packaging for food and pet food. The range of possibilities here extends from cookies, nuts and seeds to powders, treats and cereals, as well as pastes, granulates and nutritional supplements. As a requirement for this, the pouches must be food-safe (with declaration of conformity).

But this type of pouch is also frequently used in the pharmaceutical sector, for example as packaging for ointments, creams, cannabis products or even CBD (cannabidiol) flowers.

In addition, small non-food parts can be safely stored in the stand-up pouches. Typical examples are paper clips, small toy sets for assembly or lightweight accessories.

Standbodenbeutel für Lebensmittel

Our kraft paper stand-up pouches

Standbodenbeutel Herstellung

When you choose stand-up pouches made of kraft paper, you should focus on quality. To offer you the best possible packaging solution, we combine quality with flexibility and individuality at packaging warehouse.

That's why we carry, for example, kraft paper pouch packaging in standardized sizes. You can choose pouch sizes from 100 ml to 1500 ml depending on your needs. This means that the packaging and the product can be optimally matched to each other. Our intelligent configurator offers you even more options for individual design.

Quality, flexibility and individuality are trumps with us

Reaktions- und Handlungsschnelligkeit sind im Business längst zu Speed of response and action have long become key concepts in business. We support this by delivering your order as quickly as possible. Within 2 days after completion you will receive your packaging.

If you also choose express production, we will produce your order within 10 business days and deliver it within 2 business days. Our standard production time is 14 business days, so your delivery will arrive after 16 business days.

In this way, start-ups as well as medium-sized and large companies can push ahead with their projects quickly and, above all, with a reliable partner behind them.

By the way: It doesn't always have to be large print runs. We also produce short runs including individual printing - cost-efficiently and quickly. We print your pouches using digital printing, which ensures flexibility and speed at all times.

Standbodenbeutel nach Maß
You want to know more about our fast production and delivery times? Or about the possibilities our configurator offers you? Then simply click on the button on the right to contact us.

Your kraft paper pouch packaging from packaging warehouse: Benefit from our large product range

As your contact for top-quality packaging solutions, we have put together a wide-ranging portfolio with many different Doypack designs for you. In our store you will find stand-up pouches made of kraft paper for every application. And what doesn't fit, you simply make to fit: Each design can be flexibly adapted to your wishes.

With the help of our intelligent configurator, you can always find your individual Doypack. There is one thing you can always rely on: Our pouch materials always meet all requirements for oxygen, water vapor, and aroma barriers.

Standbodenbeutel Produktion


Basically, you can first decide for stand-up pouches in fixed formats or for stand-up pouches in free formats. Pouches with fixed formats are currently available in a total of five different sizes:

Doypack with a capacity of 250 ml

  • Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 185 mm
  • is ideal for powders, herbs, spices or capsules, etc.

Doypack with a capacity of 500 ml

  • Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 210 mm
  • ideal e.g. for nut mixtures, cereals, coffee powder or sweets

Doypack with a capacity of 750 ml

  • Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 250 mm
  • well applicable for portioned muesli, treats or also product samples

Doypack with a capacity of 1,000 ml

  • Dimensions: 190 x 100 x 265 mm
  • can be used very well for vegetables, popcorn, bakery products, cards as well as pharmaceutical products

Doypack with a capacity of 1,500 ml

  • Dimensions: 210 x 110 x 295 mm
  • is predestined for larger quantities of food and pet food, but also carries light spare parts, accessories and plastic items

Alternatively, you can configure the size of your stand-up pouches made of kraft paper so that they are tailored exactly to your ideas and the respective requirements. With regard to the dimensions you have a very large framework at your disposal.

From these figures you can create your personal doypack:

  • Lengths: 80 to 500 mm
  • Widths: 65 to 95 mm
  • Heights: 160 to 380 mm


You can design the free as well as the fixed formats yourself and configure them according to your ideas. For example, you can specify whether your stand-up pouch should be made of kraft paper with or without a tear-off tab and suspension. You also determine the material and the printing on the outside with just a few clicks. You even determine the production time yourself.

Here you can choose between Economy (14 working days production time) and Express (10 days production time). Both types of production are of course HACCP certified. This ensures that you can order stand-up pouches made of kraft paper for food and pet food from us at any time.


Stand-up pouches made of kraft paper: you can rely on these materials

We offer you two different types of kraft papers as base material for your stand-up pouches from packaging warehouse: a white and a brown uncoated paper. Both versions have an excellent high barrier against oxygen, carbon dioxide and aroma loss.

Thanks to its specific composition, our kraft paper has a particularly high strength. This makes the material very sturdy and resistant as well as tear-resistant. Another plus point is that the special paper has a very smooth surface, which is ideal for printing with a high-quality print image.

The structure is identical for both variants. The basis weight, or paper thickness, is made up of several components. The paper component has a grammage of 60 g/m², while polyethylene (PE) adds an additional 7 g/m². Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) is also added.

The ratio of recyclable cardboard to PE is approximately 89:11.

This is how you increase the practical benefit and the visual appeal

To stand out from the crowd of competing offers, you can refine your Doypacks with various additional options. The tear-off tab makes it easier for your customers to open the pouch. However, you can improve the handling even more by choosing a zipper as a practical closure.

This way, your customers can not only easily open the pouch, but also safely reseal it. The already opened pouch can be transported easily and continues to protect the flavors inside the Doypack.

For perfect presentation at the POS, you can also choose from optional hole suspensions and standardized Euro slot hangers. However, always keep in mind that the attachment of such additional options affects the maximum filling quantity. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Standbodenbeutel für alle Branchen

Different filling quantities for different products

Goods differ in many respects. One factor that plays a particularly important role when selecting the right pouch packaging is the weight. We have created a small table that gives you an approximate idea of how your pouches can vary in size depending on the product to be packaged.

Pasta Peanuts Protein powder


Coffee beans










approx. 100pc.








approx. 250pc.








approx. 400pc.








approx. 700pc.








approx. 1100pc.

As you can see, the filling quantities always vary with the characteristics of the respective product. So the configuration of the perfect size of the pouch is always individual.


You are not sure which stand-up pouch made of kraft paper fits your project? Then get in touch with us right away. We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution together.


Frequently asked questions about kraft paper stand-up pouches

Are the stand-up pouches delivered open or closed?

It depends on whether you order your pouches with or without a zipper. If you decide for a zipper, we always deliver a closed package. This prevents the inside of the pouch from becoming contaminated.

Stand-up pouches made of kraft paper without zipper, on the other hand, are delivered open. This allows you to fill them quickly and then close them yourself. But beware: It is not enough to simply close the pouches via zipper after filling and put them on sale. To optimally protect the contents from moisture and oxygen, you must also seal the kraft paper pouches.

How can the stand-up pouch be closed?

To seal your pouches from packaging warehouse yourself, you need an appropriate tool. We recommend that you use a hand sealer for sealing smaller quantities. Up to a quantity of about 2,000 pouches, such a device is sufficient to seal your pouches securely and so protect them from moisture, contamination and oxygen. The integrated tear-off tabs allow your customers to open the pouch easily and conveniently later. If, on the other hand, you want to reliably and easily seal quantities of 2,000 to 100,000 pouches, you should use a semi-automatic sealing machine. This ensures a smooth process and fast results. Our full service for you: You can order your sealing machine directly from us. Here you can find a video that presents our sealing machine in detail.

Sealing machine for stand-up pouches

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